Cosmetic Gynaecology

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One of the fields in cosmetic surgery, vastly growing in demand and popularity for the amazing success rate and results is Cosmetic Gynaecology.

This branch of plastic surgery is for reshaping the female genital area, in order to increase pleasure, sensitivity and aesthetic beauty of the genitalia.

What is Cosmetic Gynaecology?

There are several forms of Cosmetic Gynaecological procedures. Some focuses on the clitoral enhancement for increased pleasure sensitivity, and some on the tissue reduction for improved appearance, and some on rebuilding the tightness of the vagina after a certain age, childbirth or accident etc.

Starting from the labia majora to minora, the prepuce to clitoris, the inner vaginal tissues to hymen, all can be reconstructed, reshaped, and their appearance and functionality can be improved, using the several procedures in cosmetic gynaecology.

The recovery time after the surgery is not long in most cases, and women can return to normal sex life soon. Many women experience reduced sensations and pleasure with a lack of self esteem as their vaginal muscles are left weak and loose with aging, childbirth or some other reasons.

They can get back improved sexual sensitivity and functioning, as well as improved appearance of their vaginal area with the different types of surgeries. And most importantly, women after a successful surgery get back their self esteem and happy mood.

Why choose Tamira?

Tamira is South India’s first and only Cosmetic & Aesthetic Surgery Clinic that offers complete spectrum of Cosmetic Gynaecology procedures including CO2 Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Our Chief Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran is recognised as Chennai’s leading expert in Cosmetic Gynaecology procedures like Vaginal Rejuvenation, Hymenoplasty and Vaginoplasty.

Dr. Jayanthy is also a member of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology (E.S.A.G.) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and has performed well over 200 Surgical & Non-Surgical Cosmetic Gynaecology procedures.

In-order to further expand her skills and knowledge in the field, Dr. Jayanthy often travels across the world to share her experiences and learn from leading surgeons in Cosmetic Gynaecology.

Being an expert in both Cosmetic Gynaecology and Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran is also widely recognised as an expert in minimally invasive Cosmetic Gynaecology & Vaginal Surgery techniques that ensure faster recovery and great results.

Types of Cosmetic Gynaecology Procedures

Surgical Treatments

  1. Vaginal Rejuvenation

  2. G-spotplasty

  3. Labiaplasty

  4. Clitoral Hood Reduction

  5. Hymenoplasty

  6. Perineoplasty

  7. Vaginal Fat Grafting

  8. Vaginal Skin Rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Treatments

  1. Laser Hair Removal

  2. Laser Vaginal Tightening

  3. Vaginal Skin Rejuvenation

  4. Augmentation with Fillers

  5. O-Shot

  6. G-Shot

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation involves a series of surgical procedures, done on the vagina, to cosmetically tighten the muscles, tone and strengthen the vaginal tissues, and make the vagina narrow, and improve sexual feel and functionality.

The procedure is done generally on child bearing women or middle aged ones. After a certain age, or after child birth, the vaginal muscles become loose.

As a result, the vagina loses it’s sensitivity to touch and sexual activities, and the loose walls and muscles cannot deliver the same sexual stimulation and satisfaction as it did when it was tight and intact.

The vaginal rejuvenation treatment is a cosmetic surgery, which is aimed at reconstructing the vaginal muscles, so that the loosened and weak tissues can be made firm and toned again, and can be strengthened to give the much needed pleasure and stimulation during sexual intercourse.

The surgery is done by doing a full anesthesia, and a series of surgeries many be needed in some cases to build the vaginal muscles intact and tight once again.

That is why this surgery is also called Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Tightening surgery. Recovery time after the surgery can be between two to six months depending on the extent of surgery.


A great way to increase stimulation of the vagina, and thus make arousal faster and stronger during sexual activities is by stimulation of the G-spot.

Till date, even after the G-spot was been identified anatomically on 11th Sep 2011, the small mass of vaginal tissue responsible for arousal and sexual pleasure is still under controversies.

Many still believes that the G-spot does not really exists, while 50% of the women, who have already experienced the amazing pleasure which comes from the G-spot stimulation, and women who wants to feel this in their lives, are making move towards this Cosmetic Gynaecological Surgery, which is called the G-spotplasty.

What is G-spotplasty?

