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We take great pride in our patients and their faith in us. In the following comments, patients at TAMIRA share their stories of cosmetic and aesthetic care under Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran. We receive lots of letters and comments from patients thanking us for the treatment and care they received. Here are some of them.

  • From Anand on 12 Important Hair Transplant Questions Answered

    Thanks Tamira and team for the continuous support.

    I had done my Hair Trasnplant a year ago and the result was really surprising.Thank you Dr.Jayanthy

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    2017/05/15 at 5:57 pm
  • From Abirami on Lifestyle and Anti-Aging

    I am T.S.Abirami from chennai. Unfortunately, I was a obese child from birth. Most of the people mistreat and discriminate the obese people. I was bullied a lot too.

    I had so much health problem because of overweight as well. So I decided to reduce my weight to increase my confidence level. I came to know about Dr. Kousalya mam through jayanthi mam.

    She gave diet plan to follow. The advantage is that she gives patient likable foods only. I was so determined to follow the plan so I dint have any difficulties.

    When I met her, I was 118kgs. Now I weigh 90kgs. So I hve reduced 28 kgs in 8 months. A loss of 28kgs has a tremendous impact on my lifestyle..

    People around me started to notice the change and appreciated me therby building my self confidence.. Still I hve long way to reach my normal bmi.

    Mam is very supportive and friendly person whom I can look upon for anytime to ask any doubts I have. She modified the way I look at myself.

    I am very thankful to her for completely changing my life and for being self motivated. I would also like to thank Tamira by helping me to achieve my dream for the significant weight-loss.


    – I don’t feel like I’m on restricted diet.
    – I’m eating well and more nutritious food than before.
    – There is no hunger pangs and I’m enjoying my lifestyle change.
    – I can also see so much of difference in clothes I wear.

    Thank you Dr. Jayanthi mam for your unique care in referring me to Dr. Kousalya mam for a personalised lifestyle change while I approached you for liposuction.

    Your wholistic care towards my health and well-being has increased my professional respect for you.

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    2017/03/23 at 11:34 pm
  • From RASHMI SHARMA on Full Body Hair Removal

    I visited Tamira and consulted Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran for the laser hair removal treatment.

    She explained everything about the procedure in a very clear and lucid manner and asked me to take some blood test which I found a very systematic approach to find the root cause of the problem.

    After my first visit itself, I realized I have come to the right doctor and to the very appropriate place.

    From the next procedure onwards I was treated by Dr.Thilagavathi Ganesh whom I admire the most among all the doctors I met in my life so far.

    Within few sittings I could feel the difference, Initially my hairs were thick but with the respective sittings the hairs became thin and fine.

    I would say it’s totally worth of money. What I admire most in Tamira is their meticulous care for the patient.

    Doctor is so talented, humble and very friendly. I was novice to this treatment and had so many questions boggling in my mind regarding the procedure but she cleared all my doubts patiently.

    I am so grateful to her .I am a 23 year old girl who is suffering from PCOD which cause lot of hairs on face ,chin and abdomen.

    Being a female having thick hair on unwanted parts made my confidence level down. Just after 3 sittings ,I felt so good and confident.

    Generally we find doctors are much professional but after meeting her I found her much more than a doctor.

    She has been my friend, therapist and a well-wisher which a patient always try to find in a doctor.

    Thank you to the doctor and her team for their wonderful care and support.

    I would recommend every lady whoever facing unwanted hair problem to go for Tamira without having any second thought.

    Thank you Tamira  

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    2017/03/20 at 11:28 pm
  • From Partha on 12 Important Hair Transplant Questions Answered

    Dr. Jayanthy and her team has done a wonderful job in restoring my hair ! I did my HT in April 2016.

    She and her team has completely put me at ease on the day of surgery. Four months post surgery, the results were showing up.

    PRP has also helped in reducing the shock loss which resulted in better coverage. I met Dr. Jayanthy for the 1 year review yesterday.

    After a careful review she suggested my non-HT area has some hair growth as well. With that she suggested I don’t have to push for next HT.

    I can go on in pills and wait for another 6-12 months, which is typical of her. I have noticed she always puts the patients needs in front of anything else.

    Overall I’m happy with my choice to go ahead with my HT and my choice of the surgeon.

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    2017/03/19 at 11:44 pm
  • From Rajani Sivanandan on Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

    Excellent experience with the procedure I had done at Tamira. And very happy with Dr.Jayanthy.

