About Dr. Kousalya Nathan

dr-kousalya-nathanDr. Kousalya Nathan is an eminent, celebrity Lifestyle and Anti-aging  Consultant, based out of Chennai. She has a broad base of regional, national and international clientele spread around the globe.

Her clients include the who’s who of the entire South Indian Cinema, the Chairman and Managing Directors of prominent business houses, Corporates who often invite her to address their workforce to inform and guide them on the importance of lifestyle modifications for a better work-life balance.

The often neglected home-makers approach her to deal with their stress & Life-style disorders, which are often not understood and addressed. She is a regular and prominent figure at various educational institution’s important occasions & events, addressing school children to college young adults on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Her personalized and easy to follow approach to lifestyle modifications finds a plethora of followers who vouch by her efficacy and proficiency in this area. She is a pioneer and a celebrity in her own right as a well-known, popular face in the media, especially on television, where she had a nutrition and anti-aging lifestyle related health show, running for almost 10 years on Sun TV.

She is a regular feature in the vernacular electronic, print and social media within and outside India. She is a sought after Life-style Coach and mentor to varied age groups.

Why Dr. Kousalya Nathan?

Being the youngest Indian to acquire an American Board Certification in Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine, USA after her basic medical degree in Natural medicine and Yoga from a well-known University in India, she has come a long way in her practice of over two decades in the area of lifestyle ailments like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Diabetes, Obesity and associated complications, Hormonal Imbalance, Premature Aging, Personalizing Lifestyle for Hypertension & Coronary Artery Disease, Peri-menopausal and Menopausal lifestyle issues, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS), Gastro-Intestinal Disorders, efficient management of  lifestyle associated problems in primary and secondary infertility.

Given the fact that today’s fast-paced, technology driven digital & urban lifestyle has contributed to a lot of adverse health issues causing premature aging affecting organ functions. Dr. Kousalya Nathan’s personalized, evidence-based, step-by-step, integrated & eco-friendly approach to the growing Lifestyle & premature aging issues gives a great hope in effectively managing and reversing lifestyle disorders, leading  to a healthy, fulfilling and youthful life, thereby reducing the requirement of medication and enhancing “Quality of Life“.

Professional Experience

Her unique blend of clinical expertise and nutritional research background has been the hallmark of her 20 years of practice as a Lifestyle Coach.

She is also well-known in the Scientist’s Forums internationally, as an expert in the following  fields – Nutritional Research, Calorie Restriction, Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics, Aging and premature Aging. She has also authored Chapters in text-books pertaining to these fields.

Dr. Kousalya Nathan has created a niche for herself as an expert and exponent of the concept of internal health & beauty, anti-aging and wellness as an Inside-Out phenomenon, which is evident in the long list of happy clients for over 20  years.

She commands a lot of respect amongst the medical fraternity in recognition of her timeless and adaptive brand of wellness, combining eastern philosophy with modern techniques of treatments.

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