The cosmetic surgical procedure is aimed at making the G-spot easy to find on touch and sexual intercourse, by making it prominent. The tissue mass is enhanced in size, and make to bulge slightly, so that it can be easily located and felt.

Thus the G-spot is brushed easily when there is a sexual activity inside the vagina, thus making every sexual encounter more pleasure filled for the woman.

A Cosmetic Gynaecologist can do this procedure, and the recovery time after the surgery can range from one to three months, after which the woman can return to normal sexual life.


The primary reason for a Labiaplasty is aesthetic improvement. The labia majora and labia minora are two distinct bulging folds of skin covering the vaginal opening from sides.

The labia minora covers the vaginal and clitoral hood, and this portion as a whole is covered by the labia majora.

With aging, child birth, and other reasons like some illness or accident etc, the beauty of the genial area diminishes. This can cause low self esteem, embarrassment and shame in many women who are still sexually active.

Again sometimes the folds of the labia are so intense and create such a volume, that the bulge may show over thin or tight clothes like jeans, leggings, swimsuits etc.

Excess friction and trouble is also experienced during intercourse due to bulging or long labia minor.

The solution to these problems is a series of cosmetic surgeries done on the external genitalia, thus reducing the size of the labia major and minor, and making them appear tight, compact, and well shaped.

This makes the woman taking the surgery feel confident with her sexuality again, and helps her stay comfortable in skin tight clothing, and also during sexual activities. Her appeal due to the beatified genitalia increases.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral hood reduction or Hoodectomy is a surgical procedure, which is done to remove the clitoral hood partially.

This means the skin hiding the clitoris, which is called the prepuce, is shortened or reduced in size through this plastic surgery. The surgery can be combined with other Cosmetic Gynaecological procedures like labioplasty and vaginoplasty.

The main purpose of the surgery is the enhancement of sensitivity of the clitoris for more pleasure during sex, and also the enhancement of aesthetic beauty of the vulva area.

The excess skin folds over the clitoris is cut and resized to improve the appearance of the labia minora and the sensitive to arousal and pleasure. Recovery time depends on the extent of surgery. Normally pain and swelling is controlled with medications.

The patient needs the first week to recover from the immediate surgical outcomes, and then within a month or two the patient can come back to normal sexual life. The surgery has mixed results. Most of the women reports an increase in sexual comfort, better functioning of the clitoris, increased pleasure, and hence an increased self esteem and confidence in them.

However, a very small portion reported some medical complications with lessened sexual sensitivity. But comparing the high success rate, it can be deemed that the choice of the cosmetic surgeon is most important in the process which ensures guaranteed success and happiness in future.


Hymenoplasty is a Cosmetic Gynaecological procedure, which is done to reconstruct the torn hymen. The main purpose of the surgery is not aesthetic improvement but re-establishing virginity, or restoring an internal injury.

The hymen is a small diaphragm like tissue, which may create full or partial obstruction of the vaginal hole. It is found a few centimeters inside the vaginal opening, and thus bars the male organ from entering the vaginal cavity fully during a sexual intercourse.

When force is applied by the male organ, then the thin tissue breaks, thus causing bleeding in some cases, and the opening to the vagina is permanently cleared.

Hence the determination of virginity till today is done by many men by observing if the woman is bleeding during intercourse or not.

For religious and cultural reasons, many women or their families choose to get the hymen artificially reconstructed by hymenoplasty surgery.

This saves them from the shame and humiliation which they may face if the woman is discovered not to be a virgin during intercourse.

The surgery is done by making a small incision on one side of the vaginal internal wall, and then joining the torn hymen to that incision. After a month the patient recovers with an intact hymen and a tighter vaginal hole due to it.

As a result an intercourse after the surgery will result in normal looking bleeding, as happens with tearing of the hymen in normal cases.


A cosmetic surgery on the perineum to reconstruct the skin and muscles in the area is called Perineoplasty. Women specially need this treatment to recover from a torn and damaged perineum after child birth or episiotomies.

The perineum is the small area between the vaginal opening and the anal opening. The perineum extends inside to form the thin wall separating the vagina and the anus.

During child birth, when excess pressure is brought to the vagina, then the perineum tissues and skin may tear, thus causing multiple problems like infections, uncomfortable bowels, vaginal looseness and decreased sexual pleasure, discomfort and pain during sex, and overall the genital area appearance is impacted.

