Play it Smooth – Four reasons to look into Laser Hair Removal

We live in an era where picture and video imaging are better than ever and, indeed, more scrutinized than ever. As the world becomes more and more globalized, we likewise find ourselves being drawn into an era where images are beginning to once again trump other elements in forming first (and lasting) impressions about one another. It’s an image-driven international culture, and it’s important to look your best.

Hair removal can be a tricky business. After all, where it’s most needed is often in areas of the body which are most sensitive to even the slightest prick of a razor. Given these conditions, it can sometimes be difficult – not to mention painful – to remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas. However, there is hope. Aesthetic Clinics in areas such as Chennai offer laser hair removal services.

Some reasons why you may want to look into laser hair removal in Chennai.

1. A Hairy Situation: To begin with, the alternatives to using a laser removal technique aren’t pretty.  A traditional approach, razor and all, is liable to lead to cuts, scrapes, and that’s just the beginning.  Using a razor on those areas naturally risks deeper cuts, and any form of cut can likewise allow bacteria in which, in turn, can cause an infection.  It’s simply too much of a hassle and far too much pain.

Laser hair removal for women and men chennai


2. A Smoother Solution: Given the risks posed by a traditional razor, a smoother, safer approach is warranted, and that’s exactly what a laser removal strategy entails.  Laser removal is a very simple process which has none of the risk of cutting or scraping you that a razor presents, all while resulting in a smoother overall shave.  The technique itself, while high-tech, is rather simple in principle – use targeted lasers to remove the unwanted hair follicles in question by utilizing a specially-tuned pulse which makes the follicles “fall out” in a clean and natural fashion.

3. Pinpoint Precision: The beauty of this technique is that it accomplishes the task in question without any extraneous hassle, effort, or collateral “damage.”  If you’ve ever trimmed a mustache or goatee with a traditional razor, then you know all too well the danger of accidentally shaving off a bit too much – and that’s excluding the pain that can come if you cut yourself.  With this new and innovative technique, you can remove the excess hair on your body without any of the risks involved with a traditional razor because of the pinpoint accuracy which a laser provides.

Laser hair removal for women and men chennai


4. Cost: You can save on razor blades over time buy taking advantage of this method.  As the old sales adage goes, businessmen don’t make money on the razor, but the razor blades, because the latter dulls over time and must be replaced.  With a quality laser hair remover, you can save money and remove excess hair, killing two birds with one stone.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Tamira is a healthcare services brand for Aesthetic Medicine, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery in Chennai & Bangalore. We specialize in procedures like Hair Transplant, Liposuction, Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction), Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction, Brest Enlargement, Rhinoplasty & Laser Hair Removal.

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