Male breast reduction in Chennai

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If you’re man suffering with a less than ideal chest area due to decreased activity levels, degradation muscle tone, or just getting older and watching your testosterone be replaced by higher levels of estrogen, resulting in what is commonly known as male breasts.

Male breast reduction in Chennai

What you need to know about male breast reduction in Chennai

Numbers peg the rate of gynecomastia amongst all men at somewhere around 40%. This is a troubling condition that many men would rather do without, yet something that almost all of us will have to face at one time or another. Though there are a number of different reasons that we may suffer from gynecomastia, the fact of the matter is that it is an unsightly and undesirable aesthetic that doesn’t have to impact or impair your quality of life.

The best male breast reduction in Chennai uses a number of different solutions to remove the excess fat and built up skin to totally reshape your chest with as few invasive procedures as possible. Almost always using some form of life perception to siphon out the excess fat and remove a lot of the glandular tissues that are responsible for the hormonal changes, you’ll be able to be in and out of most procedures rather quickly. Not only can your medical professional that performs the best male breast reproduction in Chennai totally remove the appearance of breasts on your body, but they can also sculpting and change your chest to look much more muscular and masculine at the same time. After just a few simple procedures you’ll be able to have the kind of self-confidence you’ve been looking for.

Reasons you should look into having a male breast reduction process performed.

While it is not terribly life-threatening, the condition of gynecomastia can be a crippling and debilitating terror on your psyche and confidence levels. There is nothing worse than feeling like less of a man then you are simply because of your outward appearance. And while most people will try to attack this problem all in their own, either through diet or exercise, you’ll soon see that depending on where you are in the stages of gynecomastia these have little effect if any at all.

Searching for the best male breast reduction in Chennai is absolutely essential, as only these trained medical professionals will be able to give you the kind of high level procedure you’re looking for to ensure the best results. This is not something you want to take a gamble with, but rather a serious medical procedure that should only be attended to by the top specialists you can find. There are a number of different high-level specialists in the Chennai area, but you need to seek out and find the one that you feel most comfortable working with – someone with a spotless reputation for being able to handle all gynecomastia conditions with a favorable outcome.


  1. Karthik says:

    Hi all,
    Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran Mam is “THE BEST” in the lot. I’m very much elated with the post surgery results of Gynecomastia. Dedication, Passion, Kindness and Good Hospitality are the main qualities which stand out to make her unique.

  2. Karthik says:

    Hi all,
    Its 3 weeks post surgery now. I’m really feeling very comfortable after the surgery. As advised by Dr., I’m wearing the compression garment throughout the day and applying ointments over the suture area. The results are very fruitful and I’m not feeling even a pinch of pain.

    To all my fellow friends, who suffer from gynecomastia, I would like to reiterate few things. Gynecomastia procedure is very very simple. Getting gynecomastia treated correctly will make you feel very confident and more comfortable. (It’s my personal experience). Had you had any fear over the surgery, just let it walk away from you. Put in full faith on Dr., as I did, and feel the change. 🙂 Cheeers!!

  3. Anonymous (Name hidden for privacy) says:

    Hi! All, I am here to share my delight and about the doctor who been reason for that.

    Am 25 years old male and since age of 14 I was suffering from excess chest fat so called ‘GYNECOMASTIA’ and since I was aware that its not normal to have excess chest fat like girl, it made me very cautious about myself and I tried all the natural ways to lose that also some oral pills but nothing helped me much I have been always skeptic about cosmetic surgery and its been hard for me to find any reliable doctor for my treatment eventually I found about Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran on internet which incited me to just give a try a consultation with doctor but till then I was not sure that I will really Opt for a surgery and when I had consulting with her I was completely pleased by the way she explained me about the treatment also I was very much impressed by her hospitality also I got to know that she handled quite large number of ‘GYNECOMASTIA’ patient with 99.9 % success rate this data proved her skill and proficiency in her profession.

    I agreed for surgery and after 15 days of my consultation I had my surgery truly speaking my apprehensive thought got vanished when I have been undertaken by Dr. Jayanthy also I didn’t experience any pain pre and post surgery as it was under general anesthesia and I have been discharged on the same day as it was day care.

