Chennai Travel Guide

Places inspire people, they tell us stories and hold chronicles with them that date back to almost centuries together and there is so much one can relate to with architecture, heritage, cuisines, and the indigenous culture that each place is wrapped inside and their tales never seem to end.

The city of Chennai is identified to be the epitome of a revibrating spirit with its welcoming nature to those who set foot into this land for the first time and with a kind-hearted and humble smile, people here welcome its tourists with open hands. The unique feature of Chennai and how it shares its relationship with the world is quite an intriguing history to contest.


The Marina Beach is the 2nd Largest Beach in the world and Chennai is where its situated, and you should surely take a stride to the LightHouse and witness the eye-pleaser of how two different seas meet each other from the LightHouse and tune into your favourite music and experience the beauty and tranquillity its offers and make you feel like you are in the top of the world.

The Cuisine of Chennai is grounded to the earth, where the richness and aroma of the spices this soil offers keeps our tourists wanting more of the delicacies the city has to offer. Chennai is situated in South India is the capital of the State and this also comes with the responsibility of having to live up to its competition of other Metropolitan/Smart Cities and Chennai just doesn’t seem to sleep or give up in keeping itself on par with the other.

Chennai is home to various religions, each enjoying respect, and faith from even the non-followers. From Hindu, Muslims, Christians to Jains, Chennai has warmly welcomed them all. These people living in harmony increase the magnificence of the Chennai manifold. We at Tamira believe in the best of Hospitality and work earnestly in making sure your dreams are ours also and function with it as our Mission Statement.

We understand that our valuable clients would love to explore around and developed this itinerary for the same. We made your life hassle-free and drafted a few sets of questions that could pop inside your head on your landing in the city of Chennai.

Distance between Tamira & travel hubs

Distance between Tamira & shopping malls

Travel within city

Best hotels in Chennai near Tamira

Tourist Spots You can visit in Chennai

Temples to visit in Chennai

Other Hospitals near Tamira

Places to visit near Chennai

What is the distance between Tamira clinic and travel hubs?

Are you clueless about how to be informed about the Travel routes, medium, and stations, we got that covered for you:
Tamira is located in Gopalapuram 1st St, Kanakasri Nagar, Gopalapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086, and has direct connections to all your travel and exploring needs.

The possible modes of Transportation that are available includes:
● Airport
● Railways
● Metro Stations
● Buses
● Public/Private Transportations (Ola/Uber/Bounce)

The Chennai Airport is the fourth largest airport in the country, which is also an International Airport and is situated in Tirusulam.
The List also has hotels near Chennai airport for your accessibility. The Chennai international airport also has domestic flights with a Chennai domestic airport separately, connecting flights and international flights for our customers to fly in from any corner of the world. The Chennai Airport and its team of customer services shall provide you details of the hotels in Chennai airport for you to pick and choose from and there is always the Airport Taxi for our customers to hop in and reach our clinic.

● The Nearest Railway Station which is the Chennai central railway station that connects you to almost all the cities and towns of the country is 5.5 km which shall take you 18 minutes.
● The option of Chennai central metro station
● The nearest local metro station which is the AG-DMS Metro is at a distance of 2.2 km and only takes you 4 mins.

The List also has hotels in Chennai near railway stations for your accessibility. The Chennai railways are quite massive and have all different rails that come and go. The southern railways Chennai and its service providers work efficiently. The railways Chennai have a range of coolie’s to help you with your luggage.

If you are looking to travel in the metro within the city limits the Chennai central metro station is your one-stop destination for its inter-connectivity within the city. The metro station in Chennai has been opened in hotspots that individuals use and our clinic also
has access to the metro station Chennai.

● Do you prefer buses? Here are a few of the things you should keep in mind:
The chennai bus is a viable option to consider which is called MT

Local Bus Stand Chola Hotel Bus Stop 170 m 1
Outstation Bus Stop Chennai Koyambedu Bus Stand 10.8 30

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What is the distance between Tamira clinic and shopping malls?

All of us love everything about Shopping, don’t we? For some, it’s a recreational activity, for others it’s done for de-stressing themselves and the rest do it with serious motivations. The tastes and preferences of each individual are different and that’s what makes us Humans at the end of the day.

The Malls in Chennai cater to all your Shopping needs and be it any kind of requirement you can put on your flip on’s and some sunscreen and shades and hop into the public transport and go on a Shopping Spree.

These Malls have been established in Chennai for 5+ years and have been running successfully and have managed to produce good turnovers and profits and contribute towards the success story.

