Fat Grafting

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Breast Enhancement could be done using fat grafting. Breast mound is contributed by fat and breast glandular tissue. Since the glandular tissue could be enhanced only using injections of Female Hormones fat could be grafted to increase the size of the breast tissue. Fat is usually harvested from the patient’s own body. The harvested fat is washed and centrifuged to yield a pure graft of fat cells. This Fat graft is then injected into the breast to increase the size of the mound. The procedure is performed as a day procedure under general anaesthesia. Fat is harvested in a process similar to liposuction. Thus the donor are would have the same after effects as in a liposuction with bruising, numbness and skin irregularities.  Harvested Fat is injected through minute ports. Since the graft had to regain vascularity at the recipient site there is a chance that some of them loose vascularity and get absorbed. Thus following Fat grafting repeat sessions may be required in the long term to maintain the same size. Post procedure there would be oedema and inflammation for a couple of weeks at the breast. Areas of induration (Hardness) could be felt due to fat necrosis and secondary calsification.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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