    Its been around 5 weeks post operation and am very much pleased by the result I would really like to thank the doctor whole heartened who wiped my nightmare man boobs from my life.

    Thanks a lot doctor.

    One suggestion for all Guys whoever suffering from such problem please don’t waste your time being embarrassed just consult doctor your problem would get resolved for sure. There is a saying ‘No PAIN No GAIN’ but for people like me who suffered from excess fat gain “LOST WHAT I GAINED WITH NO PAIN” just because of excellent Cosmetic Surgeon like Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran

  4. SJ says:


    As an unlucky human, I also faced GYNECOMASTIA. I noticed it since I was 15yrs. I never felt ashamed but wasn’t confident enough to do any activities. Now, am 23yrs and felt it’s high time I got it treated.
    That’s when I came to know about Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran. Fixing an appointment was also easy. On the very first meeting, she made me aware she handles many such patients and if I will she can erase it off with surgery. She made me feel relaxed, took enough time in making me understand how it’s going to be post surgery. It always made me positive and I agreed. I also had to travel overseas within 2 weeks and I firmly state she took every possible effort to make me fit enough to enjoy my journey. She rang me frequently to enquire if I had any trouble or pain. This is the support every patient wishes to have from their most reliable Doctor.

    Now it’s been 8 weeks and I’m wearing the compression garment as advised by Doctor. I’m completely free from all those nightmares I had in the past. No pain, no surgery scars and it’s just clean. It’s a completely new life to be frank and personally you can be lot more confident. I will always be thankful to you Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran for gifting me second Life. Kind advise to all men facing gynecomastia or male breast related issues: you may face difficulties but this surgery can change you lot. And specially Dr.Jayanthy can surely assist you.

  5. RB says:

    Hi all,

    I was suffering from gynecomastia for almost a decade .It was really bothering me.So,I started browsing the net for surgeons who could do the surgery and decided to meet Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran. The consultation went well and had all the blood tests she asked me to take. Everything was normal for me and I decided to take up the surgery. On the day of surgery I wasn’t allowed to eat anything for 8 hours before operation. I wasn’t nervous at all because the doctor and the nurses made me so comfortable. After surgery,When i woke up , i didn’t feel any pain at all.I am so happy that I finally have my gynecomastia gone and I have a flat chest now.It has been one week post surgery and my chest is looking awesome.Also am wearing the compression belt around my chest as said by the doctor. The scars are minimal and it is not noticable. My sincere thanks to Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran who lifted my confident. The best thing is the way she handles her patients. She is the best i would say.Certainly, am more confident now.Guys with gynecomastia please don’t hesitate in consulting the doctor She would easily vanish your nightmare !!! Thanks a lot Doctor .

  6. SJ says:

    Thank you Ma’am….I HAD the problem of Gynecomastia from the age of 15. Now I’m 23 years old and I always felt embarrassing about this abnormality. I was not able to get into activities like swimming, getting my shirt off in a beach/function. As i got to know about Jayanthy Ravindran Ma’am through Google (Thank You Google!). I visited her personal website , read the procedures which were mentioned in the page. As soon as I finished reading the procedure, I got enough confidence to fix up my mind to book an appointment with her to under go the surgery. Her credentials and testimonials solely influenced my thought process. (Note – Yes!! Now, I’m very happy that I made the right choice). Infact i was really nervous about my first consultation with Ma’am, but during the consultation itself she made me very comfortable and positive attitude in me to undergo surgery. Now , i’m really very very happy with my post surgery results (2 months after my surgery) and satisfied with my results and she is such a kind, dedicated and passionate doctor whom you can always rely upon. To add to this, the nurses, attendants and every staff of the Kauvery were very very kind and helpful. I owe them my sincere gratitude and thanks. The hospitality and care taking were simply excellent. I also assure you that, you will never regret for anything, if you fix up your surgery with Ma’am…Thanks a lot Ma’am…

  7. Alagesan says:

    Hi all, I had problems with Gynecomastia from the age of 18. I’m now 26 and felt always depressed about this. I was unable to get into my normal activities. I went for many medicines to cure this condition.

