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We take great pride in our patients and their faith in us. In the following comments, patients at TAMIRA share their stories of cosmetic and aesthetic care under Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran. We receive lots of letters and comments from patients thanking us for the treatment and care they received. Here are some of them.

  • From Alice Enfield on Full Body Hair Removal

    I was beyond impressed with the care I received from Dr Jayanthy and her team.

    They genuinely care and are very helpful. I had a laser hair removal treatment and a mastectomy.

    Everything went smoothly with excellent results. If you are looking for cosmetic surgery you could not do better.

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    2017/11/18 at 10:29 pm
  • From Krishna on Acne Treatments and Scar Removal

    TAMIRA LIFE is one of the best Skin Clinic in Chennai.

    I visited for skin lightening and chemical peels treatment for my pigmentation issue and getting good results for that Thanks to Dr. Thilga, Dr. Sasi, Deepa mam and staff for taking good care of my skin.

    I have followed their instructions and medications properly. I had a great experience all throughout my treatment.

    I will suggest this place to everyone who is facing dermatological issues with absolute confidence on the doctors and services provided here.

    Thank You very much “TAMIRA” Team

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    2017/11/17 at 10:27 pm
  • From Kannan on Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

    I really appreciate Dr. Jayanthy’s approach towards the issue. She was precise to the solution and there were no false promises.. i got a hope and decided to take up the service.

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    2017/09/21 at 9:28 pm
  • From Ramya on Laser Treatment

    I really thank Jayanthy Mam, Consultant and staffs for my treatment.

    Initially I came with thick facial hairs around my chin and side face. I had considerable amount of reduction within first two lasers and the time frame within laser session was prolonging.

    Now the hairs have become very thin and not much visible.

    Thanks to TAMIRA..

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    2017/09/19 at 10:22 pm
  • From Mrs Sriram on Botox & Fillers: Treatments in Chennai

    I would like to express my satisfaction about all services that I have received at Tamira.

    I have underdone skin lightening procedures, hydra-facial and botox and the results have been excellent.

    Dr. Jayanthy is an incredible person and an amazing consultant whom I can trust completely . Her entire team is also very good.

    Special thanks to Dr.Thilaka for all her guidance and support. Many thanks to you Dr. Jayanthy once again.

    It has been truly an excellent experience with Tamira

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    2017/09/14 at 10:12 pm
  • From Amanda Solmundson on Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

    Great experience at Tamira, very happy with the service. Clinic is nice and clean. Dr Jayanthy is lovely and very knowledgeable. Staff does a great job too.

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    2017/09/01 at 9:26 pm
  • From Lakshmi on Acne Treatments and Scar Removal

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Jayanthy and the Tamira team for their world class treatment and professional care.

    I have underwent skin tag removal surgery with them few month before. With their presence of modern technology and experience doctors they did it in no time with great care.

    I relocated abroad and faced acne problem. I was hesitant to consult any other doctors here.

    I approached Tamira again and they were so greatful to provide consultation via skye and provided necessary solution for the acne problem.

    I saw good improvement in my face with in few days and now am completely cured and back to normal. When ever I require any consultation, I approach them and they are ready to help me.

    All are so kind. This is the best example for the exceptional customer care. I am so thankful to the Dr. Jayanthy and other staffs. Tamira is the best!!!!

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    2017/08/01 at 10:08 pm
  • From Dr. Sathish Anand on Botox & Fillers: Treatments in Chennai

    To describe Dr.Jayathy’s work in a single word I couldn’t come up with better word than ” Tamira”, people who aren’t familiar with the word- it means MAGIC.

    When I first met her I was so sceptical about a procedure that wanted to do again, which turned as a nightmare last time for me in an other hospital.

    But when I briefed her about it she said you won’t feel a thing and it became the reality in the time of the procedure, she was immaculate as like her clinic.

    Dr. Jayanthy is one of few epitome in this profession, I strongly believe this because, she was excellent in understanding my problems, also refused to provide me a treatment that she felt avoidable even though I was willing to spend on it.

    She is more concerned about the results than the money you would like to spend..if you are looking for a discreet, adept problem solver, don’t go further – Just call her ✅

    My special thanks to Dr. Jayanthy, Dr. Thilaga, Deepa and the sisters who assisted me in the time of the procedure (you were so kind and perfect !! )

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    2017/07/30 at 10:04 pm
  • From Revathy on Breast Augmentation in Chennai

    Undergone Breast augmentation in 2014, silicon placed under the breast tissue.

