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Face Rejuvenation

It is every working professional’s dream to look presentable and attractive in their workspace and this is a confidence booster to all of us and we at Tamira treat it as our priority to give you exactly what you deserve. The Face Rejuvenation, just like what the name suggests is quite self-explanatory where we bring life and light to your face by engaging in removing excess skin, wrinkles, dark spots, acenes, pigmentation, nasolabial fold and double chin. The only extra that should be in your life is your Eyeliner, and it is vital to keep your face perfect.

This Face Rejuvenation before and after changes that you will see is the efforts put by our beautification agents who’ve worked relentlessly in giving you the best of an experience. The recovery time being six-weeks is when we assess your progress for the before&after photos to help you understand how has this change took over to give you clarity of our procedure and find our service worth it and join our list of happy customers. The Face Rejuvenation results have been appreciated by all our customers who’ve undergone the treatment.