Age Spots

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Age SpotsAge spots are dark spots that can be flat, tan, brown or black in color. They are called lentigines and they differ from light tan freckles that disappear after passing of prolonged sun exposure. Age spots are permanent and tend to arise around age 40, occurring mostly on areas that receive too much sun exposure. They are a concentrated region of natural pigment of skin so it’s not required to remove them. However, some forms of skin cancer can start resembling age spots. Every new or questionable spot – especially changing appearance, growth or discomfort in freckles is to be examined by a cosmetic surgeon. Dark spots are created when melanin, that gives skin natural color, is produced in extra quantities after years of sun exposure. Gradually, it becomes visible and develops into an age spot. Genetics also influence if a person likely to develop age spots. Though age spots are occurring naturally, related to how much you are exposed to the sun in your lifetime, but they are also strong signs of aging so many people think it’s best to prevent, hide or completely remove them. Avoidance of unnecessary exposure to light is the best prevention to occurrence of the age spots.

Using a sunscreen of SPF15 or greater, daily can protect against two forms of ultraviolet light: UVA and UVB can also prevent the occurrence. Sunscreens that involve metallic compounds like titanium oxide and zinc oxide to block, in contrast to absorbing ultraviolet light can be the most effective at helping to prevent damage from sunlight. Unfortunately, age spots also develop from past sun exposure so taking cautionary steps won’t prevent future age spots from forming. Avoiding sun exposure, however, as well as protecting yourself with sunscreen can greatly reduce the chances of developing skin cancer. Formed age spots will not disappear without treatment. Thankfully, there are at least three ways of treating age spots. They are cream programs, physical removal with Radio Frequency and Laser treatments. Consultation with a provider of skin care can help you determine specific type of treatment and method that will suit your needs for treatment time, costs and recovery. Formed Age Spots have to be removed with a Q-Switched Laser, IPL or Carbon-dioxide Laser. Some fade with Chemical peels. However maintenance with cream program is essential to prevent recurrence. Lasers and Peels require multiple sessions initially and maintenance sessions on a regular basis.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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