Breast Lift Treatment

Breast lift or Mastopexy is the plastic surgery procedure for treating sagging breasts upon the chest by reshaping, uplifting and modifying the size, shape, and elevation of the breasts.  Droopy, sagging breasts make woman’s body silhouette unattractive. You can go for breast lift treatment if your breasts sag or your nipples point to the floor.

Ageing and gravity effects play a major role in the breast changes. Like the facial skin, skin around the breasts tends to lose its elasticity, responding to gradual breakdown of the support networks of the skin.

It causes the skin to become lax. Additionally, suspensory ligaments, attaching the breast to the chest wall begin to weaken and stretch over time, responding to gravity. Breasts also enlarge during pregnancy and breast feeding, causing the skin to stretch.

One of the primary reasons for performing breast augmentations in combination with breast lifting is that breast augmentation cannot change the sagging or drooping of breasts alone.

Increasing the volume and size of the breast will only lead to sagging even more with time.

Mastopexy Surgery

Usually, breast lift procedure takes from one to four hours, depending on how complex the procedure is and whether any other procedures are to be performed. Before starting the procedure, area of operation is cleansed and anesthesia is done.

Physician will probably also administer general anesthesia. Physician makes an incision along the predetermined lines, extending beyond the upper perimeter of the areola, which marks the new upper perimeter.

The area below it is pulled together and tightened, which makes for a better breast position. Physician then lifts the skin and makes it unattached from the layers below. Areola and nipple are not impacted, as the skin around them gets removed. To ensure complete mobility of the breast, physician uses a cautery device.

Once excess skin is removed, physician sutures from the uppermost to outermost perimeter, and then to perimeter around the areola. Before closing incisions completely, he can place a surgical drain in the breasts, although many doctors prefer not to use them.

Post-Operative Care after Breast Lift Surgery

Bandages will be applied for a few days, while non-dissolvable bandages are removed in one to two weeks. Minor pain, bruising or swelling are to be expected within several weeks after the procedure.


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