FUE Hair Transplant: No.1 Solution to Baldness and Hair Loss

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hair transplantThere might not be a more self-confidence crippling condition that a man can have other than balding.

Affecting one in three men over the age of 30, almost all men will have to deal with some form of hair loss at one point or another throughout their lives.

Many men are able to pull off this transition period much more effectively than others.

Hollywood names like Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson and Jason Statham come to mind.

In reality, most men would do just about anything to have their hair back. And there is certainly no shortage of treatments and solutions like hair transplant or hair regrowth in the market today.

But among all options, none have proven to be quite as effective as the FUE hair transplant method.

FUE hair transplant in Chennai before and after

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is a scientifically designed hair transplant system. Having FUE hair transplant surgery is one of the easiest ways to regrow hair that you have lost in the past.

A surgeon harvests hair follicles from one place on your head and grafts them in place of balding locations.

You’ll be able to boost the even look of hair across your head with much less effort or invasiveness. Even better than other strip methods of hair transplant surgery.

At Tamira, we have a well experienced and skilled team of board certified hair transplant surgeons. We are in the heart of the city, with a state-of-the-art facility.

This puts us a notch above our competitors, and makes us one of the best FUE hair transplant in Chennai options available to you.

With the Tamira advantage, you know you’re getting the best shot at regrowing your lost hair.

The Procedure

Growing your hair can be a daunting task but with the help of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) it can be much simpler. FUE is more effective than using unreliable creams and other synthetic formulas.

With this process it essentially transplants healthy follicles throughout your head. All this without hinderance to the growth and health of your hair.

In comparison to other methods of hair transplantation, FUE can be a more comfortable experience. This is so, as it uses highly advanced tools that are specifically designed for the job.

It’s also important to note that the success rate of Follicular Unit Extraction is incredibly high. Most clients leave with a head of hair that they have always wanted.

Stop worrying about trying to comb over any existing strands and hiding bald spots. FUE gives you the ability to achieve a great aesthetic in a more convenient and comfortable way.

With the help of an experienced and certified cosmetic surgeon, you’ll be able to look and feel your best.

FUE Hair Transplant Review

Luckily in a city like Chennai, you never have to worry about that when you decide to move forward with FUE hair transplant surgeon.

With FUE, you can have full flowing locks of hair.  Opting for a highly rated and qualified surgeon can ensure better results without all of the risks and uncertainties that other procedures carry.

While there is no guarantee that FUE hair transplant procedure will work 100% for anyone, this new groundbreaking and totally innovative procedure has shown amazing results for many of its patients.

There are a number of trained and qualified professionals in this local area of Chennai metropolis.

To get an estimate of how many grafts you might require, try our hair transplant graft calculator. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon or medical care regrowth professional for the best advice, and make sure you invest in the best specialists for FUE hair transplant in Chennai.


  1. Sekhar says:

    Before going to this procedure in Kauvery hospital(Dr Jayanthy). I’ve inquired in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai.

    I done research on best doctors in Chennai and I tried approaching Dr. Jayanthy Mam for treatment, I got hair growth much more than I expected, after I my hair transplantation hair is growing naturally even after 6 hair cuts.

    Before going to this procedure many of friends says that hair will fall after few months, But in reality this is not the case. Currently while taking hair bath hardly few hairs only falling. Thanks a lot Mam for the best treatment provided.

  2. Ajit says:

    After doing lots of online research and consulting with my doctor, I visited Dr Jayanthy mam for my hair transplant. During my initial consultation I didn’t ask much question to mam ,as she asked me one thing ..what I want/expect and my answer was clear and I said I just want more/dense hairs.

    She explained me all the possible solutions nicely, but for me I just trusted her and left everything to her to decide what will work/best for me & and that’s how I started my HT journey … on 14th Jan 2015 my HT was done with no pain & watching TV.

    I was amazed to see the hard work and dedication of the entire team. Noww about the results …now no one can identify that I had less hairs or partial baldness .My friends use to compliment me that I didn’t spent money for my HT ,it was like a investment and results are visible to all …

    All credit goes to Dr Jayanthy mam & her cooperative team …thanks a ton mam ….

  3. Sachin says:

    I am happy to undergo hair transplantation in Tamira clinic. As a doctor I recommend this clinic because of their care, hygiene, modern treatment and their latest technics.

    They are very competent and if I undergo again any plastic surgery sure I will choose Tamira clinic

  4. Balasundaram B says:

    “I strongly recommend Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran and Tamira Team for Hair Transplant”

    Treatment Received: “FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction ”

    Tons of thanks to Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran and her team for helping me get back my hairs with a nice and clean operation. Without any Complications.

    I’m writing this review 5 months post of my second sitting (First on 14th Aug 2015 & second on 8th march 2016),Result is well appreciable. And I’m posting this review after a long time since my first operation to make sure the results are well satisfactory and no complications at any point of time.

    I had my First FUE transplant on 14th Aug 2015, my pattern was similar to 4 & 5 in norwood scale mostly 4, the grafts taken were 2475. I got my frontal part covered with 2475 grafts I’m not exact about how many 2’s & 1’s. And most (>95%) of the transplanted hairs have grown well, few are growing still.

