There are many women out there who have experienced a lack of confidence, bullying, and societal pressures because of the shape or size of their breasts. For ages, women have been subjected to the pressure of looking a certain way. Feminity is often tagged to her physical features and the way she carries herself. This idolization of voluptuous or twiggy features has costed so many women around the world self-doubt and criticism. Breasts are not left behind too. Women with extremely small or large breasts often see themselves amid unsolicited advices and remedies. In the cosmetic world, breast implants have been the solution to breast-related concerns of women. Women with small breasts often see their world change for the good with breast implants. Women who have undergone mastectomy (breast removal) also have reaped huge benefits with implants. Know more about breast implants, its various types and how it has been making a difference to many.

What are breast implants? Implant is the medical process of inserting an artificial device in a person’s body by means of surgery. A breast implant surgery aims at reconstructing the breast using prosthetics (an artificial device that is used to reconstruct the breasts). These devices are usually made up of saline solution or silicone gel.

Types of Breast Implants

  • Based on the filler type / breast implant material

Since the beginning of breast implant procedures, saline and silicone based gels are the most commonly used. Saline-based implants are filled with saline (salt and water) solution, while silicone implants are made up of silicone – a colour-less substance that is rubber-like to touch. Many women prefer saline solution as it is safe even in the case of a rupture of the implants. The saline solution just gets absorbed by the body causing no adverse reactions. In the case of a rupture of a silicone breast implant, the patient would not be aware since there would be no changes to the volume of the breasts. A regular MRI might be advised to check if the implant is in place with no damage. However, a silicone implant replicates the touch and feel of a natural breast as compared to a saline breast implant.

  • Based on shape

Implants are commonly round or tear-drop shaped. Round implants are preferred by many women over tear-drop. A tear-drop implant will work well for patients who have only a part of the breast that needs reconstruction. This is common with women who have undergone breast related surgeries such as mastectomy.

  • Based on surface

There are smooth and textured implants available. Textured implants are used to minimize the risk of complications such as hardening of muscles and others. A smooth implant mimics the natural breast better and is preferred too.

  • Based on size

Breast implants can come in small to large sizes. The most commonly preferred breast implant size is 350 to 400 cubic centimeters(cc). It can go up to a 1000 cc.

Types of Breast Implant Procedure

 The surgeon would choose one of the below breast implant incision types for the procedure. Breast implant scars are made as minimal as possible with these incision types.

  • Peri-areolar – done at the nipple (areolar) region since it minimizes the scar. The scar blends in with the areolar region and the patients need not have to worry of scarring.
  • Armpit – the incision is done of the axillary or armpit region
  • Fold under the breast – incision is done in the fold under the breast making the scar hidden

The Breast Implant Procedure

 A breast implant procedure is a major surgery and requires the expertise of a highly skilled surgeon. The below steps are usually followed for breast augmentation.

  1. The doctor would administer general anesthesia or local anesthesia for the procedure based on what is best for the patient
  2. An incision will be done for the implantation. The incision type would be discussed in advance between the doctor and the patient.
  3. The doctor will then insert and position the implant. Breast implant placement could be over the pectoral muscles (found covering the ribcage) or it can be under it. The exact method will be decided in advance and will depend on various factors such as the extent of breast enlargement needed, the patient’s physical features, type of implant chosen and others.
  4. The incision site is sutured and covered up and left to heal. A skin adhesive or surgical tape can also be used for closing the incision. The scars from the procedure will eventually fade on its own.
  5. Once the effect of anesthesia wears off, the patient is moved to a recovery room. After thorough observation of the patients’ condition, they are sent home.

A breast implant surgery would take about one to two hours for completion. The results of a breast augmentation procedure can be seen soon after the surgery.

Breast Implant Surgery Costs

In India, breast implants cost is between INR 40,000 to 60,000 and the breast implant surgery could between INR 1 to 2 lakhs. The exact cost of the implant would depend on the hospital, doctor and the city of treatment. A breast implant removal would cost between INR 60,000 to 80,000.

Breast implant before and after

Breast Implant Size Charts

Some of the most common problems or side effects of a breast implant are:

  • Breast tissue hardening
  • Scarring
  • Breast implant rupture that can cause small lumps in the breast
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Breathing problems
  • Rashes
  • Muscle pain

Breast implant complications such as infections, issues with sensation of the breast, implant rupture and others must be immediately notified to the doctor and necessary treatments must be started.

