Tummy tuck in Chennai

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One of the most popular procedures for women who have had a baby, people who have enjoyed incredible success with their weight loss method, or people who have had other surgeries to remove unnecessary and unwanted body fat from their systems, tummy tucks are an incredible breakthrough in modern medicine and science. A procedure that removes all of the extra skin and fat from around your lower stomach and abdominal area, leaving you with a clean and tight midsection again, it’s important to understand that this is not a weight loss method. Rather, this is the ultimate solution for taking your weight loss to the next level with cosmetic surgery, helping you to really display your hard-won body with very little effort on your behalf.


Benefits of undergoing a Tummy tuck in Chennai

The first major benefit you’ll be able to enjoy is a radically improved appearance almost overnight. While this cosmetic surgical procedure is minimally invasive, it is still a surgical procedure, and therefore will produce results faster than anything else on the planet. This also means that your tummy tuck procedure will have to incur some increased risks, which makes it all the more important to ensure that you are only trusting the most skilled and experienced professionals to help you with this overnight change.

The second major boost you’re going to notice right after you have a tummy tuck is that your self-confidence will go through the roof. Most people who have worked incredibly hard to lose a dramatic amount of weight are all almost heartbroken when they look at the scale and see a low number but look in the mirror and see the costs of cutting that weight. Almost all men and women that have dropped a noticeable and significant amount of fat in the past have to deal with at least some form of loose skin and fatty tissue that is almost impossible to remove – unless you go for a tummy tuck in Chennai.

Tummy Tuck in Chennai


The benefits are not just aesthetic but also practical

Aside from the cosmetic results you’ll be able to enjoy moments after your tummy tuck surgery has been performed, you’ll also be able to enjoy some very real pain relief at the same time. If you have had trouble sleeping or had to deal with loose skin getting pinched in your clothing, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Once you’ve had the best tummy tuck in Chennai performed, you can forget all about all of the little annoyances and even shooting pains you’ve had to deal with because of your loose skin problem. They’ll all but disappear the moment you move forward with this cosmetic surgery solution.

What is the recovery of a Tummy Tuck procedure like?

The recovery of a Tummy Tuck procedure varies among individual patients mainly based on amount of skin / fat removed, which area of the body the procedure was for and the type of procedure they underwent (mini, full, muscle tightening etc.). On an average, complete recovery times can vary from anywhere between one week to three weeks, but patients can get back to their normal daily routines within just a few days.

The only thing you really have to be aware of is that the medical professional that is handling your tummy tuck is absolutely reliable, professional, and has the necessary skills to give you the outcome you’re looking for. All of this can be researched on the Internet inside of just a few moments, giving you the peace of mind you need.


  1. pravina says:

    I was very happy with the whole experience of getting my tummy tuck with Dr. Jayanthy – as she was easily accessible at anytime and was very professional and a lovely lady.

    I would be more than happy to recommend her to all my friends and family. In fact i feel confident and love wearing all my new clothes which fits me excellently.Am happy that i chose to do this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a doctor currently based in Chennai. After delivering my children, I got back to my pre-pregnant weight but my lower abdomen continued to be loose and flabby.

    Deciding to correct this surgically, I consulted a couple of surgeons. From the first meeting with Dr Jayanthy Ravindran, I found her very straightforward and friendly as well as professional.

    She is totally committed to client comfort, privacy, and confidentiality in consultation. Now, having undergone a tummy tuck done by her, I am delighted with the results.

    Having lived and worked in different parts of the world, I have no hesitation in recommending her to family members, friends, or anybody else, as an excellent world-class cosmetic surgeon. Thank you, Dr Jayanthy, for your expert care

  3. Suguna says:

    It is nearly one month since I had my abdominoplasty. I am absolutely impressed by the results and speed of my recovery. Dr.Jayanthy’s expertise was super impressive, added by her personal touch, care and communication skills.

    I was reassured and provided with all the relevant information I needed every step along the way.

    Dr.Jayanthy did a remarkable job improving my life and my confidence. Being a nurse myself I was able to witness how she was changing and educating the way health care in India should be.

    Her passion to teach her nursing staff the other health team professionals made the whole experience more worthwhile. Thanks to all involved in my recovery. Your smiles, concerns and caring approach did not go unnoticed.

    God bless,

  4. It has been two months after my abdominal plastic surgery and I am happy with the results. Before the surgery mam had explained the procedure. The care and attention before and after the surgery is remarkable.

    The hospitality shown by her staff is too good . After surgery I called her soooo many times but she answered all my doubts politely, which you can not see any where else. She is a Angel, who gave me a new and beautiful life.

    I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Even though there are several plastic surgeons in chennai, she is the best. I will recommend her to all my friends and family. I thank her once again. I give her 100 stars.

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