A Lady’s Guide to Upper Lip Hair Removal

Stressed About Your ‘Stache?

Anyone who is on Facebook or Instagram has definitely come across posts normalizing female body hair. More and more women are embracing it and if your ‘stache isn’t something that bothers you, rock it!

How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair Effectively?

But we’re all different and not all of us feel comfortable with that fuzzy hair above our lips. If getting rid of your mustache will make you feel more confident, it’s time to find the right upper lip hair removal methods for you.

There is an option for everyone: for the ladies with low pain tolerance, for those who don’t want to have to think about it every 1 or 2 weeks, and for those who are just looking for a quick fix.

Let’s find yours!

Upper Lip Hair Removal

6 Best Upper Lip Hair Removal Techniques

The 6 techniques we chose are pretty popular and you’ve probably heard about most (if not all) of them. But they’re all very different and we want to make it easy for you to compare them and choose one.

Some hurt more than others, some last longer than others and each of them is perfect for different women with different needs. Let’s get into it!

1. Bleaching

Pain level: None. If it stings… something’s not right.

How long does it last: However long your facial hair takes to start growing

Perfect for: People with light skin and dark hair

Upper Lip Hair Removal in Chennai

This one isn’t exactly a removal technique. Disguise is a better word. When you bleach your mustache, you lighten the tone of dark upper lip hair and so it becomes less noticeable.

This might be a good option if the only thing you have at home is your hair bleaching product and you’re really desperate, but overall it is very low in the list of upper hair removal methods.

Plus, if your skin is darker, this is definitely not a good choice for you. The hairs will still be noticeable, not because they’re dark, but because they’re blonde.

2. Depilatory Cream

Pain level: 0/10. You’re good.

How long does it last: 1 week

Perfect for: Ladies with a low tolerance to pain

Depilatory creams are quite easy to use. You apply it to the area, let it do its thing for however long it says on the package and, when you wash the skin, the hair is gone. Plus, there is no risk of stubbles or ingrown hairs.

The downside of depilatory creams is that they can be quite harsh on your skin, so you really need to follow the instructions on the package. A few more minutes than advised with the cream on your skin, and you can expect some irritation.

And always test the cream before you use it for real. You don’t want to get an allergic reaction all over your upper lip.

3. Shaving your Upper Lip

Pain level: It only hurts when you accidentally cut yourself.

How long does it last: A couple of days.

Perfect for: A quick fix.

Upper Lip Hair Removal for women

Firstly, let’s get one thing out of they: shaving doesn’t make your hair grow thicker. So you don’t have to worry about getting a full-on mustache if you go for this option.

However, unless you’re in an emergency, out advice is that you avoid shaving your ‘stache. It’s easy to get razor burns and accidental cuts, and the hair grows back in just a few days.

When you find yourself in those emergencies, make sure to use a man’s razor, since they’re specifically made to be used on a person’s face, and to use some shaving cream, to avoid redness

4. Threading the Upper Lip

Pain level: Pretty painful. If you thread your eyebrows, you know.

How long does it last: 2 weeks

Perfect for: Ladies who don’t mind a little pain.

When you get your facial hair threaded at the salon, the professional uses a thin cotton thread to twist around the hairs and pull them.

If you’re okay with a little bit of pain, threading a great option. The results are great, the hairs (of any length and thickness) are pulled from the root and the process is really quick.

But you have to make sure that you go to a professional and not just any salon that offers the service. If done incorrectly, threading can damage your skin and even cause infections.

One tip: exfoliate the area before the session to get rid of any ingrown hairs, and after the session, to avoid getting new ones.

5. Wax your Upper Lip

Pain level: 7/10… For about a second.

How long does it last: 1-2 weeks

Perfect for: ladies with thicker, darker facial hair

Upper Lip Hair Removal

Upper lip waxing is a popular option. You can do it at home, it only hurts for a little bit and, although you do have to do it regularly, it isn’t that much work. And even if you go do it at the salon, it’s usually pretty inexpensive and quick.

The reason why this is good facial hair removal technique for people with thicker hair is because if you only have a light fuzz, the wax might simply not be able to catch it. For this reason, you typically have to wait until the hair is 1cm long in order to wax it.

When you wax your hair, you remove it from the root. That means that when it grows back, it is totally new hair and so it is thinner.

Don’t forget to hydrate the area after you wax it. This method is, after all, quite aggressive to the skin, so without the proper care, it can get irritated.

6. Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Pain level: Not exactly fun. It’ll feel like a ton of little zaps, but it’ll be over in no time.

How long does it last: Years

Perfect for: Anyone who doesn’t want to have to think about their facial hair anymore

The last method is one that’s growing more and more popular. And it’s not hard to understand why.

Laser Upper Hair removal is considered a long-term hair removal option.

If you could live your life without having to think about when you’re going to remove the hair and how you’re going to do it… Wouldn’t you?

With laser hair removal, that dream can become a lot closer to reality. While it doesn’t permanently eliminate the hair, it drastically reduces its growth.

Five to six sessions of just a few minutes – because the upper lip area is so small – and you’re good to go.

Once again, because of how aggressive it is on the skin, this technique can lead to some redness or swelling, but those side effects are all temporary.

You Do You

When it comes to your facial hair – or better yet, to your body – you should do whatever makes you feel better. Leave it or remove it. Wax it, shave it, laser it… Whatever works for you.

After all, is there anything better than feeling empowered and comfortable in your own skin?

Find a safe solution to remove your upper lip hair. We care your safety.In case you need further information about any of the upper lip hair removal techniques we mentioned, you can always contact us.

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