Liposuction Procedure

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Most of the areas of the body may be changed with the help of liposuction procedure: hips, lower legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, chest, upper arms, neck, cheeks and jawlines. They can vary for different body areas but the usual processes are similar. Almost all of the body fat is located just above the muscle tissues, right under the dermis.

Blood vessels allow the area to be supplied with blood and nerve endings allow you to get sensations from the skin. Liposuction means removing the excess fat underneath these layers with a special, suction device, which results in the improved contours of the area being treated.

liposuction procedure

A large choice of different liposuction techniques exists today, including the ultra-sonic waves or laser light to help in the removal, although most of these methods are actually variations of the most popular procedure, called a tumescent liposuction that inserts a special fluid as aid in removing the fatty tissues with suction.

Liposuction Procedure

Physician carefully marks the areas that are going to be re-sculpted, using these lines as guidelines when performing the procedure. Liposuction procedure can be performed under local, as well as general anesthesia. Tumescent fluid enlarges the tissues, thus making an easier access to the fat cells, as well as numbs the area being treated and helps control the bleeding.

When a sufficient amount of tumescent fluid gets inserted into the area being treated, you shall rest for ten minutes, while the area should become absolutely numb. Short cuts are made in hidden areas or along the natural lines of the body, depending on where the treatment is performed. The surgeon inserts a small tube-like instrument – the cannula.

He then uses forward and backward motions to create small tunnels in the layers of fatty tissues, thus removing it with suction. Tunnels are going to collapse in several weeks and a new contour in the designated areas that were treated will occur. The incisions are sutured after the operation.

Some pain, bruising, and swelling are to be experienced and are going to be subsided after several weeks. Forming of the new contours is going to be completed in a period of three to six months. The procedure doesn’t prevent existing fatty tissues from growing.

Ultrasound & Laser assisted Liposuction

VASER / Lysonix / Smart Lipo is an alternative to usual liposuction, providing similar predictable results. It is said to produce minimal pain and has fast recovery rate. It’s also available to be used on any part of the body. VASER/Lysonix Lipo surgeons note that this operation has these benefits, compared to standard liposuction: smooth coloring in all areas of the body; better skin retraction; minimal pain and bruising of the patient; and fast recovery rate.

VASER/Lysonix Lipo uses top-notch ultrasound technologies that are specifically designed to carefully reshape the body. Ultrasound is sound energy, travelling in waves that have a unique ability to be targeted specifically at the fatty tissues. The high-energy wave leads to vibration of the VASER probe that liquefies the fat deposits on contact.

A special suction device or massage is performed that gently removes the fat that was liquefied, at the same time preserving all the surrounding tissues, blood vessels and nerve endings. Since the nerve endings and blood vessels aren’t damaged, minimal blood loss and pain will be experienced.

Preserving the connected tissues improves the healing rate and helps the skin retraction. This way, VASER Lipo achieves great results, as well as fast patient recovery. However Vaser/Smart/Lysonix,  all have been  reported to result in rare side effects like burns to the superficial or deep organs inadvertently.

Results of liposuction procedure thus depend on the technique of performing the procedure and not entirely on the equipment used. Every equipment is meant to assist the surgeon and the result partially. Dr Jayanthy Ravindran carefully selects the technique and the equipment needed for every Individual and aims in providing a satisfying result keeping safely of the patient as the priority.

Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
Scientific Committee Team - TAMIRA
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