Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction is often described as necessary reconstruction procedure and is often covered by health insurance plans, in case a minimum amount of tissue gets removed. Reduction removes excessive breast tissue in order to get healthier, shapelier and more comfortable breasts. Additional benefit to this operation is making uneven breasts more even. It usually uses T-shaped incision, vertical incision, free nipple graft and liposuction. In a pre-treatment consultation, physician will take measurements of breast size and shape, as well as mark them to assess surgical options, determine the desired nipple placement and plan the operation. Photographs can also be taken to be sent as parts of getting the approval for the procedure from insurance companies. On the day of operation, general anesthesia will be administered. The incisions are made and the unneeded skin is removed.

After that, parts of fat and glandular tissue, lying beneath it get removed and formed so as to reduce size and make the breasts more lifted. Surgical drain tube can be used in every breast to allow fluids escape from the breasts during the healing process. Often, dissolvable inner sutures are used, that help keep breast shape and reduce tensions on the skin during healing. Breast reduction usually takes around two to five hours. Swelling and paleness after the treatment are normal and will vanish over time. Pain is usually fading quickly and can also be calmed by taking medications. Surgical drains are removed after a couple of days, as well as all the bandages. After one to two weeks, external sutures are also removed and the physician may order you to wear the compression garment, not sleep on your stomach and avoid any straining or lifting for a month or more. Scars on the lower midlines and breast creases are normal; besides, the physician places the sutures so that the scars from them are turning to be as hidden as possible. Scars will slowly fade to thin, slightly discolored lines.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Tamira is a healthcare services brand for Aesthetic Medicine, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery in Chennai & Bangalore. We specialize in procedures like Hair Transplant, Liposuction, Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction), Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction, Brest Enlargement, Rhinoplasty & Laser Hair Removal.


  1. Anonymous (Name hidden for privacy) says:

    I underwent a Breast Reduction surgery recently. The surgery went very smooth and am extremely happy with the results.
    Dr. Jayanthy is defeintely one of the best ever doctors I have come across.

    She is very sincere and dedicated.

    She is very approachable and friendly.

    She answers all the queries very patiently and is available for her patients 24*7.

    I went initially with a bit of hesitation as I thought cosmetic surgery is not an advisable thing to undergo. She explained the complete process very clearly and was very transparent in her approach. She spoke from the patient’s point of view which many doctors dont do. I feel very confident about myself after the surgery and will recommend Dr.Jayanthy to anybody who wants to undergo a cosmetic transformation.

  2. Happy Patient says:

    Thanks to Dr. Jayanthy and this wonderful procedure called breast reduction, I can now wear all the clothes that I always wanted to wear. A breast reduction can indeed boost your self-confidence and self-esteem levels to great levels.

    I would definitely recommend Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran to all those suffering from consciousness issues due to irregularities in their body shape or size. Her team is very dedicated and takes good care of you.

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