The Perineoplasty is a Cosmetic Gynaecological procedure, which is done by reconstructing the vaginal and perineal tissues, muscles, and the skin. Often this surgery is combined with a vaginoplasty for better results.

After the surgery, the perineum gets back to prior or improved shape, feel, and appearance, while the vaginal is tightened. Sexual pleasure after the surgery is increased thus giving back the comfort and self esteem with improved appearance to the woman.

The procedure is done with a general anesthesia, and takes close to half an hour to complete. Recovery time may range between a couple of months to six months.

Vaginal Fat Grafting

Vaginal fat grafting or fat transfer to the labia is a cosmetic surgery done on the female genitalia, to improve the appearance and add to aesthetic beauty of the genital area.

The female genitalia are beautified with the labia major, which appears at the outside. The plumper and fat filled the area looks, the more the female genital area looks appealing.

However, with age, as the body loses much of it’s fat content from the face, the breasts etc, the vaginal muscles also loses the fat. As a result, the labia major and minor lose much fat to get limp.

The skin sags, gets wrinkly, and develops limp folds, and thus impact the overall feel and appearance of the vagina. Sexual encounters are also hindered due to the fat loss, when the natural padding of the labia is lost, thus decreasing the pleasure of sexual encounters.

The solution is to bring back the fat in these folds of skin, and making them plump and fuller again. Not only does this improves feel and appearance inside, but also makes the vaginal area look better from outside clothes when the woman is wearing bikini or trousers.

Vaginal fat grafting is done by taking fat from the lower abdomen or buttocks, or other fat filled areas of the body, and then injecting the fat cells inside the labia to make it fuller.

Vaginal Skin Rejuvenation

Vaginal skin rejuvenation also referred to as vaginal bleaching or tightening is done to improve the appearance of the vaginal area while enhancing sexual functionality.

The vaginal opening and the muscles surrounding it gets loose and de-shaped with aging or after a child birth or serious illness.

This can be restructured to give back shape and functionality, and the natural tightness back to the vagina. This improves sexual pleasure, and increases appeal through nice appearance.

Bleaching refers to the laser treatment done for improvement of vaginal area skin tone. The bleaching done by laser, removes the external layer of skin, which was affected, and turned blackish.

The skin gets affected due to many reasons like child birth, hormonal replacement therapies, chemical imbalances etc, or accidents, scars etc, can also be visible on the area. Scars, lesions, and patches etc, can all be evened out, and the vaginal skin area may look better with the vaginal rejuvenation bleaching treatment.

Vaginal rejuvenation can often be done with a labioplasty to improved results. The procedure involves cosmetic surgeries and laser treatments.

And this may need a series of treatments to compete the course. Recovery time may range from one month to three months as per extent of surgery.

Laser Hair Removal

The skin on the bikini area is exposed when women wear swimsuits, or during sexual intercourse and intimate encounters. Hence women conscious with neat and glamorous looks always take care to keep the body and pubic hair at the bikini area clean and shaved.

To attain this with ease and permanent results, the laser hair removal technique of the bikini area has proved to be highly successful. Hence, the demand for this external cosmetic procedure is at peak.

Other hair removal solutions like shaving, waxing, hair removal creams, or epilators etc can act as a short term instant solutions. But none of them are permanent hair cleaning solutions, and each one come with certain side effects.

Thus the unwanted hair on bikini area cannot be cleaned permanently and effectively unless you use laser.
Laser bikini hair removal is a painless procedure, which does not demand much healing time.

After a little restriction like avoiding sun exposure and chemicals on the area immediately after the laser therapy, and in just a few days, the woman may start flaunting her body in a bikini, and get out in the sun.

The procedure must be done in a good clinic where the medical facility or laser expert is trained to handle and project the laser rays safely.

Laser Vaginal Tightening

Anyone with a tidbit of common sense will agree that delivering a child can loosen one’s vagina. But thanks to the medical advantages into elective cosmetic surgeries, doctors have discovered a nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure to pucker it right up.

Perk up your lady parts

A new procedure, known as vagina laser therapy, or simply laser vaginal tightening, has recently been approved by the FDA for tightening the vagina in a series of minimally invasive and patient friendly outpatient procedures.