    Initially had some discomforts for the first few weeks, post surgery. Later started to feel normal and my breasts also look normal and they don’t look like augmented breasts.

    I had my second my baby in 2015 and I could breast feed normally and like any other women. My husband simply loves them.

    Thanks to Dr. Jayanthy for making feel so natural and proud.

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    2017/07/11 at 9:48 pm
  • From Sathiya on 12 Important Hair Transplant Questions Answered


    I approached Tamira for my hair transplant after viewing the reviews.Now its my turn to share my reviews. First of all I would like to thank Dr.Jayanthy and her team for their great job and hospitality.

    The clinic is well equipped and Dr.Jayanthy is well experienced with great professional skills. The ambiance at Tamira is great too.

    The treatment given for me was very dedicated and all the grafts transplanted was very responsive. I felt the new hair growth in around 4 months.

    Proper reviews were done for me post my operation with great care. I have got back my lost hair. I can now see a significant change in my look.

    I strongly suggest tamira as a good place for HT.

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    2017/07/07 at 9:44 pm
  • Dr. Ravikanth Kongara

    From Anonymous on Bariatric Surgery

    I should be very thankful to Dr. Ravikanth for his dedication, passion and patience.

    I have take a gastric sleeve surgery from this hospital with presence of modern technology and doctors experience.

    It is just like butter cutting with hot knife, there is no pain at all and I searched in internet for many experienced doctors in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

    But I couldn’t found such kind heated and well experienced doctors here. Now I can do my work and being very happy.

    Once again I am very thankful to doctor and staff, while I have say one thing if your are suffering over obesity it is best place to regain your life.

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    2017/06/10 at 6:04 am
  • Dr. Ravikanth Kongara

    From Anonymous on Bariatric Surgery

    Excellent service and Dr Ravikanth is a Good Surgeon.

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    2017/06/05 at 4:19 am
  • From Anand on 12 Important Hair Transplant Questions Answered

    Thanks Tamira and team for the continuous support.

    I had done my Hair Trasnplant a year ago and the result was really surprising.Thank you Dr.Jayanthy

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    2017/05/15 at 5:57 pm
  • Dr. Ravikanth Kongara

    From Kishorekumar Karavadi on Bariatric Surgery

    My friend Venkatrao from Ongole got operated by Dr. Ravikanth Kongara 3yrs back. He lost about 48kg and doing well.

    Dr Ravikanth gives the best care to his patients. No doubt he is the best surgeon not only in Telugu states but also in entire India in my opinion.

    He has good knowledge and his hand is good. He is reachable to his patients. Difficult to find such doctor these days. I strongly suggest him for this surgery.

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    2017/04/19 at 4:55 pm
  • Dr. Ravikanth Kongara

    From Ajay Kumar on Bariatric Surgery

    My name is Ajay Kumar. I am from Nellore. My father was suffering from severe obesity with a weight of 245kg.

    He is also suffering from severe breathlessness, swelling of his feet, puffiness of face, high sugars, high blood pressure, severe snoring so he is unable to lie down flatley in bed.

    He used to sleep in sitting position for most of the time, his oxygen also falling down to 75 to 65 % even at rest, so he was admitted in ICU under the supervision of Dr. Ravikanth Kongara.

    He was in ICU with oxygen support for 6 days and so many other medicines given to decrease his severe shortness of breath.

    Though he slightly improved because of massive weight and overload on his lungs and heart hi condition did not improve further.

    Dr Ravikant explained about the logic of bariatric surgery and the risk involved in it in view of his age and massive weight and terminal and poor general condition. 

    He was unable to go to toilet also without support. Dr. Ravikanth was very supportive to us and did the bariatric surgery so well that my father recovered well and he was able to move by himself next day.

    Till now in 20 days he lost total of 17kg and his comfort levels increased remarkably. Dr Ravikanth is the best bariatric surgeon because he handles the worst patient at the verge of death so well.

    In my opinion he is the best because he handles the worst in the best manner. His billing was sensible, all hospital staff are very good. He is like a god to our family. Thank you sir. God bless you.

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    2017/04/10 at 9:54 pm
  • From Abirami on Lifestyle and Anti-Aging

    I am T.S.Abirami from chennai. Unfortunately, I was a obese child from birth.

    Most of the people mistreat and discriminate the obese people. I was bullied a lot too.

    I had so much health problem because of overweight as well.

    So I decided to reduce my weight to increase my confidence level.

    I came to know about Dr. Kousalya mam through Dr. Jayanthi mam.

    She gave diet plan to follow. The advantage is that she gives patient likable foods only.

