Non-Surgical Alternatives of Gynecomastia

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Gynecomastia or breast reduction, is a procedure performed on men. As they age, or sometime even when they are young, hormone imbalances can cause the breast tissues to develop. These unsightly mounds for men can be reason for surgery. In women, breast reductive surgery, generally the female version of gynecomastia, is less common, and referred to simply as breast reduction surgery. For men, the development of breast can be an emotionally painful and trying condition to deal with. At times complications, such as infections and even cancer, can arise.

Non Surgical Alternatives Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction main

Alternative methods of dealing with unwanted breast tissue in men: 

Unfortunately there is not magic pill or easy solution as an alternative to gynecomastia. However, before even opting for surgical treatments, it is vital that the source of the hormone imbalance be corrected. There are instances where all it takes it getting the body back into line and balanced for the problem to correct itself. Hormone therapy coupled with diet and exercise can be the best non surgical treatments for men who have developed breast tissue. The biggest potential downfall to non surgical treatments lays with the hormone therapy. Any medication has potential side effects and those that accompany hormones can include mood destabilization, dizziness, and many other unpleasant effects. Many go away as the treatments become fine tuned, but often patients may struggle in the first few months of it.

When the cause is not hormone related. 

In almost all cases, the increased production of breast tissue in men is caused by a hormone imbalance. However, there are times when genetics or certain medications can cause the condition. When medication is the culprit, often the treatment is simply to cease taking it, and the matter will resolve on its own. For those suffering from genetic problems, surgery may not even be a permanent solution, or may need repeat procedures. Weight gain can increase the appearance of breast in men, and its simple remedy is to loose the weight. On rare instances, when men have the appearance of breast due to weight, the skin does not properly fall back into place once the weight is gone. In these rarer instances, surgery may be needed to help regain the proper masculine appearance. Beyond changes to hormone levels, proper diet, and exercise, surgery is often the only real alternative to correct the problem and not just hide it.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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