Non-Surgical Alternatives of Breast Reduction or Enlargement

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Here are some non-surgical alternatives of breast reduction and enlargement and a look at how safe or un-safe the alternatives are.

For women in need of breast reduction, there are few alternatives that can compare in terms of lasting results. Oversized breasts can cause all manner of problems, including; back strain, back pain, indigestion, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and emotional distress. They can also make clothing awkward and be embarrassing from the attention they receive from both men and women. In dealing with oversized breasts, the alternatives to surgery deal in trying to increase support and manage other side effects caused by them.

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If you are heavy chested, bras are not an option.

For those who are overly endowed with bosoms, wearing a bra is not an option. A fully supportive bra is one of the first lines of defense against the back strain and pain caused by being chest heavy. Aside from the typical shops that carry such items, you can find specially designed bras in medical supply shops. If not on hand, many times you can have a custom bra ordered to help with the issues of support and comfort that you may face. A side perk of having a good support bra is that they can often help reshape your breast and help with fitting into some tops.

Dealing with symptoms that arise.

Once a basic line of support is establish in regards to a bra, dealing with the other symptoms non surgically requires diet changes and medication. When breast are heavy they press against the chest and can cause acid reflux like symptoms. Altering your diet to avoid indigestion causing foods is one step, the other is to take medication. Basic antacids sometimes work when the problem is minor or infrequent, however persistent indigestion may require longer term and daily treatments. Speaking with your primary care doctor can help you determine what would work best, which can often be taken care of with a simple over the counter solution.

Other medications that can be taken over the counter to help deal with the ache of a heavy chest are things such as ibuprofen and other NSAIDS. Before taking any new medication, the condition should be discussed with a doctor. There are times that they may have better alternative therapies to help cope with the discomfort that comes with having large breasts. Though, in the end, aside from reducing the breasts through cosmetic surgery, supportive bras and medications are only temporary treatments that do not target the root problem.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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