Forehead Lift

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In time, features of the face tend to get changes, related to age, that can make you look tired, angry, sad or older than you should. These changes usually start to show from the forehead and eyebrow region. Forehead lift, sometimes referred to as a brow lift, removes forehead lines and creases, improving frown lines. Eyebrow sagging can also be lifted with this operation, returning firmer, younger appearance to the upper portions of the face. Two different treatments for the forehead lifting are a coronal forehead lift and endoscopic forehead lift. Different age-related processes, as well as factors such as sun exposure, lead to skin’s network of collagen and elastin to get broken. Because of it, the skin starts losing its normal structure and elasticity, becoming lax. More so, different skin layers weaken, making lines and wrinkles above the eyes, become more and more apparent. Forehead lift tightens skin on the forehead, reforming muscles underneath that contribute to frown lines formation.  Before the start of the operation, marks for incisions will be drawn on and around your forehead. One of two types of anesthesia is going to be used: general anesthesia, which makes you sleep during the operation, and a local anesthesia with IV sedation, numbing the treatment area and relaxing you but not making you fall asleep.

Endoscopic forehead lift is done with a surgical endoscope, as well as other instruments, inserted into little cuts within the hairline around your forehead. The physician separates the skin and muscle tissues underneath it, from the frontal bone. Portions of the corrugator muscle tissues are cut away to remove frown lines, as well as stop the future lines from forming. Brow is fixed in a higher position, either fixing sutures underneath the skin, or inserting dissolving fixation devices in the tissues. Incisions are closed, using sutures and possibly, bandages around the head. Sutures or devices inside are dissolved in around nine months, when the muscle, as well as connective tissue layers, is healed in the raised position. Surgeon can advise using cold compresses and pain medications, as well as keeping your head elevated while healing. This helps reduce bruising and swelling in the treated areas. Usually, bruising is fading immediately and if the non-dissolving sutures are used, they are removed in around seven to ten days after the surgery. Any strenuous activity should be avoided during the healing time. Scars are going to be hidden within the hairline and the results become noticeable after a short time passes after the treatment.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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