Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

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While all of us are born with our own unique features and appearance, the miracles of modern science have made it possible for us to tailor our faces and bodies in almost any way we want. Thanks to cosmetic surgery and the medical professionals that perform these incredible solutions on a daily basis, millions and millions of people are able to almost instantly get over any hangups or self-confidence issues regarding their appearance they’ve ever had. Though there are some in the world who would you ride those that seek out cosmetic surgery in Chennai or anywhere else on the planet, the fact of the matter is that when you look into the mirror and love what you see you’ll feel 100 times better than you do right now.

Cosmetic Surgery in Chennai

First determine if cosmetic surgery in Chennai is for you

The most important thing you can do the for pursuing any cosmetic surgery at all is really determining if these kind of medical procedures are a real undertaking you are interested in completing. Most people think of these cosmetic procedures as nothing more than taking on or taking off a little bit of your nose, reshaping and molding your chin, giving yourself larger breasts, or any number of other procedures. But the fact of the matter is that the medical professional who is working on you and with you is literally re-molding and reshaping the human body – this is no situation to be taken lightly, regardless of how invasive or noninvasive the procedure is. You need to fully grasp exactly what you’re getting into before you even consider moving forward with your cosmetic surgery research.

Then and only then should you determine which cosmetic surgery in Chennai procedures you are interested in

Thanks to the incredible boom in medical and cosmetic knowledge that we now have in our modern times, not to mention the amazing technical innovations and tools these professionals have access to, cosmetic surgeons can do just about anything and everything to improve your appearance almost overnight. This does not mean that you should go for a wholesale upgrade of every piece and part of your body. First of all, the budget necessary to do this work would be astronomical and secondly, most people are only looking to upgrade a single or a handful of features while retaining most of their unique look. Make sure you understand exactly which procedures you want to have performed by the top services for cosmetic surgery in Chennai before you head down to their office for a consultation.

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in Chennai

Prices of cosmetic surgery vary based on the procedure and individual requirements. For instance, non surgical cosmetic surgery procedures are quick and do not cost as much when compared to surgical procedures. Besides the requirements for any procedure can vary from patient to patient. For instance, in the case of hair transplants, the number of grafts required for a patient will depend upon the amount of hair loss or baldness the individual is suffering from.

Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure that you are working with the best professionals that you can afford when seeking out high level cosmetic surgery in Chennai. Too many people get suckered into the belief that they’ll be able to save some money and cut some corners when they have cosmetic surgery performed, but when you really understand that you are literally reshaping your entire appearance (something people will see every single day), it shouldn’t be that hard finding the funds to get the job done right the first time.


  1. Nandini says:

    I am very happy with the end result of the procedure that Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran performed on me. She is very warm and friendly and makes you comfortable and stress free and builds up your confidence level which is very much required in a cosmetic surgery.

    She is very knowledgeable and gives you the right suggestions and inputs and mentally prepares you for the outcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an amazing cosmetic surgeon in Chennai.

  2. Rani Raju says:

    My name is Rani. I live in the USA. I was able to find the right doctor (Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran) to do surgery for my sister. I did not see the doctor in person. Everything was done over the phone.

    My sister was very happy with the outcome. She recovered with no complications. Because I work in a health care industry, I had million concerns about the procedure.

    Doctor was kind enough to clear all my doubts. My sister told me that everyone treated her with courtesy and kindness. I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Jayanthy, Dr. Karpagam, and the crew for helping my sister.

    I will be glad to refer my friends in the USA for any kind of procedure.

  3. ganga says:

    I would like to say Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran mam is WORLD’S BEST SURGEON……have no words rather saying in one word ‘BEST’ to TAMIRA…… love u mam…..just in one month you changed my look more than I expected…thank you a load….

  4. Umamaheswari A says:

    Very good in service and highly qualified staffs including the doctors and all the other workers.

    They were so friendly and helpful during the surgery. Well equipped and a high-tech infrastructure. Keep going tamira ??

  5. Balakrishnan R says:

    Good ambience & well trained staffs. Nice care. Thank you Tamira

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would say am soo lucky to get such a wonderful team, hats to ‘tamira’……
    And to my lovely star Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran….no one can compete mam……

  7. Mukund Ramasubramanian says:

    Great Service. Keep Up The Good Work!

  8. Gayathri Nagarajan says:

    Courteous & Hope giving conversation which I had with the Doctor during consultation.

  9. Rajani Sivanandan says:

    Excellent experience with the procedure I had done at Tamira. And very happy with Dr.Jayanthy.

    She is a one-of-a-kind plastic surgeon. Her skills as a surgeon are outstanding, and her skills as a caring professional rank her among the highest I have ever encountered.

    Dr. Jayanthy takes her time, calls you to check-in, discusses your procedure detail, and makes you feel comfortable and safe.

    She is an outstanding surgeon, doctor, and person.

    Very good results — very pleased!

  10. Amanda Solmundson says:

    Great experience at Tamira

    Great experience at Tamira, very happy with the service. Clinic is nice and clean. Dr Jayanthy is lovely and very knowledgeable. Staff does a great job too.


  11. Kannan says:

    I really appreciate Dr. Jayanthy's approach towards the issue.

    I really appreciate Dr. Jayanthy’s approach towards the issue. She was precise to the solution and there were no false promises.. i got a hope and decided to take up the service.


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