3 Smart Liposuction Alternatives that are (Non-Invasive)

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liposuction alternativesNot everyone is comfortable about the fact that Liposuction is a surgical procedure.

This is why many seek recommendations of non-surgical liposuction alternatives.

But are these non-invasive options equally effective in targeting stubborn fat pockets?

Let’s find out!

Cosmetic Surgeons recommend Liposuction for a few different reasons.

The biggest of them all, is to trim off weight and size. The next biggest is to fight saggy and dimpled deposits on the rear.

Many patients who undergo liposuction are not comfortable with surgery.

In fact like all other surgical cosmetic procedures, liposuction is completely elective.

Many people seek alternatives of dealing with excess fat in stubborn pockets. Perhaps because one has to be fully sedated, or put under.

Here are three non-surgical liposuction alternatives that are effective and commonly recommended.

Exercise – The Best of all Liposuction Alternatives

Exercise is one of the oldest methods of dealing with excess body fat. No matter where the deposits are, there is an exercise and diet that can help target the fat.

It is not the quickest method of removal, but it is the safest and most popular method. Plus it results in lots of other benefits like better sleep, more energy, combat diseases & conditions and weight control.

Exercise can work for patients struggling to loose any amount of weight. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon regarding the matter is advised.

Diet & Lifestyle Change

Referral to a dietician can help the patient examine their lifestyle and eating habits. Thus making changes that will lead to a better life.

Once the diet is under control, the lifestyle expert includes exercise or a fitness regime that fits into your schedule.

If need be, some dieticians can suggest supplements to help further enhance the results of the weight loss.

One of the best benefits to using diet and exercise is that loosing the weight slowly allows the skin to regain its proper shape.

People who lose weight too quickly often end up requiring operations to help reduce the sagging skin that develops.

Non-Surgical Liposuction

Of course there must be those among you who are too impatient to lose your fat with diet and exercise.

There are effective alternatives to traditional liposuction that are non-invasive. These do not require patients to be put under the knife.

Such treatments tend to include the use of Lasers, Cold and Ultrasound. Each of these treatments have their own pros and cons. Of course some doctors regard these as less than potentially ideal in terms of results.

All forms of liposuction, both new and old, deal with destroying cells. You are literally damaging your body intentionally to try and reduce the size and appearance of fatty formations.

No two patients are the same and there is no guarantee that your results will be as good as another person’s.

Many before and after patient images you find online show people with flat and well shaped stomachs.

Lots of these people could have achieved the same results with diet, exercise and change in lifestyle. And in rare cases, even within the same time frame.

Fat loss by freezing for example takes months for the results to show up. And from injectable solutions, you can have adverse reactions weeks afterward.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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