Earlobes are prone to stretch, tear, and keloid scars after they are being pierced. The tears that are found near the earlobes can split due to trauma and become more visible usually when you or others pull your earrings unknowingly through your ear’s piercing hole leading to split earlobes. Widened piercing holes on the earlobe may also occur due to wearing large as well as heavy earrings which gradually stretch and enlarge the pierced holes. Patients who have thin earlobes are more susceptible to experiencing stretched piercing holes.

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, fortunately, it can be reversed by undergoing earlobe repair surgery. It also lets you wear beautiful earrings again after completely recovering from the surgery.

Earlobe Repair Surgery

Earlobe Repair Surgery also called earlobe reduction surgery is a plastic surgery performed to correct split or torn earlobes for improved facial symmetry, proportions, and appearance. This technique can correct an abnormality you have had since birth or an abnormality caused by a trauma or an injury.

Earlobe repair is a simple reconstructive procedure done by physicians for a stretched earlobe tear correction or split earlobe repair. It is used to correct partial, full, or numerous earlobe tears. Heavy earrings and gauging cause partial tears in the earlobe but when the bottom end of the earlobe is completely separated, it is called a full tear. Trauma or multiple ear piercings on the ear causes many tears in the earlobe. There are different earlobe repair techniques performed to rectify these injuries caused to earlobes.

Unlike other cosmetic surgeries, earlobe reduction surgery does not require hospitalization as well as many days for recovery. The patients can drive home by themselves as this is a simple non-invasive cosmetic surgery that needs local anesthesia and a few stitches but in advanced procedures like stitchless earlobe repair, even sutures are avoided.

Physicians such as dermatologic surgeons, EENT specialists, and plastic surgeons can perform earlobe repair as well as advanced stitchless earlobe repair.


The reasons for a plastic surgery earlobe repair are listed below

  • Wearing heavy earrings for a long time leads to overstretching.
  • Gauging.
  • Earrings that get stuck with the dress or other clothing and are pulled forcefully.
  • Children playing and pulling earrings.
  • Multiple nearby piercings at the edge of the lobe.
  • Sudden unexpected trauma or injury.

Torn Earlobe Repair and its Procedure

Torn earlobe repair is the most common surgery that is generally called an earlobe repair is performed on the ear when it is torn, split, or extremely stretched.

The earlobe repair procedure is simple and an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia. Initially, the torn skin or the skin that has come off of its structure is removed and the fresh edges of the earlobe are stitched together with sutures which need to remain intact for the next one to two weeks depending on the situation. At the end of the discussed time, patients are informed to get their sutures removed.

This is a traditional earlobe repair procedure with sutures but there are advanced stitchless techniques available now.

Sutureless Earlobe Repair

Unlike torn earlobe repair procedures, this technique does not require stitches which is highly advantageous as it reduces the risk of having unwanted scars after the procedure.

Sutureless earlobe repair is a novel surgical technique performed to repair and reconstruct separated or damaged earlobes without the use of sutures. Therefore, the patients need not to have a second visit to remove the stitches. This treatment is very safe and effective as it provides a faster healing window to the ears.

With the advent of electrocautery and lasers, sutureless earlobe repair is very successful in many countries. This treatment is given more importance as it provides better cosmetic results such as barely noticeable vertical lines after completely healing, these lines also fade in time.  


Plastic surgery earlobe repair typically takes less than half an hour. After the surgery, the patients can immediately get back to their normal activities with very few restrictions for the first or sometimes the following week. The patients will be given oral antibiotics and painkillers (if needed) for 5 – 7 days to relieve any discomfort or pain in the earlobes.

Basic post-op practices are as usual informed to the patients such as keeping the head elevated for a few days, keeping the surgical site dirt and stress-free, and avoiding strenuous activities for the first two days are recommended by the surgeon.

Earlobe repair without surgery is a painless procedure and does not even require the time needed like the traditional earlobe repair.

Earlobe Repair Surgery Cost in India

Earlobe repair surgery cost in India depends on various factors such as location, plastic surgery’s length, complexity and involvement, plastic surgeon, time spent, etc.

As it is widely spreading in India, many cities have incorporated earlobe repair procedures in their protocols. Many people are getting earlobe repair as some of them have had this deformity since birth or an accident or other disasters lead to torn or injured earlobes refraining them from wearing the earrings they wish to. Therefore, this surgery provides hope and support to such patients who want to pierce their ears after completely healing from repair surgery. Surgeons recommend patients to wait for a minimum of three months to get pierced after a repair surgery.

Earlobe repair surgery cost in India can range anywhere between Rs.50,000 to Rs.80,000 which as mentioned above depends on multiple factors. It is advisable to clearly understand the details from your surgeon about what to expect before and after surgery as well as cost and insurance policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect after earlobe surgery?

The results of the plastic surgery earlobe repair are immediate as well as permanent. One can expect closed earlobes with minute vertical lines in case of a stitchless procedure or sutures on the fresh edges of the earlobe. These will be healing within a very few days giving you a good almost normal earlobe without any splits or tears which you can happily re-pierce at 3 months.

2. How long does earlobe repair surgery take to heal?

Even though there are different repair techniques, recovery is simple and immediate. Patients can jump back into their routine self-right after they leave the doctor’s clinic. But following very few aftercare procedures are important for faster healing. In a traditional repair procedure that involves sutures, recovery time may be up to two weeks rarely because it resolves in a week itself. In the case of a stitchless earlobe repair, it does not need much time as it is a painless procedure.

3. How much does it cost to fix earlobes?

Earlobe repair surgery cost depends on various factors but in general, it may range anywhere between RS.50,000 to Rs.85,000. It depends on the geographical area, time spent, complexity, the surgeon performing the repair, modern techniques used, etc.

4. Is earlobe reduction surgery painful?

The traditional earlobe reduction surgery is a simple non-invasive surgical procedure that is not painful but slight discomfort after surgery such as redness, inflammation can be noticed in the surgical site which resolves within a week. In a torn earlobe repair without surgery, patients do not feel pain as well as find the procedure as comfortable while and after surgery.

5. Does Toothpaste shrink ear holes?

Some say that the toothpaste has the capacity to shrink the ear holes when applied and left overnight followed by washing and applying moisturizer. It is not scientifically supported. Hence, it is best recommended to clarify it with your plastic surgeon before trying.

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