Bariatric Surgery

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When weight loss efforts through lifestyle changes or medications have been proven unsuccessful, then bariatric surgery becomes a possible option.

For morbidly obese patients, bariatric surgery has fantastic results, prolonging the life of the patient, curing diabetes as well as aiding the loss of weight.

Quite often, this will be the only surgery needed to get the wanted result.

Types of Bariatric Surgery

  1. Restrictive Procedures – These work by reducing the size of the stomach (typically to the size of a cup).
  2. Malabsorptive Procedures – These work by decreasing the absorption of calories in small intestine.

Since bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure, it is performed under general anaesthesia. An intravenous line is placed for easy administration of medication and fluids. A breathing tube is inserted to help the patient breathe easily during the surgical procedure.

Your surgeon will perform Bariatric Surgery in one of two ways

  1. Open Method – Requires a single larger incision in the abdomen
  2. Laparoscopy – Requires several small keyhole incisions in the abdomen

Let’s look at the types of bariatric surgeries.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is a combination of both restriction and malabsorption. This is because is decreases the size of the patient’s stomach and reduces the absorption of calories in small intestine.

This is achieved by the use of surgical staples to create a smaller compartment of the stomach that now serves as the new stomach. The restricted portion of the stomach continues to secrete digestive juices but does not receive food.

The surgeon will then cut a section of the small intestine and attach one of the free ends to the smaller compartment of your stomach or the pouch and the other free end lower down the small intestine. This creates the trademark, Y shape. This is why the procedure may also often be called Roux-en-Y stomach surgery.

In essence, the surgeon has now created a bypass for food which avoids the lower stomach and initial part of small intestine thereby ensuring decreased calorie absorption.

Gastric Banding

Banding is a restrictive procedure which works by placing a band around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pouch that holds food. A tiny opening connects the pouch to the rest of the stomach.

The size of the pouch and the tiny opening connecting the pouch to the rest of the stomach ensured slow movement of food making one feel fuller quickly.

Adjustable Gastric Banding or Lap Band

Adjustable Gastric Banding is also a restrictive procedure which works exactly like gastric banding with just one exception. The band placed around the upper stomach is adjustable (and inflatable) so the size of the pouch could be adjusted based on requirement at any time.

Bilopancreatic Diversion

Bilopancreatic Diversion is a malabsorptive procedure, that restricts the food intake and the amount of calories absorption in the small intestine. This works by removing a part of the stomach and leaving only a small pouch behind and then creating a direct route from the pouch to the end of the small intestine.

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Dr. Ravikanth KongaraDr. Ravikanth Kongara is one of the country’s leading Bariatric Surgery expert who performs the highest number of Bariatric Surgeries per month in all of South India. He is a Senior Medical Advisor and Strategic Partner to Tamira Life for Bariatric Surgery, Weight Loss and Obesity Treatment.


  1. Dr. Ravikanth Kongara Jyothi Malkapuram says:

    I strongly suggest him for this surgery.

    I have seen the care of Dr Ravikanth Kongara. Excellent care. My relatives got bariatric surgery at his hospital.

    The result was fantastic. Total 3 of my friends or relatives got the surgery done. One person who was on 105 units of insulin for high sugar also got rid of insulin with excellent control of diabetes.

    I strongly suggest him for this surgery.


  2. Dr. Ravikanth Kongara Satyanarayana Reddy Venkata says:

    We are fortunate to have Dr Ravikanth Kongara with us.

    I was diabetic for past 10yrs my HbA1c was 9.5 before bariatric surgery. Now in 6 months i lost 33kg and my hbA1c came down to normal 5.4.

    I stopped diabetes and high BP medications also. Joint pains and body pains decreased by 90%. Surgery done so smoothly that i could walk in 1hr after surgery.

    Thanks for such a painless surgery. I was shivering before surgery with fear. But never imagined surgery can be done so smoothly. We are fortunate to have Dr Ravikanth Kongara with us.


