Comprehensive Men’s Guide to Cosmetic Procedures – Part 1

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In today’s world, cosmetic procedures are no longer just for the girls. Many men are electing to have a bit of work done. The following are brief but concise explanations of what cosmetic procedures are popular for men and why they are being opted for.


More males then ever are opting to get filler injections. Gone are the stigma’s of a male getting a cosmetic procedure done, and with it younger faces can last longer then ever. Properly done treatments can erase years of aging with little to no downtime or side effects. In today’s world where jobs are scarce and competition high, every advantage is useful. A syringe is used to make multiple injection in the face to help even out aging lines and bring a more youthful appearance to the masculine face.


In recent studies, men show greater response to Microdermabrasion than women. It is so simple, there are many at home kits. This procedure also has no downtime associated with it. Regular shaving and general lack of care has left many males with skin that looks far older then their years. Microdermabrasion can bring that young vibrant man back to the surface, for all to see, by simply intensively exfoliating away layers of dead and damaged skin.

Comprehensive Mens Guide Cosmetic Procedures Part 1 main

Laser Hair Removal

Many men are embarrassed about the amount of back hair or chest hair. Laser hair removal is long lasting, only takes 30 minutes for a treatment, and will take on average only 8 sessions for permanent results. It works by killing the hair at the root, but not damaging or destroying the follicle. The result is gradually finer hair until none is produced at all.

Chemical Peel

If you are late to the skin treatment game, your skin is likely rather beat up and battered from the rough from daily shaving. A Chemical Peel is like a fresh start that reveals almost baby soft skin. It has to be done in office, but like many basic cosmetic treatments, has no real down time.

Nose Reshaping / Rhinoplasty

Throughout history sculptors have worked tirelessly to capture the cheekbones and noble noses of great leaders of the past. The nose is literally the central point of the face. For some the nose is something they are embarrassed about, or worse has imperfections that inhibit breathing. The procedure can be done as out patient, and you’ll be back at work in two weeks, able to return to a gym in 3, and back to full capacity in a few months time.

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Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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