    She is a one-of-a-kind plastic surgeon. Her skills as a surgeon are outstanding, and her skills as a caring professional rank her among the highest I have ever encountered.

    Dr. Jayanthy takes her time, calls you to check-in, discusses your procedure detail, and makes you feel comfortable and safe.

    She is an outstanding surgeon, doctor, and person.

    Very good results — very pleased!

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    2017/03/13 at 11:19 pm
  • From Madhan on Gynecomastia - Treatment Overview

    Hello doctor !! Whom I think you as next to God. First of all i must bow my head and thank Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran mam.

    Who gave a great solution for my gynecomastia and obesity problem. I am the world’s most happiest person bcoz tamira team and mainly the doctors who helped me all aspects.

    Thanks is a small 6 letter word mam but I whole heartly praise to who changed me from all styles of my life…

    Wishing and cheering you to change my peoples lifestyle as you changed me!

    Love😍 you a lot to all the Doctors and staff in tamira team✌🏻

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    2017/02/28 at 11:15 pm
  • From Anonymous on Breast Augmentation in Chennai

    Since birth I had tuberous breast, and so I did underwent external applications, massages to improve my breast size and never felt positive & confident until I met Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran as well as undergone breast implant at my age of 34.

    Practically, puberty and post-delivery didn’t help me on the augmentation of my breast which any women would be obsessed in their conviction.

    Also I took steps to meet several other doctors in this field and didn’t gain that real courage to take this avid decision on the breast implant however, it was on the other side I felt nervous about the surgery and took long years to meet this diamond place Tamira through one of my Doctor friends referral and reviews about the jewel Dr. in her the testimonial website.

    I’m extremely glad the way she took about explaining with her dedication and patience listening however times I might go over the questions she always invited my questions with a pleasant smile.

    This invited me to move forward with clarity on great height of respect towards her profession on next steps without saying “No”. Within a week’s time I have booked my appointment for the surgery.

    My mom was with me though she was with a frightened mind as I was young and what might be the outcome about post-surgery. Indeed doctor herself took time to explain my mother and gave the comfort which was extremely adept.

    When all was in good place I felt I’m in the hands of God on the day of surgery. The procedure was one day and I did religiously follow the pre instructions given by sisters who were too equally ardent in their profession.

    Not only the Doctor was passionate with us but also the sisters, receptionist and helpers were equally skilled and really caring right from Day 1 and whenever I go for review even today inviting me with the warmth welcome.

    The Tamira place is a magic to be in and never until now I felt I have been in hospital. It’s always been my second home. The surgery took 2 hours and was cared by a team of sisters and never experienced such a pacifying environment.

    Now its mind blowing to see my version 2 of my personality  My hear felt thanks to Dr. and her team for their time, service and support. The cost is real worth for the appealing look which I have been longing and she brought out the princess in me.

    I strongly recommend everyone having trust and faith in Tamira to undergo surgery in Chennai and I’m really grateful to Tamira and her team. Certainly, I thank my doctor friend who referred Tamira from my bottom of my heart.

    Tamira is a diamond rarely existing in this competent metropolis. Dear reviewers, who want to undergo breast implant this is the best ever place without any second thought. I strongly recommend Tamira and God bless all!

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    2017/01/18 at 12:15 pm
  • From Gayathri Nagarajan on Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

    Courteous & Hope giving conversation which I had with the Doctor during consultation.

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    2017/01/15 at 12:14 pm
  • From Kadir vadivel on FUE Hair Transplant: No.1 Solution to Baldness and Hair Loss

    Initially I was searching for Good Doctors who can do a perfect Transplant as it’s gonna change how you will be seen by others. After reading lot of Reviews about Dr. Jayanthy, I have undergone the HT at TAMIRA.

    The front desk was so responsive. During my first interaction with Dr. Jayanthy, after careful analysis she informed that I need 2 HT’s to be done and asked me to undergo some Tests before deciding on HT.

    On HT day all the staff were so accommodating and made myself comfortable for the whole 10 Hours. Dr. Sasi & Dr. Kiran also performed the HT with care and precision. Only the best Team can provide Good results.

    Not all but most of the Transplanted Hairs were retained and I can see the growth after 4 months. I can see myself in mirror with Confidence as I have a much different look.

    Although my budget has been doubled, I don’t wanna compromise on the Quality provided. Overall Result on my HT was Good. Thanks to the entire Team at Tamira and a Special Thanks to Dr. Jayanthy for my HT.

