Pre surgery preparation / instructions for Gynecomastia

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For males having to undergo surgery to correct gynecomastia, there are things you can do leading up to the day to help ensure an expedient recovery. One of the biggest things that can help you prepare is to first plan accordingly and then relax. Stress can hinder healing and potentially complicate the surgery itself.

Pre surgery preparation Gynecomastia India main

Become comfortable and begin planning.

If you are not already, in the months or month leading up to surgery your cosmetic surgeon will advise you to focus on bringing and keeping your overall health up. A good diet, regular exercise, plenty of hydration and rest are all elements that can help keep you healthy and increase your healing ability.

Once you have your body in order, help bring your mind along with it by making plans. Make sure to schedule adequate time off from work or arrange for help around the house, depending on your needs. Also talk with your doctor about what supplies you will need to dress bandages and clean your incisions post operative. Having a plan in place and knowing what to expect will help ease your mind and make it easier to relax during your healing phase.

When it is closer to the day of your operation..

Most doctors begin putting their patients on modified diets within the the two to three week phase before their operation. This also includes having them cease drinking any type of alcohol. Depending also on your doctors preference they may modify your medications by adding, stopping, or changing certain ones that may affect the operation. Blood work is also drawn a couple weeks prior to ensure everything is going fine and that nothing indicates there may be reason to postpone the operation.

Within one week of the operation:

Getting closer to the day you may begin to feel nervous. Double check your plans, make sure you have the crucial points covered and that you are still on board with your caretakers in regards to your ride to and from the hospital and if you will need anyone to help in the following weeks after you are home. You will also generally be given instructions to begin looking over as well as prescriptions to ensure there are no gaps in medication once you are home.

Within a few days of the surgery.

You may discuss with your doctor if you will need to have your chest waxed or shaved prior to arriving at the hospital. Many men opt to have it waxed as the preparation shaving in the operation room can be irritating to some. When arriving and departing, be sure to have loose and comfortable clothes. Your doctor will have helped you prepare and will be sure that you are given ample instructions for postoperative care, so the biggest thing you can do is relax.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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