You have had enough of sitting on the couch and eating to your heart’s content. You haven’t exercised in a long time.

Even the thought of exercising doesn’t excite you because you believe you won’t see any progress. You are the type of person that almost needs immediate results in order to keep going. So you are ready to say goodbye to the flab and get you a six pack.

This won’t occur naturally and you have already accepted that. You’ve been researching abdominal etching in Chennai and want just a little more information. What it is? Who are the common patients? What are the side effects?

What is Abdominal Etching?

This is a type of cosmetic surgery to reshape a person’s abdominal fat pad resulting in a flatter stomach.

Don’t stop reading and get the information to clinics in Chennai that perform the procedure. Keeping reading and get more facts. Before this procedure happens you are going to feel as if the surgeon is playing connect the dots when he begins making detailed markings of your ab muscles.

He will then use those markings as his guide to remove the fat and point out your existing muscular structure.


Abdominal Etching Procedure in Chennai

Who are the common patients who will benefit?

There is always a desired patient and then one that will not benefit as much. The patient who would benefit from it, is the one who’s in shape and only have between one and two centimeters of pinchable belly fat.

Remember the commercial that says if you can pinch an inch. Now we find out how true that is. Those who will not be a good candidate are those with significant amounts of abdominal fat who want a significant reduction in their stomach. Furthermore if they want to accomplish weight reductions, disappointment may happen because of the small amount of fat removed.

After the procedure

Once it is done, the patient will have to wear a pressure garment. That is due to blood-tinged anesthetic solution remaining underneath the skin where the fat was suctioned. Incidentally this fluid results in bruising and post-op swelling.

If you aren’t ready to deal with tiny open incisions which are one of the main reasons for the pressure garments, you may want to take a deep breath and get all the facts. These may only be on for a few days; however it could be on a patient by patient basis. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about this in the initial consultation.

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