About Tamira

At Tamira, our penchant for precision and quality ensures clients’ experience the best of cosmetic solutions available. We synthesize with our patients to gain well rounded cognizance of their requirements and offers solutions that are aesthetically, cosmetically and emotionally approving.

Aesthetic Procedures


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The capacious and progressive cosmetic solutions are offered at state-of-the-art technology platforms guaranteeing positive and effective results.

Pain management protocols during the postoperative stage are emphasized and handled with meticulous care. Rapid recovery instructions and support are offered to help clients get back to their routine activities in the quickest possible time. Besides surgical treatments, there are a variety of non-surgical procedures to augment or enhance specific regions of your body including face, hair and limbs.


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Our Vision

Tamira brings you the expertise of highly skilled and experienced board-certified surgeons at a centrally located state of the art facility in Chennai.

Our team of surgeons have specialized training and years of valuable experience in performing all kinds of cosmetic surgery including facial, breast and body contouring procedures.

Plastic Surgery in Chennai, Tamira Life

Tamira Life, Chennai

The unanimous vision of each associate surgeon and staff member at Tamira is to strive to bring joy to our patients’ lives through the means of high quality cosmetic procedures which are also safe by all standards.

Tamira is dedicated to helping the residents of Chennai achieve their cosmetic and aesthetic goals with utmost satisfaction.

Out of the many, one important factor contributing to this vision is our collaborated multidisciplinary setting; which guarantees you a level of care and results that are top notch.

This multidisciplinary collaboration also ensures that for complicated cosmetic procedures, our team consists of specialists from many disciplines, all of whom come together to meet your individual needs.

Our Story

In 2015, Industrial Entrepreneurs Ravi Selvadurai and Karunakaran Thiagarajan wanted to join hands to offer state-of-the-art, quality aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in a whole patient care environment to those in and around Chennai.

Not only would the planned aesthetic healthcare brand be more comprehensive than anything that existed in the market, but patients would also have a better experience irrespective of the kind of procedure opted for.

They felt that if they could bring world-class healthcare and lifestyle solutions along with optimal and innovative care to patients with aesthetic requirements, they would create the unique atmosphere they envisioned.

Cosmetic Surgery in Chennai, Tamira Life

Tamira Life, Chennai

The next addition to the team was founding member Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran who brought over 15 years of core aesthetic and cosmetic surgery experience to her role as a Chief Cosmetic Surgeon.

Known for her approach with impeccable focus on patient needs and delivery of highest standard, she keeps herself up to date with the latest developments in terms of procedures, technology and know-how.

The team was quick to realize that patients would be more satisfied if there were a new layer to personalize the initial point of contact between patient and hospital to bridge the gap between a patients’ need and the treatments offered across various devices and channels.

The result was TAMIRA, a brand that extends exceptional care and the highest level of personal service to all patients, their families, friends and our community.

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