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FRF + Microneedling

The FRF Microneedling procedure is quite inclusive and combines the traditional micro-needling method incorporating radio frequency to nourish your skin and boost in that extra energy that it’s been needing which in turn makes your skin’s appearance look alluring. The FRF+Microneedling results are stunning for the process that enters into your dermis layer and tightens your skin and this, in turn, ensures that your acne problems are also resolved.

Additionally, this procedure has hardly any or no side effects and causes minimal damage to your skin in the future. These photographs are the before and after of FRF + Microneedling treatment, and our patients have received great appreciation for how they look especially after noticing the before&after difference. We at Tamira, provide you with pre-treatment measures and also that of post-treatment care you should pay maximum attention to so you have the best result according to your expectations.