Reasons For Considering Buttock Augmentation – Pros and Cons of Undergoing the Procedure

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Reasons For Considering Buttock Augmentation – Pros and Cons of Undergoing the Procedure

Most people believe that buttock augmentation is used to enlarge the size of the buttocks.  This is often times not true.  Augmentation is normally used to create curvature and firmness that may not have existed before.  Though size is obviously an option when considering surgery, it is only one reason to go through the procedure.

When thinking of any invasive and elective cosmetic surgery it is important to consider the pros and cons beforehand.  The decision is a complicated and deeply personal one and should not be entered into without serious consideration.

Reasons For Considering Buttock Augmentation Pros and Cons of Undergoing the Procedure main


While elective surgery should be considered carefully it is important to understand how it can help a person’s life.  If you consider your buttocks to be a problem area, an area that can cause enough self-consciousness that surgery is warranted, then there are a few surgeries that may bring about a new and better you.  On top of feeling better about the way your buttocks look, often times you can kill two birds with one stone.  The surgical procedure known as Brazilian Butt Lift takes your own fat cells from the stomach and replaces them in your buttocks.  So if you are concerned about excess baby fat this may be a procedure to consider.

Surgery can certainly give you the curves you have always wanted and correcting flaws perceived or otherwise can improve self-esteem.  Buttock augmentation can also help slow down the effects of aging, as skin around the area is tightened.  Your favorite jeans or bikini bottoms tend to fit better as well.


Like any invasive surgery there is a high risk of infection.  Hospitals where surgeries are performed are not immune to bacteria and elective surgery can come with their own long-term health risks.  With elective surgery specifically there is also the cost to consider.  Many health plans do not cover cosmetic procedures and buttock augmentation can become expensive.

Then there are a few cons that are specific to this type of surgery.  When using implants, it is possible for them to slip and become unshapely.  Repairing this damage normally requires additional surgery and both scars and medical bills can pile up quickly.  Buttock augmentation also comes with long recovery time, often lasting between three and six months.

Whether transferring fat or using implants, buttock augmentation can help create the figure you’ve always wanted.   Though there are certainly risks involved, it is up to the individual to weigh them with the rewards involved.  Deciding on elective surgery on the buttocks should be considered seriously along with an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon and with a great amount of time and thought.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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