Rhinoplasty and all the post operative care you need to take

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When it comes recovering from a major cosmetic procedure such as rhinoplasty it is important to follow both specific and general guidelines. So long as you follow the most basic guidelines though, most people can expect a full recovery in with a couple of months. It is important to remember though that while most healing may seem underway after only 3 weeks, that certain aspects, such as the nasal tip, won’t resettle into position until three to six months after everything has been healed. It can even take up to a full year, sometimes longer, before you see the full extent of the procedure. The total time for complete healing and settling depends on how extensive the operation was.

Rhinoplasty and all the post operative care you need Main

General at home guidelines for post operative care.

Get a good amount of rest at night and exercise during the day. Going under for the operation can leave some lingering side effects if you are too dormant. As your cosmetic surgeon will tell you, a healthy diet, plenty of fluids and exercise will not only help prevent clots in your limbs, and aid your digestive system in recovering from the the anesthesia, but it can also help support your healing. Initially following the operation you should not drive until you are recovered enough to not need pain medication. For most people, they cannot resume work for one to two weeks. You should avoid any direct sun exposure to your face and you cannot wear glasses for about two months following the procedure. You can wear contacts, so you may need to make those arrangements prior to the operation.

Wound care and cleaning.

While it is not possible to entirely avoid going outdoors, you should wear sunblock of no less than 30 SPF during the first year following your surgery and initial healing stages. When you fist leave the hospital you are likely to have a nose splint on for the first week or two. The extent of the procedure and your particular surgeon may require specific care that you will be given instructions for upon discharge. Generally one the splint is removed you can use ice to help reduce any swelling and can also begin using cosmetics very carefully and lightly. You should avoid getting shampoo or other products into the wounds as they heal as they can irritate the tissues and prolong healing. In the worse case scenario, improper care taken during a shower can lead to infection and complications to healing. Nothing but water or approved cleansers by your surgeon should be used on and around the nose during the healing process.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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