Tamira is the only registered practise in South India to employ the use of Syneron CO2RE Intima which uses a CO2 laser to not only firm up the entire vaginal tract, but also to prevent vaginal incontinence, dryness, and it has also shown promise in increasing libido.

Very safe, very quick, restores libido to previous levels

In order to opt for this procedure, you need to consult a cosmetic gynaecologist, who will conduct an exam of your pelvis and begin treatment, involving the insertion of a fractional laser approximately 4-6 cm into your cervix.

Once it is turned on, the laser will penetrate up to 0.5 mm into the wall of the vaginal tract, tightening it and enhance your pleasure centres, increasing circulation.

The entire procedure is fairly painless and quick- usually, lasts a few minutes. The only stipulation is going for a few days without any type of vaginal penetration.

Vaginal Skin Rejuvenation

It is a well know fact that the vagina is a magical organ, not just for its sexual purposes, but it is also what makes the essence of womanhood.

And as such, its delicate nature and upkeep require constant maintenance and re-upholstery.

Age is just a number: beat it!

As you get older, you won’t age purely physically, but your sexual libido drops leading to the lesser attention given to your reproductive organs.

Many menopausal women permanently abandon all hopes of a healthy sex life. But with the advent of new technology, that need not be the case anymore.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation, is a form of non-invasive procedures that involve Lasers, Peels & PRP to rejuvenate the vagina, as well as the vulva and other parts of the uterus.

It is aimed at correcting many congenital or acquired defects that can render a vagina barren.

A simple step to give you confidence, and your prowess back

So don’t procrastinate anymore, it can give you your confidence back. Vaginal rejuvenation promotes sufficient circulation, lubrication and orgasmic abilities in a woman to be fully confident in herself.

Augmentation with Fillers

Most of us are familiar with term g-spot, coined after the German gynaecologist Hugo Gräfenberg in 1948. It is an area ten to twenty millimetres in diameter located on the anterior vaginal wall about five centimetres above the urethra.

It is said to be the most erogenous spot in the entire vaginal cavity of some women. Nowadays, more and more women are opting for augmentation with synthetic fillers meant for enhancing sexual pleasure.

Enhance your sex life manifold

G-spot augmentation generally involves intra-oral injections consisting of hyaluronic acid meant to increase the perimeters of the G-spot, thereby enhancing gratification potential.

If you are experiencing issues concerning your vagina, do not ignore it. Sexual health is very important for your overall stability, and nowadays there are options available that will enhance your sex life exponentially.

Don’t ignore menopause, just live life

Many options are now available to address any kind of vaginal discomfort you might be experiencing. These fillers are completely harmless most of the times.

Though sometimes they may lead to some side effects in minuscule proportions like urinary tract infections, leakage and spillage. But this can be avoided by making sure you are being treated by a well experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon.


Age is a cruel reality check that has ended the aforementioned whirlwinds into tedious, regretful long term relationships.

When your body refuses to cooperate with the mental ability and desire to sexual pleasure, it becomes a red flag for many untold masses that suffer from it.

What about the women of the world?

Most women after menopause experience pain during intercourse due to excessive dryness in their canals, lowering overall libido, confidence, and sexual health.

The enfranchisement of ED meds like Viagra since 1994 has helped millions of males regain their confidence, libido and virility.
Unfortunately, the women have not been lucky as such, up until now. Thankfully, for the O Shot.

An injection that contains your own blood plasma being centrifuged out of your blood and being injected into the roof and clitoris as well as the adjacent tissues.

It promotes new cell growth and tissue rejuvenation which restores your sexual libido and reduces pain during intercourse.


Research conducted by medical personnel report that a lot of women have been electing to get G-shots. These are injections full of hyaluronic acid, used to plump up and iron out wrinkles in skin and body parts in their vaginas!

What is a G-shot?

G-spot amplification, or simply G-shot was created by Hollywood surgeons David Matlock and Alexander Simopoulos in 2011. The procedure involves injecting filler materials in women’s g-spot which enhances their sexual libido and gratification.

This procedure is rapidly gaining popularity due to its quick and painless nature and its ability to ease the effort required to find the G-spot.

Simple trick to boost your mojo

The procedure requires a simple pelvic exam to locate the spot which is the most erogenous and injecting a needle into it after numbing the part.

The effects are quick and markedly different, enhancing your libido and firing up your sexual drive.

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