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    2017/01/09 at 6:24 pm
  • From Mukund Ramasubramanian on Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

    Great Service. Keep Up The Good Work!

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    2016/12/01 at 2:12 pm
  • From Anonymous on Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

    I would say am soo lucky to get such a wonderful team, hats to ‘tamira’……
    And to my lovely star Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran….no one can compete mam……

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    2016/11/22 at 4:11 pm
  • From Zaina on Acne Treatments and Scar Removal

    I’m glad I chose Tamira for my ance treatment n I can see great results.

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    2016/11/19 at 4:08 pm
  • From Abirami on Liposuction - Treatment Overview

    Dr. Jayanthy, she is the pioneer in this field of aesthetic surgery. I approached jayanthy mam for my congenital contour deformity and liposuction. The results will speak for her finest skills and dedication.

    She is so caring and her’ to the core dedicated’ team made me relaxed and now it’s been a month I have undergone the surgery and am extremely happy the outcome.

    She is so warm and friendly. Her work of art is so astounding….Thank u Jayanthy mam and team.

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    2016/11/18 at 11:14 am
  • From Yogesh on 3 Extremely Effective Hair Fall Treatments (Non-Surgical)

    Very friendly staff and provided great service through out. I would recommend this place to every one who are suffering from hair loss that this is the place they have to be in chennai blindly to get the best service and results

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    2016/11/10 at 6:03 am
  • From Balakrishnan R on Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

    Good ambience & well trained staffs. Nice care. Thank you Tamira

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    2016/11/02 at 10:59 am
  • From Umamaheswari A on Cosmetic surgery in Chennai

    Very good in service and highly qualified staffs including the doctors and all the other workers.

    They were so friendly and helpful during the surgery. Well equipped and a high-tech infrastructure. Keep going tamira 👍🏼

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    2016/10/21 at 12:56 pm
  • From shankar on 3 Extremely Effective Hair Fall Treatments (Non-Surgical)

    My wife consulted Dr. Jayanthy for her hair loss after trying several non surgical methods. Dr Jayanthy was very professional and explained everything in detail about her hair loss patiently.

    Though we were keen on hair transplant which is a way more expensive procedure, she advised my wife to undergo PRP. I am glad to say that after 3 session of PRP with laser therapy and hair growth medications, we can really see the difference.

    New hair growth and less hair fall seen from the 3rd session onwards. Dr Jayanthy is an ethical surgeon who gives her honest opinion for her patients. We will be visiting her soon again for another procedure!

    Thank you Dr Jayanthy! We would highly recommend her !

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    2016/10/17 at 12:04 pm
  • From Dr.J. Uma on Full Body Hair Removal

    Highly professional and extremely skilled team. The staff are highly courteous and caring. With team Tamira you are in safe hands and are assured of the highest quality of aesthetic services.

    I have undergone 5 sessions of laser hair removal at Tamira and above is an expression of my highly satisfying experience with them. I strongly recommend Tamira to all those looking forward to undergoing aesthetic procedures.

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    2016/08/24 at 10:48 pm
  • From Kalyana sundari on Flesh Out Wrinkles & Restore Your Face With Dermal Fillers

    I’m very happy with Tamira I had deep forehead wrinkles last 4 years some dermatologist said it’s impossible to cure but Dr Jayanthy Ravindran gave a hope to me and I take Botox and fillers now my wrinkles are gone . Thanks to Tamira.

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    2016/08/18 at 9:46 am
  • From Balasundaram B on FUE Hair Transplant: No.1 Solution to Baldness and Hair Loss

    “I strongly recommend Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran and Tamira Team for Hair Transplant”

    Treatment Received: “FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction ”

    Tons of thanks to Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran and her team for helping me get back my hairs with a nice and clean operation. Without any Complications.

    I’m writing this review 5 months post of my second sitting (First on 14th Aug 2015 & second on 8th march 2016),Result is well appreciable. And I’m posting this review after a long time since my first operation to make sure the results are well satisfactory and no complications at any point of time.

    I had my First FUE transplant on 14th Aug 2015, my pattern was similar to 4 & 5 in norwood scale mostly 4, the grafts taken were 2475. I got my frontal part covered with 2475 grafts I’m not exact about how many 2’s & 1’s. And most (>95%) of the transplanted hairs have grown well, few are growing still.