    My story:

    I’m a male 35 years old from Pondicherry, Middle class guy working in Oil & gas sector. Right from 24 yrs, I was facing hair fall problem. Tried many products in the market and consulted several other hospitals, Doctors & trichology center’s in India & Bangkok and spent a lot of money as well, but nothing worked out to my satisfaction.

    Fed-up with all the products, oils & tablets, and as the baldness stage aggravated ,after through homework decided to go for Hair transplantation. But, Not sure where to do and I was bit sceptical as it’s the first surgery for me.

    Checked with couple of well renowned cosmetic centres in Bangkok and that’s the time by god’s grace I came to know about Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran mam via one of the online review. But I’m not a guy who will simply believe in a review or rating by some website.

    And with my previous experience of various products which had no result on me I wanted to double check. So I booked an appointment, as I was prepared for hair transplantation now the question is “how it will be done, by whom and its success rate and pricing”.

    She got all my inputs and was very patient enough to address all my doubts. She and her team’s approach made me more comfortable for the operation. Luckily, I had a chance to meet one of her HT patient’s mother in the clinic and her positive feedback & her son’s pics doubled my confidence level for the operation, so without any second thinking confirmed my operation with Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran.

    Later, I was asked to do several blood tests, ECG and X-ray to ensure I am fit for operation. Shared the results of the requested test with her and she was ok with the results and said to book an appointment.

    Before the op, I have been asked to use a scrub for scalp and medicine for 3 days prior to the op.

    On the day I went to hospital at 8 AM with my friend, and the team was ready with all required things in place and without any delay the operation process started. As I was very comfortable with the team I asked my friend to leave.

    First, my existing hairs are trimmed and then the transplant area front head is marked and clicked few pics. I have been taken to the theatre and meanwhile, Mam explained me about the full day operation activity and given few injections on back of my head(doesn’t hurt much) which made my back head numb and Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran started extracting follicles and the supporting team helped in preparing the follicles for transplantation.

    After sometime Dr. Kiran and Dr. Sasi joined and they placed the extracted follicles in the area marked. This happened 3 times in cycle, one will extract and other will place, it’s because they don’t keep the extracted hairs outside for a longer time.

    And in the middle of op I have been treated with ‘PRP’ – Platelet Rich Plasma which is extracted from my blood. It was around 8 PM when my op got over, No face swelling or fainting or pain. So it’s a 10 – 11 hrs where all three doctors and the support team had such a patience to do it.

    Before left the clinic, I was given a very clear instruction and medicines to follow for the next 10 days to prevent fall of grafts and any infections. Great bonus point is, can visit the Doctor on any working days for follow up check-ups WITHOUT any additional fees.

    After follow-up I have been given several health & hair inducing tablets which I should follow for 6 months. Separate shampoo, Minoxidil solution without alcohol and gel for hair is given for daily application.

    All the transplanted follicles are very responsive and I can see significant change in my look. After 4 months’ time my hairs are grown well enough for a haircut.

    Results are very good and appreciated by my parents and friends. With full satisfaction, I decided to go for my second session without any further delay for my crown area. Which, I did on 8th March 2016 with 1927 grafts at Dr. Jayanthy mam’s new facility “Tamira” with the same team.

    Tamira facility is well equipped then the earlier one.

    She is an excellent doctor with great technical and personal skills. I had a very satisfactory experience with her. Also she very understanding towards the patients. I will always remember her caring and friendly way of dealing with me. Thanks a lot.

    Based on my experience, I strongly recommend Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran and her excellent Team at Tamira for Hair Transplant (FUE) because it’s an art, in which experience matters a lot ,the facility, approachable doctors and post operation attention.

    All is available at “Tamira”. I was excited with the entire team’s humbleness and at any point of time ( pre and post operation).

    Overall rating – 5/5 (I am extremely happy)

    Dr. Jayanthy,Dr. Sasi & Dr. Kiran – 5/5 (They are very humble and generous)

    My Expectations Met – 4/5 (I was expecting more area to be covered)

    Hospitality provided – 5/5(The staffs are really nice ,well professionalized & courtesy )

    Quality of operation – 5/5(Neatly done I’m fully satisfied)

    Tamira’s Facility – 5/5 (comfortable, well maintained, good ambiance)

    Post operations follow up – 5/5 ( No additional charges, well documented with pics and well addressed)

    Front desk – 5/5 (well responsive, organised appointments, whatsapp help)

  5. Kadir vadivel says:

    Initially I was searching for Good Doctors who can do a perfect Transplant as it’s gonna change how you will be seen by others. After reading lot of Reviews about Dr. Jayanthy, I have undergone the HT at TAMIRA.

    The front desk was so responsive. During my first interaction with Dr. Jayanthy, after careful analysis she informed that I need 2 HT’s to be done and asked me to undergo some Tests before deciding on HT.

    On HT day all the staff were so accommodating and made myself comfortable for the whole 10 Hours. Dr. Sasi & Dr. Kiran also performed the HT with care and precision. Only the best Team can provide Good results.

    Not all but most of the Transplanted Hairs were retained and I can see the growth after 4 months. I can see myself in mirror with Confidence as I have a much different look.

    Although my budget has been doubled, I don’t wanna compromise on the Quality provided. Overall Result on my HT was Good. Thanks to the entire Team at Tamira and a Special Thanks to Dr. Jayanthy for my HT.

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