Here are some of the options you can consider:

Spencer Plaza Mall Anna Salai 2.7
Forum Vijaya Mall Vadapalani 7.2
Challa Mall T Nagar 3.3
Express Avenue Thousand Lights 2.2
Ramee Mall Teynampet 2.5
Phoenix Market City Velachery 12
Alsa Mall Egmore 4.1
Ampa Skywalk Aminjikarai 7.1
VR Chennai Anna Nagar 9.9
Chennai City Centre Mylapora 2.3
TNT Chennai T Nagar 3.3
Maya’s Plaza T Nagar 7.1
Spectrum The Grand Venus Mall Perumbur 10.5

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How do you commute within the city and cab option available from each of these places?

Chennai is one of the Metropolitan cities and is on its journey to becoming a smart city, believes in making sure there are accessibility and mobility to every individual and there are various Modes of Transportation for the same.

OLA Cabs Download App ->
FastTrack Taxi 044 2888 9999
Uber Taxi 080 8169 7335
Red Taxi 044 456 7890

Download for Android

Download for Apple

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What are the best hotels in chennai near to Tamira Clinic?

All of us love to Pamper ourselves with Good food and amenities in Business and Luxury Hotels. It’s considered to be a relaxing experience for many and is the best place to go if you wish to be taken care of and enjoy the hospitality. The best hotel in chennai is those with 5 Stars. These 5 star hotel in chennai and staying at these Hotels is something each of us should experience at least once in our lives.

Below here is a list of the 3 star hotel in Chennai if you looking for a budget hotel in Chennai or a short stay. The hotel booking in Chennai itinerary is available to our customers and we at Tamira have structured the hotel list in Chennai for your ease.

Few websites from where you can book these hotels:

Tamira Clinic is also closeby to other hotels that are unrated if you are looking for a short stay and are traveling alone and looking out for a pocket-friendly hotel. These are some of the hotel for rent in Chennai.

Every place has its own set of perks and tourists usually consider it a tradition to visit places that are deeply rooted in the city’s heritage and cultural formation. It develops a level of consciousness experienced by the tourists who are curious about the demography, architecture, people, food, and eating culture.

Chennai takes great pride when it comes to hospitality and how its people introduce their cities to those who visit.

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What are some of the Tourists Spots you should pay a visit to while you are in Chennai?

Now, don’t we all wish to have a great time at the beach and pack our bags with the best beach outfit and experience the serene and soothing tides while the sun basking on the skies and sipping on our favourite beverage? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and most have resonated with this feeling every time we see it in Hollywood films.

Chennai is the best place to enjoy it all together. If you are wondering what is so special about the Beaches in Chennai, it comes with a whole package of freshly fried fishes straight from the seas, the mouth-watering hot bhajji’s, steamed and fried corn that is also commonly known as a photographers friend as every photographer will at least be having one image of the blaring flame out of the grill they use for roasting the corn.

Our very own homemade masala pori and of course the recent trends like Kulfi, Potato Springs, etc. The Beach also has a lot many other areas for tourists to explore which includes horse riding, gun shooting, and other interesting activities.

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What are some of the Temples to visit in Chennai?

There are some beautiful heritage temples that boost a tinge of color and glamour to the city. With wealthy non secular history and splendid structures, the significant temples in Chennai, don’t merely attract devotees and non secular followers, but also others. The temples are consecrated to divinities of various religions and have some highly compelling mythological stories to update.

Ekambareswarar Temple
Parthasarathy Temple

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What are the hospitals nearby?

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What are the Nearby hills stations and weekend getaways for our visitors at Tamira?

Hill Stations are a part of a State and these were famous during the British era, for this is where they resided before invading the land. Hill Stations beautify a state for its vivid greeneries and the climate with occasional rain. Hill Stations are your go-to means to escape Chennai’s climate.

These Hill stations hold a strong place in every state for they receive tourists all through the year and the exotic hotels and hospitality offered makes them want to come back for more.

If you are visiting Tamira for your treatment and wish to extend your stay and travel to these Hill Stations these are some of the places you should consider.

1. Some of the places you could go to include Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari and Kanchipuram which hold rich cultural heritage and are surrounded by a voyage of different seas like the Arabian and the Bay of Bengal along with temples and statues.

2. Are you somebody who enjoys cold temperatures and loves to hike and climb mountains and into adventure sports? If that is the case then you should check out Yercaud, Kodaikanal, Nilgiri hills ( Ooty), Manjolai Hills, Yelagiri, Coonoor, Kutralam and Valparai.

3. If you enjoy spirituality and if going to shrines and pilgrimage is on your bucket list, you can strike that out as we’ve got that covered for you. The best spots to visit for spiritual lovers include –Velankanni, Sivaganga, Dhanushkodi, Chidamabaram and Palani.

4. Food has been the most influential element of any geography and if you are a foodie and want your taste buds dancing to the authentic food culture of Tamil Nadu you should pay your visit to – Madurai, Coimbatore, Kumbakonam, Trichy and Nagapattinam

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