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Full facelift can be described as different separate procedures, each of them involving a different area of the face being treated. Different people may need various amounts of procedures so one person can get a different set of procedures that will count as a full facial improvement, than another. Usually, full face rejuvenation includes a lower or middle facelift, forehead lift and possibly, surgery on the eyelids. Here is presented a most general overview of complete facelift procedures. Surgical details and explanations for certain procedures, usually done during a facelift are described in separate articles.

Forehead lift, also called the brow lift, decreases forehead lines, as well as creases, and may improve the “frown lines”, appearing between the eyebrows. In the case of sagging of the eyebrows, they can also be raised with this treatment, restoring a stronger appearance for the upper part of the face. Blepharoplasty commonly referred to as eyelid surgery, can be done on the upper, lower or all eyelids. While performing eyelid surgery, deposits of fat are moved or cut, possibly with excess skin tissues, as well as muscles, to brighten the eyes’ appearance. Mid-facelift, often called a cheek lift, renovates the center area of the face, from the eye corners to the mouth sides. Muscles and fat, lying underneath, and that are sagged over time, get raised back on the cheek bones. Lower facelift helps to decrease appearances of deep wrinkles on the face, sagging of jowls and neck and restores a proper, younger appearance. While the lower facelift is performed, tissues and muscles lying underneath the face are getting positioned differently, deposits of fat are getting removed, as well as excess skin, and skin on the face gets tightened. You should consult with your doctor to check every possible option to choose what’ll be best for you. You can also learn more details about different procedures in separate articles or researching each procedure.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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