    But recently I read some forums in net and searched many options for this and I came to know that surgery is the only option for this. I found out Dr Jayanthy Ravindran is best choice for the recovery of this condition.

    So I visited kavery hospital in alwarpet, Chennai for initial appointment. In the first consultation, I got confidence and explained me as in my case Gynecosmastia is due to only excess fat and best results can be obtained in liposuction alone.

    she advised me to take blood test and suggested me and clearly explained about all the pre-operative instructions. I was asked to reach hospital at 8 AM sharp on surgery day. Operation was scheduled at 8:30 PM. She marked the portions of the regions where excess fat was available.

    Later they took me to Operation theatre and anesthetist had a chat with me to keep me cool and calm and inhaled few gases and slowly lost my consciousness. I regained consciousness at 10.30 A.M and found myself in the day care room which was allotted for me.

    I was asked to take rest till 6 pm. I felt negligible pain and numbness. I tried getting up on my known and around 1 pm they gave me a glass of water followed by a sandwich. The nurses working there are very polite and make me better comfort.

    They ensure me many times that there is no vomiting sensation for me. Dr. Jayanthy mam again visited me at 4:30 PM and she enquired about my health. I conveyed that I’m totally fine and I’m having no pain at all.

    Then the discharge formalities were done and I got myself discharged from the hospital at 6: 30 PM. I was advised to wear a belt for next 6 weeks and asked me to report after 6 weeks.

    I was very happy about my Post-operative results and back to my normal work exactly after 3 days of my surgery. If you want to treat gynecosmastia Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran Mam is the first and the best choice available for you. Hearty thanks to Dr and team.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I had been suffering from Gynecomastia for the past 6 years. Even intense workout couldn’t rectify my condition. I realized my condition and decided to approach Dr. Jayanthy after reading all the positive reviews.

    It was one of my best decisions to approach her. She completely examined me and explained every minor aspect of the surgery. She was quick to catch the keloid forming tendency of mine and told me excision had to be avoided to prevent scar formation.

    I was admitted two days later and the procedure took place and discharged the following evening. Stitches were removed a couple of days later. I have to admit I was very happy looking at the results and my confidence levels have increased greatly post surgery.

    The entire credit goes to Dr. Jayanthy and team. She followed up with me post surgery and gave me instructions and procedures to avoid scar formation and have a healthy recovery. I would definitively recommend Dr. Jayanthy and give her a 5/5 rating.

  9. Dr. P. Sivakumar, Dermatologist, Sirkali says:

    My so has gynecomastia with cosmetic disfigurement for which i consulted madam, she has done liposuction and breast reduction surgery with an excellent result, she was very particular in four aspects..

    1. Good planning about the procedure
    2. Good operation theater (lumina-4)
    3. Perfect blood less surgery
    4. Post operative protocol.

    In the hands of talented surgeons like mam I am sure every patient and relatives will feel safer with good outcome. I’m thankful to Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran

  10. SD says:


    Thanks to Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran!

    I am 19yrs old. In the beginning my parents did not agree to undergo this surgery. Later they met doctor and were very clear and confident and immediately agreed for the surgery.

    I had undergone Gynecomastia in the month of May 2014. My check-in time for surgery was 8’o’clock, I was in day care & I was discharged from hospital at around 6.30pm, I was completely normal on the same day.

    Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran was very kind & caring lovable person. She made me very clear to understand about what is going to happen and I was absolutely out of fear.

    She explained me everything what has to be done before surgery and post surgery,
    She takes special care after surgery. She visits in time and gave me full confidence that made me really feel happy.

    Now, I am very happy and feeling comfortable in my day today life, everyday I pray for Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran for her best service. I would be Thankful to my Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran The best Cosmetic Surgeon in India not just Chennai and I wish her All the Best.

