Facelift – Mini

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Mini facelift removes the aging signs in the lower parts of the face and has a number of other names, like a weekend lift, S-lift, MACS Liftand limited incision lift. Although details about these operations can vary, they all are different kinds of a mini facelift. Mini facelift is called like that because of the small length of surgery and healing time, comparing to other facelifts and of the short s-shaped cut in front of the ear. Aging signs in the face can show for a number of reasons: heredity, type of skin, exposure to sunlight and lifestyle. Mini facelift returns the younger appearance of the lower parts of the face, correcting sagging of skin and removing areas of excess deposits of fatty tissues in the jawline. Optimal candidates for a mini facelift are people between the ages of 40 and 55, having mild to moderate amount of loose skin in the lower face. People with large amounts of loose skin are possibly better candidates for a proper facelift. Face tissues tend to weaken in time, losing the normal resiliency and their normal, firm position. Fatty tissue deposits also travel downwards or get depleted, creating empty areas. These changes let deep wrinkles, jowls and loose skin to be formed in the lower parts of the face. Mini facelift repositions layers of tissue under the skin and tightens the facial muscles.

Three possible types of anesthesia can be used during the operation. General anesthesia; IV sedation to relax but you won’t be entirely asleep; and finally – local anesthesia that makes you lose all feelings of the area that is being treated.  Special kind of fluid – a tumescent fluid – can be inserted in the area in front of the ear. Tumescent fluid is a special, sterile saline solution that allows the skin to be lifted from tissues underneath it, as well as contains agents that prevent pain and minimize bleeding. Physician draws marks for incisions, from the hairline above the ear, to the front of the ear and finishing behind the earlobe. Narrow s-shaped section is removed and the skin gets raised higher. Using the sutures, the surgeon pulls fat and muscles, lying underneath it, towards the cheekbones. This procedure lifts the sagging jowls. Skin is pulled toward the ear and incision is sutured to conceal scars. The operation is repeated on both sides of the face, usually taking less than two hours. Wearing bandage for several days after surgery may be proposed and some bruising and swelling, following the procedure, is to be expected.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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