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Cosmelan peel

The Cosmelan peel focuses on reducing your pigmentation on the skin that may have been caused by allergies and other skin problems. The peel acts as a warrior against Brown spots, Discolouration and Hormonal HyperPigmentation that you could face. The Cosmelan Peels result is so flawless and is widely prescribed for treatment around the world and it prepares you for afternoon sun and keeps your skin rejuvenated and hydrated during any part of the day.

The Before and After of the Cosmelan Peel gives you the shine and glow you’ve always wanted especially after that long party you had and woke up to with dark circles? Meet the new you, with the Cosmelan Peel offered to you from Tamira where we believe in your dreams. If you are sceptical of which skin type should get this done, guess what? All skin types can get themselves a good Cosmelan Peel done.