    Thank you Doctor 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am a 20 year old student doing my Engineering at Chennai. I had a very big issue from my very young age of about 14 with a lot of fat developing around my chest area. As years passed it became very difficult to cut the fat with totally no exercise due to my very busy schedule of my studies.

    Many a times I tried discussing with my parents who advised me that all this fat is just puppy fat which will go away once I started going to the gym. I even tried going to the Gym but it did not work out.

    As years passed the chest only got bigger being a major source of embarrassment for me. My friends were teasing me a lot due to this and I lost my confidence and could not do anything.

    Frankly speaking I did not get any support from my father on this issue as he did not believe that surgery was the only option. He always dissuaded me stating that surgeries are dangerous and exercise was the only option followed by a strict diet.

    I was frustrated as being a good swimmer I could not even go for swimming and could not take my shirt off as I was very conscious of my chest which had already taken my self-confidence to the lowest ebb.

    It is at that time did I google about this type of issue and learnt about Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran at Kauvery Hospitals, Chennai. Once again, it was not easy for me to convince my father.

    But at last after a few discussions I made my father understand and we went to Kauvery Hospitals and met the doctor. It was at that time in the consultation room during examination by the doctor did my father realise what an embarrassment I was going through.

    He at once understood and agreed for the surgery and the rest is history. It was decided to remove the breast/fat tissue but, during surgery after the liposuction was done, my chest got back to looking normal and so, excision was avoided in my case.

    I am really thankful and indebted to her for getting my self-confidence back. The day care procedure was so simple and I was discharged from hospital by 6:30 pm the same day I was admitted.

    My special mention of praise for Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran is that she made me feel at home and took care of me with every small issue and virtually I must say I felt being pampered in her care. It has been 2 months after surgery now and I feel great!

    Thanks a lot Doctor. My prayers and best wishes that you continue this beautiful endeavor.

  12. Joseph says:

    HI all,

    First i wish to thank Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran Mam and her asistants, for the wonderful car and the expert hands for making my surgery a sucess. I took this Gynecomastia surgery On Aug 23rd and its been only a month and 10 days.

    The result was soo good. This was my 1st surgery in my life and Thanks to Mrs Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran mam and her encouring words and care, i did not had any fear, no hard times even at the day of the surgery.

    I had no pain or any side effects from the 1st day, i was back to my normal life with much difference in my confidence level. Except for the tight feeling with the Compression belt which tends to keep your Skin in tight composure, everything is much relaxable to my post surgery.

    I did really admired their hospitality and care, whenever i visited them for any advice and procedures, and most of all i have got to mention that Mrs Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran is always soo cool that she always makes sure to tell you everything regarding the process and procedure of the surgery, You dont have ask anything.

    Just Trust them and take the surgery, even you are afraid. You wont be disappointed by any means. Make sure that you follow the doctor’s advice and you would be great. Have a nice day!

  13. Bala says:

    Hello i herewith share my experience. I had a gyno problem last 5 years and i lose my confident and being stressed and i came to know about Dr. Jayanthy.

    But before that I consulted with other doctors too. But no one give a confidence.

    But she does. I really thank you mam. Friends, if you have gyno.

    Pls go and consult Dr. get out of the stress and be happy, live a life!

  14. naveen prasad says:

    Hi all,

    now my age is 20 I am also one of the sufferers of gynecomastia. One day I was just browsing ,suddenly I saw the name of Dr jayanthi ravindran and studied about her.

    I was really tired of doing all the excercise for past 1 year for this problem but nothing changed.after studying about Dr jayanthi mam I got some hope of recovering from this problem.

    First I just dialled her number and got appointment and told about my problems she just kept her face smiling and said don’t wry I will clear your problems.

    I got so much of confidence from i finished my surgery and my problem is cleared(chest became flat).during surgery staffs treated me like a child

    I was so comfortable with I am really happy with my physique and from bottom of my heart I am saying thank you very much Dr jayanthi ravindran mam….people who are all suffering from gynecomastia just dial the above number and consult the Dr jayanthi mam then surely u will get confidence of recovering from the problem…… Thank you very much Dr jayanthi ravindran mam….

