Laser Skin Rejuvenation

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Laser resurfacing helps to reduce facial lines and other face inconsistencies. More so, laser resurfacing used in couple with eyelid surgeries or facelifts. In laser resurfacing, high-energy light is beamed onto the skin, primarily stimulating new collagen production, which provides dermis supports. The heat, emanating from the laser, also makes outer layers of skin to peel away. When the skin starts healing, new cells are developed, giving it a younger appearance. You should understand that laser resurfacing is not a substitute for a facelift and cannot be used to remove unwanted facial skin. Laser resurfacing (which is also a part of Skin Lightening) is done on individuals of all ages – however, it’s most successful for people with healthy skin and standard complexions. Time required for the laser resurfacing treatment is varied, depending on the amount of treatment areas, lasting from one to two hours. Before the treatment starts, areas that will be treated are carefully cleansed.

A topical or local anesthetics can be used. Sedative can also be administered. In case of extensive laser treatment, or another procedure being performed at the same time, general anesthesia may be applied. The most common kind of laser used in this procedure, is a pulsed CO2 laser. They work by producing short bursts of light. The beam is sent from a small device that the doctor waves around the areas being treated. CO2 pulse lasers are accurate and give the physician any required control over the procedure. When he guides the face over the face, laser destroys the outer layer of skin that peel away when you heal.

When undergoing this process, you will probably feel a burning sensation. If the laser gets switched to low power, it heats the dermis, forcing the production of new collagen. This improves skin elasticity and structure. Deep wrinkles and scars need several passes over the area being treated. After the treatment, ointment may be used to the face in order to protect it during healing time for a week after the procedure. Face may have a red coloring for around two to three weeks. The final procedure results may not be seen until several months pass.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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