Chemical Peel – Medium

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Chemical PeelChemical peels are a popular procedure, most often done on the face, neck and hands and can remove wrinkles on the face, scars, bad pigmentation and precancerous skin areas. Medium peels lead to better results than superficial peels fore they get to more deep skin layers. They are performed using trichloroacetic acid, possibly with Jessner’s solution or glycolic acid that lead to better results. When medium peel is performed, a chemical solution is used on the face. Solution leads to injury of the layers of skin. In general, top layer of skin, can be removed in addition to other portions of it. Like exfoliating your skin, the damaged outer layers of epidermis fall off. When the skin is healing, cell growth, collagen production and dermis reorganization are boosted, producing healthier skin.  This type of peel usually takes from fifteen to sixty minutes. Couple of weeks before the treatment, doctor will ask you to use a facial product that has trans-retinoic acid. Before the start of the procedure, areas that will be treated are cleansed and topical anesthetic, as well as some pain medication can be used.

A brush or a sponge-like device will apply a chemical solution to every area of the face. Medium peels primarily hurt the epidermis – but unlike superficial peel, the solution in medium peel can go to the upper dermis   that’s why the results are more noticeable. The application of the chemical solution leads to frosting of the skin, where treatment areas turn white. Level of frosting indicates the achieved level. Once required level is achieved, chemical solution is removed or destroyed by another substance. Destroyed layers of epidermis fall off in time, creating a cell growth, which makes new layers of skin, as well as stimulating creation of collagen. Bandaging of the treated area is not required, but the wounded areas should be kept moist and protected. Protection jelly-like substance may be used on the skin for several days after the procedure.  It’s also important to keep skin away from sunrays, using UVA and UVB protective screens. Results from a medium peel hold from six to twelve months.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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