  15. Karthik says:

    I thought i always had bigger gland on my chest which made me very uncomfortable at places like swimming pool. After detailed research i went to Dr. Jayanthy for treatment.

    Its true that she is the best PS in Chennai/TN. From the day i stepped in, my confidence to undergone through gynecomastia surgery has increased. Dr has given complete diagnosis inputs, cleared all my doubts.

    The surgery process was made such that there will be no traumatic experience. I was very much comfortable through out the surgical process(may be little exaggeration but better than some root canal treatments !).

    The same day i was discharged with less pain eventually became better. After 2 days (thats the duration after the surgery bandage was removed), i was very happy when i saw my flat chest first time.

    I had to wear the compression belt for the next 4 weeks (4 to 6 weeks will be the recommended period and Dr will make decision based on the recovery).

    The final result is really amazing. The surgery was one of my best decision made. now i am back to my normal life with much more confidence. Dr Jayanthy will be one of the persons not to forget in my life.

  16. Vignesh says:

    Hi all,

    My age is 24. From the age of 15 I was feeling discomfort in my dress code and also very depressed. Unable to concentrate on my studies and work. I have tried all the ways to reduce my chest.

    Went gym for 1 yr but it was not helped me. Finally sep 2014 I found Dr Jayanthy Ravindran through Internet, when I completed my Graduation I decided to do away with my gynecomastia.

    Lucky I was selected in a company earned money for the surgery. Meet Dr Jayanthy Ravindran on june 2015, she gave me a confident.

    I took surgery on 19th june morning. Followed some small instruction for pre surgery and post surgery. I went hospital at 7.00 am and operation was fixed at 8.00 am. Dr Jayanthy came and marked the portion in my chest and I went to operation theater sharply.

    I found myself at 12.30 pm in the care room. At 4 pm they gave coconut water and sandwich, went home on the same day. After two days I came to hospital for removing the bandage from my chest. When the moment they removed the bandage I was so happy to see my flat chest. They gave me a compression garment and advised to wear for 4 weeks.

    July 15th it was completed, meet Dr Jayanthy Ravindran for her words and bought scar reducing cream. And now I’m applying it and I can feel the difference.

    Thanks a lot to Dr Jayanthy. I am so happy I can’t say it in words. I’m the happiest person in the world.Once again thanks to Dr Jayanthy Ravindran. Now I can wear my tight T-shirts,go for swimming, everything I would like to do.

    Friends those who are suffering from gynecomastia visit Dr Jayanthy Ravindran today and get ur flat chest. Because I know how you are feeling bad and worried of it. so don’t waste ur time and let’s rock the remaining life.

  17. Aakash Srikaanth says:

    I have undergone Gynecomastia surgery by Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran, Chennai. Before deciding the surgery, I had visited many doctors, but none has explained or given the guidance as Dr.Jayanthy.

    The first visit to the Hospital, the way in which we had been received, guided is really extra-ordinary and never got such an attention in any other hospitals, starting from appointment till discharge and subsequent reviews.

    Dr. Jayanthy is one of the best doctor in Chennai and a perfect example of a Doctor. When ever, we had a query, she attended the calls, whats app or other modes, any time 24 x 7, whether she was in country or not.

    I had a very rare case of blood clot, after the first surgery, Dr. Jayanthy, took every effort to get the desired/perfect results by performing second surgery and clearing the clot and made us very comfortable.

    THERE WOULD BE MANY DOCTORS FOR AESTHETIC SURGERY, BUT DR. JAYANTHY RAVINDRAN IS THE BEST. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. This is not an exaggeration or for advertisement, it is really felt from my heart and our entire family once again thank Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran always.

  18. Giridharan says:

    I was suffering from gynecomastia,I used to feel shy to go out. Any dress won’t suit me,It was frustrating me a lot and then I came to know about Dr.Jayanthi Ravindran mam,I consulted her,undergone a surgery and now I feel very happy as such like a bird released from cage.

    Operation was done to me at 2014 and now it’s 2016 .I am so happy (Note)I am not an chennaite I am from southern side

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