  3. Dr. Ravikanth Kongara Tharun Reddy says:

    Dr Ravikanth is best in bariatrics

    I am Tarun Kumar Reddy my age 21, I am doing hotel management BHM,

    I am from Karedu village, Prakasham district. My initial weight was 149kg.

    I got bariatric surgery 3months 20days back, till now i lost 37kg. I opted for surgery as I could not lose by diet and exercise.

    My friend Akhilesh Galla opted for this surgery 15months back, he lost significant weight in front of me from around 148 to 79kg.

    He was happy then i got courage to go for surgery. Initially my family was apprehensive now me and my entire family are happy about our decision.

    Dr Ravikanth is best in bariatrics in my opinion. He has golden hand and kind heart. He approachable always to his patients.


  4. Dr. Ravikanth Kongara Deepika Vamsi says:

    He is best in Bariatric surgeries

    Dr Ravikant Kongara gave new life to my mother. My mother was 115 kg and suffering from severe obesity related problems. Now in 6 months after surgery she lost 25 kg and very comfortable.

    Now she is 90kg I hope she come to around 70 in another 6 months. Dr Ravikanth surgery results excellent . Total 3 people known to me got the surgery done and all r happy.

    He explains problem well. He has a golden hand he is best in Bariatric surgeries.


  5. Dr. Ravikanth Kongara Ajay Kumar says:

    Dr Ravikanth is the best bariatric surgeon

    My name is Ajay Kumar. I am from Nellore. My father was suffering from severe obesity with a weight of 245kg.

    He is also suffering from severe breathlessness, swelling of his feet, puffiness of face, high sugars, high blood pressure, severe snoring so he is unable to lie down flatley in bed.

    He used to sleep in sitting position for most of the time, his oxygen also falling down to 75 to 65 % even at rest, so he was admitted in ICU under the supervision of Dr. Ravikanth Kongara.

    He was in ICU with oxygen support for 6 days and so many other medicines given to decrease his severe shortness of breath.

    Though he slightly improved because of massive weight and overload on his lungs and heart hi condition did not improve further.

    Dr Ravikant explained about the logic of bariatric surgery and the risk involved in it in view of his age and massive weight and terminal and poor general condition. 

    He was unable to go to toilet also without support. Dr. Ravikanth was very supportive to us and did the bariatric surgery so well that my father recovered well and he was able to move by himself next day.

    Till now in 20 days he lost total of 17kg and his comfort levels increased remarkably. Dr Ravikanth is the best bariatric surgeon because he handles the worst patient at the verge of death so well.

    In my opinion he is the best because he handles the worst in the best manner. His billing was sensible, all hospital staff are very good. He is like a god to our family. Thank you sir. God bless you.


  6. Dr. Ravikanth Kongara Kishorekumar Karavadi says:

    No doubt he is the best surgeon

    My friend Venkatrao from Ongole got operated by Dr. Ravikanth Kongara 3yrs back. He lost about 48kg and doing well.

    Dr Ravikanth gives the best care to his patients. No doubt he is the best surgeon not only in Telugu states but also in entire India in my opinion.

    He has good knowledge and his hand is good. He is reachable to his patients. Difficult to find such doctor these days. I strongly suggest him for this surgery.


  7. Dr. Ravikanth Kongara Anonymous says:

    Excellent service

    Excellent service and Dr Ravikanth is a Good Surgeon.


  8. Dr. Ravikanth Kongara Anonymous says:

    I should be very thankful to Dr. Ravikanth for his dedication, passion and patience

    I should be very thankful to Dr. Ravikanth for his dedication, passion and patience.

    I have take a gastric sleeve surgery from this hospital with presence of modern technology and doctors experience.

    It is just like butter cutting with hot knife, there is no pain at all and I searched in internet for many experienced doctors in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

    But I couldn’t found such kind heated and well experienced doctors here. Now I can do my work and being very happy.

    Once again I am very thankful to doctor and staff, while I have say one thing if your are suffering over obesity it is best place to regain your life.


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