    My story:

    I’m a male 35 years old from Pondicherry, Middle class guy working in Oil & gas sector. Right from 24 yrs, I was facing hair fall problem. Tried many products in the market and consulted several other hospitals, Doctors & trichology center’s in India & Bangkok and spent a lot of money as well, but nothing worked out to my satisfaction.

    Fed-up with all the products, oils & tablets, and as the baldness stage aggravated ,after through homework decided to go for Hair transplantation. But, Not sure where to do and I was bit sceptical as it’s the first surgery for me.

    Checked with couple of well renowned cosmetic centres in Bangkok and that’s the time by god’s grace I came to know about Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran mam via one of the online review. But I’m not a guy who will simply believe in a review or rating by some website.

    And with my previous experience of various products which had no result on me I wanted to double check. So I booked an appointment, as I was prepared for hair transplantation now the question is “how it will be done, by whom and its success rate and pricing”.

    She got all my inputs and was very patient enough to address all my doubts. She and her team’s approach made me more comfortable for the operation. Luckily, I had a chance to meet one of her HT patient’s mother in the clinic and her positive feedback & her son’s pics doubled my confidence level for the operation, so without any second thinking confirmed my operation with Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran.

    Later, I was asked to do several blood tests, ECG and X-ray to ensure I am fit for operation. Shared the results of the requested test with her and she was ok with the results and said to book an appointment.

    Before the op, I have been asked to use a scrub for scalp and medicine for 3 days prior to the op.

    On the day I went to hospital at 8 AM with my friend, and the team was ready with all required things in place and without any delay the operation process started. As I was very comfortable with the team I asked my friend to leave.

    First, my existing hairs are trimmed and then the transplant area front head is marked and clicked few pics. I have been taken to the theatre and meanwhile, Mam explained me about the full day operation activity and given few injections on back of my head(doesn’t hurt much) which made my back head numb and Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran started extracting follicles and the supporting team helped in preparing the follicles for transplantation.

    After sometime Dr. Kiran and Dr. Sasi joined and they placed the extracted follicles in the area marked. This happened 3 times in cycle, one will extract and other will place, it’s because they don’t keep the extracted hairs outside for a longer time.

    And in the middle of op I have been treated with ‘PRP’ – Platelet Rich Plasma which is extracted from my blood. It was around 8 PM when my op got over, No face swelling or fainting or pain. So it’s a 10 – 11 hrs where all three doctors and the support team had such a patience to do it.

    Before left the clinic, I was given a very clear instruction and medicines to follow for the next 10 days to prevent fall of grafts and any infections. Great bonus point is, can visit the Doctor on any working days for follow up check-ups WITHOUT any additional fees.

    After follow-up I have been given several health & hair inducing tablets which I should follow for 6 months. Separate shampoo, Minoxidil solution without alcohol and gel for hair is given for daily application.

    All the transplanted follicles are very responsive and I can see significant change in my look. After 4 months’ time my hairs are grown well enough for a haircut.

    Results are very good and appreciated by my parents and friends. With full satisfaction, I decided to go for my second session without any further delay for my crown area. Which, I did on 8th March 2016 with 1927 grafts at Dr. Jayanthy mam’s new facility “Tamira” with the same team.

    Tamira facility is well equipped then the earlier one.

    She is an excellent doctor with great technical and personal skills. I had a very satisfactory experience with her. Also she very understanding towards the patients. I will always remember her caring and friendly way of dealing with me. Thanks a lot.

    Based on my experience, I strongly recommend Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran and her excellent Team at Tamira for Hair Transplant (FUE) because it’s an art, in which experience matters a lot ,the facility, approachable doctors and post operation attention.

    All is available at “Tamira”. I was excited with the entire team’s humbleness and at any point of time ( pre and post operation).

    Overall rating – 5/5 (I am extremely happy)

    Dr. Jayanthy,Dr. Sasi & Dr. Kiran – 5/5 (They are very humble and generous)

    My Expectations Met – 4/5 (I was expecting more area to be covered)

    Hospitality provided – 5/5(The staffs are really nice ,well professionalized & courtesy )

    Quality of operation – 5/5(Neatly done I’m fully satisfied)

    Tamira’s Facility – 5/5 (comfortable, well maintained, good ambiance)

    Post operations follow up – 5/5 ( No additional charges, well documented with pics and well addressed)

    Front desk – 5/5 (well responsive, organised appointments, whatsapp help)

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    2016/08/03 at 9:35 am
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