Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

Do you obsess over feeling free of your size D or bigger breasts? Maybe you feel a ping of jealousy when you see how easily your friends can fit in a cute little top.

Or even a little annoyed when your flat chested friend complains.

You’re not alone.

There are approximately 300,000 breast reduction surgeries every year. At some point, all of these women looked in the mirror and asked themselves, “Do I need a breast reduction?”

Common Signs You Might Be the Right Candidate for Breast Reduction

signs for enlarged breasts

1. Large Breasts and Back Pain

We all know posture is important, especially when it comes to avoiding any back pain. Can large breasts cause neck pain too?


For women with large breasts, you don’t have to have an office job requiring you to sit 8 hours to experience back and neck pain.

Back and neck pain is one of the most common complaints if you have large breasts and while posture plays a role in this, having large breasts plays a bigger role.

Without enough support from the muscles around your breasts, the extra weight your breasts cause is the start of that pain. Unfortunately, it’s not where it ends.

It can eventually lead to chronic pain lasting for years.

Studies show that the curvature of the spine can be changed if your breasts are size D or above.

2. Nerve Pain

Sometimes with large breasts, you can experience nerve pain. One example is a tingling in your fingers or hands which occurs when your neck position is changed.

As women age, it’s common for shoulders to roll forward putting pressure on shoulder blades and the nerves that come through a constricted area.

All of these things combined can compress the fibers in your nerves, resulting in remarkable pain.

3. Rashes Under Breasts: One of Many Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

Nobody likes a rash on their skin. Anywhere. Whether it’s visible or invisible, it’s downright uncomfortable.

Rashes on the area underneath your breasts are caused by the friction of all the rubbing. It can even be rubbed raw and it’s important to invest in a good bra.

Another problem you may not have known is caused by having large breasts is they can cause yeast infections. If moisture is trapped, yeast can grow. So pay attention if your breasts are itchy.

4. Physical Activity is Limited By Breast Size

If you have large breasts, you know what it’s like to have to double up on the sports bra in high school during gym class.

Just as they can get in the way, they can also hurt when doing some types of physical activity like high-intensity exercise.

In studies, researchers found larger breast size was very much associated with less physical activity, which is never good.

It’s pretty normal to hear about issues such as no time, or financial issues contributing to not getting enough exercise. But one thing some haven’t thought of?

Discomfort during exercise because of breast size. It’s a limitation that is frustrating for many women.

5. Problems Breathing

The weight of large breasts can cause a lot of headaches and constraints including breathing problems. Especially if your favourite sleeping position is on your back, which shifts the full weight of your breasts towards the spine.

It’s not uncommon to experience shortness of breath when doing everyday things like picking up your kids or even sitting at your work desk.

Even when you wear a bra that is fitted right, your ribcage is still restricted and that restricts your breathing.

This is definitely one of the signs you need a breast reduction.

6. Nothing Fits Right

Do you often find yourself spending longer than those around you combing the racks for that strappy top in your size?

Having big breasts doesn’t mean everything else is big. It’s irritating to try to find the right clothing when things are out of proportion.

A lot of times you resort to wearing clothing that is too big for your body just to accommodate your large breast size.

Making the issue even worse is that not only is it difficult to find the right clothing, but it’s also hard to find the right bra. This is true even if you are properly fitted.

7. Self Consciousness and Unwanted Attention

Having large breasts can have a great effect on your self-image starting as early as middle school. Or, as soon as your breasts start to grow bigger than most of your friends.

It doesn’t go away as you get older. You may feel insecure when you go out because of the way your shirts fit or the way some people stare.

You might find yourself feeling less attractive in the bedroom because of your large breasts despite being told otherwise.

There is also attention that you didn’t ask for and definitely don’t want that comes with having larger breasts. It’s just one more annoying thing you have to deal with. If people can’t seem to look at your face or make rude comments, it takes a toll on you.

The Biggest Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

There you have it. 7 signs you need a breast reduction. Women report a better quality of life after the surgery. They feel more confident about themselves and they become more active, which benefits their health.

Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves and if something affects your quality of living, it’s time to do something about it.

If you’ve been thinking about breast reduction surgery come visit us to learn more about the procedure and your options.

If you’re ready to take the next step contact us here either by chat, email, or phone.

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