    I was so determined to follow the plan so I dint have any difficulties.

    When I met her, I was 118kgs. Now I weigh 90kgs. So I hve reduced 28 kgs in 8 months.

    A loss of 28kgs has a tremendous impact on my lifestyle..

    People around me started to notice the change and appreciated me therby building my self confidence.. Still I hve long way to reach my normal bmi.

    Mam is very supportive and friendly person whom I can look upon for anytime to ask any doubts I have.

    She modified the way I look at myself.

    I am very thankful to her for completely changing my life and for being self motivated.

    I would also like to thank Tamira by helping me to achieve my dream for the significant weight-loss.


    – I don’t feel like I’m on restricted diet.

    – I’m eating well and more nutritious food than before.

    – There is no hunger pangs and I’m enjoying my lifestyle change.

    – I can also see so much of difference in clothes I wear.

    Thank you Dr. Jayanthi mam for your unique care in referring me to Dr. Kousalya mam for a personalised lifestyle change while I approached you for liposuction.

    Your wholistic care towards my health and well-being has increased my professional respect for you.

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    2017/03/23 at 11:34 pm
  • From RASHMI SHARMA on Full Body Hair Removal

    I visited Tamira and consulted Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran for the laser hair removal treatment.

    She explained everything about the procedure in a very clear and lucid manner and asked me to take some blood test which I found a very systematic approach to find the root cause of the problem.

    After my first visit itself, I realized I have come to the right doctor and to the very appropriate place.

    From the next procedure onwards I was treated by Dr.Thilagavathi Ganesh whom I admire the most among all the doctors I met in my life so far.

    Within few sittings I could feel the difference, Initially my hairs were thick but with the respective sittings the hairs became thin and fine.

    I would say it’s totally worth of money. What I admire most in Tamira is their meticulous care for the patient.

    Doctor is so talented, humble and very friendly. I was novice to this treatment and had so many questions boggling in my mind regarding the procedure but she cleared all my doubts patiently.

    I am so grateful to her .I am a 23 year old girl who is suffering from PCOD which cause lot of hairs on face ,chin and abdomen.

    Being a female having thick hair on unwanted parts made my confidence level down. Just after 3 sittings ,I felt so good and confident.

    Generally we find doctors are much professional but after meeting her I found her much more than a doctor.

    She has been my friend, therapist and a well-wisher which a patient always try to find in a doctor.

    Thank you to the doctor and her team for their wonderful care and support.

    I would recommend every lady whoever facing unwanted hair problem to go for Tamira without having any second thought.

    Thank you Tamira  

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    2017/03/20 at 11:28 pm
  • From Partha on 12 Important Hair Transplant Questions Answered

    Dr. Jayanthy and her team has done a wonderful job in restoring my hair ! I did my HT in April 2016.

    She and her team has completely put me at ease on the day of surgery. Four months post surgery, the results were showing up.

    PRP has also helped in reducing the shock loss which resulted in better coverage. I met Dr. Jayanthy for the 1 year review yesterday.

    After a careful review she suggested my non-HT area has some hair growth as well. With that she suggested I don’t have to push for next HT.

    I can go on in pills and wait for another 6-12 months, which is typical of her. I have noticed she always puts the patients needs in front of anything else.

    Overall I’m happy with my choice to go ahead with my HT and my choice of the surgeon.

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    2017/03/19 at 11:44 pm
  • From Rajani Sivanandan on Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

    Excellent experience with the procedure I had done at Tamira. And very happy with Dr.Jayanthy.

    She is a one-of-a-kind plastic surgeon. Her skills as a surgeon are outstanding, and her skills as a caring professional rank her among the highest I have ever encountered.

    Dr. Jayanthy takes her time, calls you to check-in, discusses your procedure detail, and makes you feel comfortable and safe.

    She is an outstanding surgeon, doctor, and person.

    Very good results — very pleased!

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    2017/03/13 at 11:19 pm
  • From Madhan on Gynecomastia - Treatment Overview

    Hello doctor !! Whom I think you as next to God. First of all i must bow my head and thank Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran mam.

    Who gave a great solution for my gynecomastia and obesity problem. I am the world’s most happiest person bcoz tamira team and mainly the doctors who helped me all aspects.

    Thanks is a small 6 letter word mam but I whole heartly praise to who changed me from all styles of my life…

    Wishing and cheering you to change my peoples lifestyle as you changed me!

    Love? you a lot to all the Doctors and staff in tamira team✌?

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    2017/02/28 at 11:15 pm
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