Studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that 65% of men aged between 27 and 92 experience some form of Gynecomastia.

Although the condition is prevalent among adolescent men, older men might also face the disorder and may need Gyno Surgery.

Gynecomastia is the proliferation of fat in the breast’s glandular tissue.

This disorder is caused by decreased testosterone activity and increased estrogen activity in men.

Man boobs start manifesting during teenage.

Some boys begin experiencing grown breasts at the age of 12. After teenage, the breasts might return to normal without any corrective procedure.

However, in some instances, the condition might be long-lasting.

Effects of Man Boobs

All men, young to old, suffer from some psychological harm due to Gyno. Men with gynecomastia tend to endure mental torture.

Saying gynecomastia is harmless is a travesty.

If the condition is not corrected early enough, the psychological and emotional aspects alone tend to have damaging effects on men that might be long-lasting and devastating.

Below are some of the shortcoming of gynecomastia.

1. Low Self Esteem

gynecomastia treatment
It’s an understatement to say that men suffer from low esteem due to having man boobs.

The condition can start as early as during puberty. Some men tend to feel bad about their bodies and feel lesser of men.

Low self-esteem is directly proportional to low self-confidence.

Men with gynecomastia are likely to suffer from low self-confidence than their peers. It requires a rare type of confidence and strength to overcome low self-esteem.

2. Problem Handling Social Circles

gynecomastia(man Boobs Surgery) in chennai

Men, especially at a young age, tend to have difficulty adjusting into their social circles.

Low self-esteem makes boys shy away from social activities such as dating, games and mingling with peers.

Boys tend to experience challenges when handling inner social ties with peers.

Emotional distress makes it even more problematic for boys.

3. Withdrawal and Anxiety

what is gynecomastia(Man Boobs surgery)?

Men are likely to have lots of problems handling gynecomastia.

From the gym to the locker rooms, men fear to expose their conditions to other men leading to withdrawal from activities.

Overwhelmed by social phobia, grown-up men pull out from partaking in social events.

Anxiety leads to paranoia and panic in men and sometimes causes self-destructive behaviour.

Some men even retort to alcohol, smoking, and drug abuse. The feeling of being less desirable in society makes men live miserably.

4. Difficulty with Relationships & Intimacy

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Dealing with Gynecomastia is a burden that many find difficult to bear.

This condition hurts men’s mind and their sense of manhood.

With confidence and body image at an all-time low, men may tend to withdraw from relationships and dating.

Making love becomes difficult for many men. Some find intimacy difficult, especially when it comes to undressing in front of their partners.

This affects men’s sex life and possibly ruins relationships.

5. Shaming from Peers

Why Gyno Surgery?

Gynecomastia happens to boys at a very critical age.  During adolescence, boys tend to interact more often and more closely to fellows.

Boys with gynecomastia can get shamed by peers for having boobs.

Shaming can happen anywhere from school to gym locker rooms or even playground.

Most of the shaming happens at school and affects many boys significantly. Those with severe gynecomastia cases can be subject to name-calling and nicknames.

Shaming in boys can be severe and often leads to poor performance.

Boys who feel inferior are always bullied will always withdraw from social avenues for fear of more embarrassment.

Boys who suffer embarrassing trolls from peers can tend to do unwarranted activities such as dropping out of school.

The condition can get out of hand quickly, and containing it can be tricky.

Why Gyno Surgery?

Gyno surgery is the ultimate solution to the man boobs condition.

This surgery corrects the enlarged breasts and creates a contoured masculine chest since all men want to look muscular.

When to Consider Gyno Surgery?

Your breasts have enlarged, and you don’t feel like the same man again.

Your self-confidence is at an all-time low, and you can go over it. There can reach a situation whereby surgery is the final solution.

If you have tried other means but it’s clear that there is no change, a gyno surgery might work wonders for you.

Breast Excision

gynecomastia surgery

This is a surgical procedure for men with excess glandular tissue in the chest.

The excision procedure is appropriate if there is presence of glandular tissue in the breast along with fat.

The incision patterns depend on the surgeon’s preference and conditions.

Finding a Good Surgeon for the Procedure

The surgeon you choose for the surgery determines the probability of success of the the treatment.

Surgery is not just another kind of regular treatment and thus requires an experienced and skilled board certified surgeon.

Finding the right surgeon should not be a difficult task.

Take time to meet a reputable professional who will be willing and ready to take on your mission.
Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) Surgeon

The doctor should help you understand the cause of the breast enlargement and recommend some options.

Inquire from the doctor if surgery will offer a permanent solution to you.

Ask about the possibilities of the procedure, what to expect in the long run and possible side effects.

Bottom Line

The consultation will give you insights into the procedure and adds some knowledge to what you already know. Never ignore the advice from the doctor.

If you are considering gyno surgery, it’s essential to get all the facts and information right.

Know your medical history, find a good surgeon, prepare for anything and be optimistic.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to us.

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