Chemical Peel – Deep

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Chemical PeelChemical peel is a very popular procedure, done on neck, face and hands. Many kinds of chemical peels can remove wrinkles, scars and bad pigmentation (read more about dark pigmentation and uneven skin tone in our blog post on Skin Lightening). They also can help with pre-cancerous skin lesions. Deep peels show more dramatic results than any other kinds of peel, but they also have higher risks, associated with them.

Phenol, used in deep chemical peel, can be toxic to your body, and there is increased chance of scarring and sun sensitivity. In a deep chemical peel, a chemical solution is planted on the skin. This solution leads to injury and traumas to the layers of skin. It may extend to the papillary or reticular dermis – that’s why this kind of peel makes for the most visible results. Similar to skin exfoliating, harmed skin layers peel off. This causes powerful cell growth and collagen production, as well as reorganization of the dermis, leading to new skin layers to be produced.  Deep peels usually last from one to two hours. Before the treatment, areas that will be treated are cleansed, often with an alcohol-based cleaner.

Local anesthetic with sedation – and maybe general anesthesia will be used. A brush or sponge-like device will be used to plant the solution to each area on the face. In contrast with other kinds of chemical peels, deep peels are treating both epidermis and underlying dermis. The solution penetrates all the way to reticular or lower dermis – that’s why the results are always so noticeable. Phenol causes a skin frosting, where the areas it’s applied to turn white. Degree of frosting is used to evaluate depth of treatment. When the needed levels of treatment are achieved, chemical solution is removed or destroyed with another substance. Damages skin layers fall away in time and the cell growth starts, generating new layers of skin. Additionally, healing also stimulates production and reorganization of collagen. After the procedure, some frosting will be experienced in around one hour. Petroleum jelly, as well as special bandages can be used to cover the face in order to protect the healing skin. Around one week is needed to be taken off, for the skin to heal. Some pain and swelling will be experienced that can be treated with pain medication. Some skin redness, oozing and crusting will also be experienced. Many of the symptoms will be dissolved in around seven to ten days. Skin redness will dissipate in around a few months.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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