A complete recovery from a breast implant surgery can take up to 6 weeks. Some women do feel better in just a week’s time. Most woman would get used to the breast implants in a duration of 6 months or so.




How long do breast implants last?

Breast implants can last a minimum of 10 years and majority of it last longer. A rupture or changes in the same of the implant could be a few reasons to have a repeat procedure.

Are breast implants safe now?

Saline and silicone implants are safe to use and there are no alarming side effects of the usage of these implants. One must however get treated from a qualified surgeon for longer lasting results.

How much does breast implants cost?

Saline and silicone breast implants can cost around INR 50k. The whole procedure would cost a minimum of INR one lakh including the cost of implants.

Does being sexually active increase breast size?

There is no enough evidence to prove that breast size increases in sexually active women. The main reason for a change in breast size is hormonal changes. The hormones estrogen and progesterone cause breast to increase in size. Excess weight gain, breastfeeding, pregnancy and menopause are a few other reasons for changes in the breast size.

Are getting breast implants worth it?

Breast implants have been worth every penny to many women. Some women deal with unbelievable levels of self-doubt and lack of confidence due to issues relating to the breasts. Breast implants have turned their life all around and help them lead a more confident and social life. Individuals who have lost their breasts due to diseases such as cancer have breast implants to help them continue living in normalcy.

Do breast implants feel different to touch to a man?

Most breast implants give the same feel as natural breasts. It is believed that silicone implants have an edge over saline implants when it comes to mimicking the natural breasts. It is very important to get the procedure done from an expert to get the best results.

What is the most common size breast implant?

Most common breast implant size is between 300 to 500 cc(cubic centimeters). An individual could get a large C cup size with this implant. The exact size of an implant would depend on the extent of projection or augmentation that the patient desires. It would require an implant of size 300 cc to attain the desired results and is the most commonly preferred size by most women.

What’s the safest breast implant?

Both silicone and saline breast implants are safe options for women considering breast implant procedures. Saline breast implants are considered better than silicone because in case of a rupture the saline solution does not cause health issues. However, there are also women who have experienced negative effects following saline implants. In general, both types of breast implants give good results and lasts for more than 10 years.

Do breast implants feel heavy?

Women do feel heaviness in the breasts post a breast implant surgery mainly due to the skin getting stretched. The weight of the implants is very minimal to cause significant difference in the weight or heaviness of the breasts.

How many cc’s are in a bra cup size?

One bra cup size could mean 130 to 150 cubic centimeters.

Does a breast lift cost more than implants?

Breast lift procedures in India could cost between INR 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs. The exact prices will change depending on the hospital, city, doctor charges and post procedural care and medicines. Breast augmentation or breast implant surgeries in India cost very similar to breast lifts. In case an individual wants an additional procedure along with breast lift, then the cost would vary accordingly.

What happens to breast implants when you’re old?

Breast implants could cause a little extra sagging as the individual ages. This would be very similar to the sagging that occurs naturally due to aging. Women must ensure that they closely monitor the implant after 10 years since the chances of leakage a little higher.

How many cc implants should I get?

130 to 150 cc makes one bra cup size. An increase of one cup size is the most commonly preferred implant size. Hence, a size of 150 cc should be good enough for breast implants.

Can breast implants last 20 years?

Breast implants can last for 20 years. Most implants should be checked for leakage once it crosses 10 years.

Will my breast implants look bigger if I lose weight?

The short answer is yes. As a person losses significant weight, the breasts would appear larger than before. This is because the breast implants do not change in weight and will stay the size it was during breast augmentation.

What breast size is attractive?

Most women prefer a breast size of C cup and this is the most asked for size during breast augmentation. It is a slightly larger cup that is considered attractive over a flat chest or smaller cup sizes.

Why do my breast implants fall to the side?

Breast implants could fall to the side due to many changes that happen to the breast tissue due to aging and hormonal factors. Gravity also causes the breast implants to sag as years pass by.

Do breast implants get hard over time?

Breast implants do not change in texture. There is very little chance that a breast implant can get hardened. A complication called capsular contracture can cause hardening after a breast implant procedure.

Can implants fix sagging breasts?

Breast implants are not a solution for sagging breasts. What the implants do is increase the volume of the breast but does not lift it. Breast lifting could be the right procedure for solving breast sagging issues.

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