5 reasons to avoid Weight Loss Clinics

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The health care industry in Chennai is experiencing a rise in a new business called weight loss. In a metropolitan like ours, the pressures of the professional life affect Chennaites a long way to create ripples in there regular routine. So much so that even with the desire to keep oneself healthy, it is a difficult task to accomplish.

The city has a fast and challenging lifestyle in which people are trapped in pursuits of their dreams. It is very difficult in such cities to maintain a healthy personal and professional life.

weight loss chennai


Weight Loss Clinics:

These clinics have gained popularity in the last decade or so, mostly in the urban areas, because of the change in lifestyle of the population. As we become busier and busier to achieve our dreams, we tend to take our health for granted. With the lack of time to cook, there is upsurge in the intake of junk and fast food which consequentially means an overweight population.

Also on the same prospect of professional as well as personal, the importance of self-confidence and its relation self-image has been enhanced greatly. It is important to look good and confident to perform to the best of our abilities but the lack of time and laid back attitude hinders with the prospect.

Thus, comes the so called professional help in the form of weight loss clinics. People seek out options for instant results and make themselves vulnerable. These are the opportunities on which these businesses prey on like vultures. They make claims and promises to these frustrated and impatient individuals about instant gratification of losing weight and with little or no effort.

There is also the financial aspect to these businesses as they are highly profitable. The consumers pay upfront for packages which are formed in ways to make the offers just seem irresistible. The packages include diet plans, body therapy sessions and light exercise which are supposed to result in weight loss within no span of time at all.

Why you should avoid ‘Weight Loss Clinics’ in Chennai:

There are quite a few reasons to never venture into these clinics. Some of the most important reasons are:

  1. The most important reason to avoid getting into the weight loss programs are health issues that result from the inconsiderate diets and heat therapy.
  2. The diets are formulated to starve the customer to show instant weight loss results and attract the customer deeper into the trap.
  3. It is only temporary loss of weight and would be gained back as soon as the consumer goes back to their normal diet. Heat therapy is good method but has to consider health conditions into the scheme.
  4. It is a complete waste of finances as more money might need to be spent to recover from the after effects.
  5. They alter the natural process of body metabolism which can affect the other bodily functions mainly with regards to heart and sexual health.
  6. The time exhausted on these weight loss clinics is better spent on adapting regular physical exercises and maintaining a balanced diet.

Weight loss clinics in Chennai claim to have professional experts such as qualified nutritionists, dietitians and masseuse as part of their team to help people to lose their extra weight. The promises made in their promotions and to customers when they join seem so luscious and unbelievable that individuals fall prey to them.

But as mentioned the promises are surreal and the results, even if achieved are temporary and in the process of gaining them cause more harm to body than good.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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