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Beard Transplant

The increase of sculpting and crafting the shape of beards has been drastically trending in our societies and it’s with great interest and attention men prefer styling their beards. The Beard Transplant method is not all that different from that of Hair Transplantation, however its a more delicate process. The Beard Transplant is done around the world by all kinds of individuals, and there is an equal amount of products and styling techniques that go into their beautification procedure.

The Beard Transplant before and after transformation will surely work in your favour especially if you have this important presentation or appraisal at your workplace or if it’s a first date, we at Tamira have your back. We can promise you that the Beard Transplant results will leave you flabbergasted and make you love your new look more than ever, for our team of experts closely watch your growth progress and some of the before&after images of our customers have been put together on this page for your convenience.