Aging Skin and Wrinkles

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Aging Skin and WrinklesSkin renewal is a process that keeps your skin fresh and revitalized. Beginning from your mid-twenties, skin cells start renewing at a slower rate. This leads to your skin becoming thinner that makes it prone to harming environmental factors like sun, bad weather conditions and pollution that causes it become of a dull, rough or uneven texture. More so, collagen and elastin fibers network becomes diminished and results in fine lines, wrinkles and loose, sagging skin. Finally, lipids, forming a barrier that prevents water loss in stratum corneum, break down, responding to change in the hormone levels. Skin’s moisture barrier becomes leaky and lets water to escape from skin that makes it drier with age.

All this, as well as series of outer influences, can cause the natural skin condition to worsen. In case you have continued to maintain a proper skin care routine and avoided extensive sun exposure (read more about how sun exposure causes a darker skin tone in our article about Skin Lightening), you skin may look and feel beautiful in your twenties as well as thirties. The rate of renewal constantly slows, but by exfoliating your skin regularly, you can increase the renewal rate of cells to maintain a fresh and healthy condition. When you reach thirties, fibers of collagen and elastin begin to decrease a little, resulting in first sings of aging that may start to appear as fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

You can also experience a small change in skin texture, as well as decrease in your skin’s overall moisture content. Usage of a daily moisturizer, as well as sunscreen and continuing to exfoliate will keep your skin radiant. If you look for improvement in your skin’s texture, ask Dr Jayanthy Ravindran about prescription medications like OBAGI that help with fine wrinkles, or simple in-office treatments like superficial chemical peel or microdermaberasion.

Those who look for quick and more dramatic results may choose procedures that help reduce creation of deep wrinkles. Aging signs become more and more apparent in your forties and fifties. Although skin may look healthy and vibrant, long-term sun exposure effects, repetitive facial expressions and usual aging process start to collect. Fine lines around the eyes and mouth may deepen and forehead lines, as well as glabellar creases, may begin appearing. Age spots and various other pigmentation irregularities usually appear in areas, often exposed to sun. If you’d like to reduce rate of appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, hyaluronic acid fillers and Cosmetic are most non-invasive approaches that can work well for you. Chemical peels, intense pulsed light therapy and laser resurfacing can help to improve the skin tone as well.

Dr Jayanthy Ravindran, having been trained under the “World’s TOP” plastic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu from Singapore specializes in “Filler Contouring”. The advantage is that you can do away with your facial lines without having to lose your facial expression. She specializes in minor contour corrections like correcting jaw asymmetry, Sharpening and increasing height of nose, High Cheek bone using fillers. Major difference in Dr Jayanthy’s technique is that you could walk out of the clinic with fresh look without any bruises or evidence of a procedure having been done.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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