Hair Loss Causes and Natural Remedies (For Men & Women)

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Hair LossHair loss is a growing issue more men and women are facing themselves with today. Long, luscious, thick, and silky hair is a coveted beauty asset by most women.

This is not to say men don’t wish for nice, thick hair. For time immemorial, some men find balding a part of their natural ageing process.

Studies have been conducted to understand the affect baldness or hair loss can have on self-esteem of a person, as well as socio-economic status.

Research has noted most CEO’s and top level management in the corporate world tend to be men with a full-head of hair.

Whether that full-head of hair is natural or the result of hair transplants is not clearly known though.

Hair loss: Mindset & Personality

Losing hair is a very devastating and personal loss that people go through. It seems that generally that, loss of hair is accepted as somewhat natural in men. But when it happens in women, the effects are far more devastating to a woman’s self-esteem.

Suffering personally from hair loss, I can attest to the feeling of helplessness and devastation one feels waking up to a pillow full of hair, or finding your bath tub clogged with hair, or while vacuuming to find a bag full of your hair.

It leads to further worrying, which leads to further hair loss. While it is just not something you can ignore, I must stress on the fact that keeping and open mind does help.


In case of normal blood reports, one can find a plethora of home remedies for control their condition. One very common remedy is the use of certain over the counter supplements which aids in hair growth.

Your local pharmacy would also contain many other supplements specifically for hair and nail growth – but in is highly advisable to see a board certified doctor and get prescribed drugs or supplements.


Deficiency in Iron and Vitamin D can also be linked to hair loss. These deficiencies or irregularities require adjustment through hormones and supplements. You may or may not notice results immediately.

A regular MD would probably look at your blood result and see it within normal range. But a specialist or trichologist would use a different standard for normal blood results for hair loss. Trichologists are specialist doctors for hair and scalp health.

Natural Remedies

You will also find recipes for home-made shampoos, suggestions of hot oiling, or regular oiling, and many different tea solutions as conditioners.

If natural-remedies is not your thing, the market is full of products promising to help reduce and reverse hair loss. But like we already advised, it is best to consult with a specialist first.

There are many natural remedies that one would find in natural and traditional healing. However, male and female pattern baldness is something that can almost always be linked to an underlying issue.

Which is why it is advisable to get blood work done as your starting point. Most doctors will almost always ask if your thyroid levels are normal as that is the primary culprit of loss of hair.

Sometimes, despite all efforts hair loss is imminent and unfortunately, at that point genes are to be blamed and treatments can be considered.

There are several treatments and options. These can include hormone therapy, hair transplant and use of drugs to slow or reverse the hair loss.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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