Ruptured hymen
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Ruptured hymen

So what is a ruptured hymen? A hymen is a flimsy tissue that covers the vaginal opening region. The fundamental capacity of hymen stays unknown, but a few specialists agree that it guards the vagina from any contamination. Hymen keeps diseases from diving deep in the vagina that could possibly create some issues. Be that as it may, when the tissue breaks, it is viewed as that ladies generally bleed when their hymen breaks. All things considered, it is not the case for every individual. Not every person who has a hymen, and few out of every odd time when it breaks, do not bleed. Nonetheless, both of these cases are completely ordinary. 

Assuming you bleed on the first time rupture of the hymen, it implies that the hymen is either expanding or tearing, and that makes the blood flow out. Since the hymen is a small thin skin, the amount of blood that comes out ought not lesser than expected. Furthermore, it should not cause a lot of discomfort or pain too.

However the state of a hymen changes starting with one individual or the other, it does not secure the vaginal opening fully. So there is a high likelihood in saying that breaking or rupturing the hymen will not bring about any medical issue. Generally, hymens give sufficient opening to the vagina for allowing the monthly cycle blood to come out. Subsequently, inserting a tampon does not exactly cause any pain. 


When an individual experiences a ruptured hymen tissue, regardless of what movement, it will not recover. It should be noted that there are numerous people who have various ruptured hymen symptoms, while there are many that do not even have a hymen and there is a chance that they might never get to see it. It is usually assumed that quitting sexual relations, will make the hymen grow back, and the vagina will become more tight. In the event that one might have a torn hymen, there is a possibility encountering the accompanying ruptured hymen symptoms and signs;

  • Mild bleeding or ostensible spotting
  • Uneasiness or pain around the vaginal opening
  • Broken layer around 1-2 cm from the vaginal opening
  • No indications of the minuscule layer inside the vagina, which will mostly be found from the vaginal opening

These are the fundamental indications of ruptured hymen tissue. Yet, certainly, one can check on their own to know whether the hymen is ruptured or not. As mentioned before, when the hymen is expanding or tearing, one may or may not feel the pain and that completely depends upon the individual. This is on the grounds that the size and structure of every hymen is unique. Furthermore, how it is extended likewise contrasts starting with one individual then onto the next. Normally, on the off chance that a hymen breaks unintentionally or without any exertion, it will not create any extreme discomfort or pain. Yet, when the vaginal muscles are not loose, and an individual exerts pressure within the vagina, it might possibly hurt. 


Women are generally born with hymen, however, not every one of them. Despite the fact that individuals believe that if one has a vagina, they will most certainly have a hymen, it is not correct. There are many individuals with a vagina yet not a hymen, and hence, there is absolutely no concept of ruptured hymen tissue. Besides, one cannot necessarily feel or see the hymen because of how slender it is. Regardless of whether one may examine themselves, the hymen may not be noticeable. The shade of the tissue resembles the shade of the vagina, which mixes within the body. Consequently, it is not difficult to feel it even by an individual with a penis. There are various things that can contribute to ruptured hymen tissue

  • Penetrative sexual intercourse
  • Horseback riding 
  • Riding bicycles 
  • Climbing trees or jungle gyms 
  • Playing on obstacle courses 
  • Gymnastics 
  • Dancing
  • Usage of tampons
  • Inserting menstrual cups 
  • Getting a Pap smear 
  • Getting a transvaginal ultrasound

Treatment options 

Deciding to go through a cosmetic treatment for treating a ruptured hymen tissue can be a personal choice that is made by one person. There is usually no way of a hymen recovering again whenever it is ruptured or torn unless through surgical options. Treatment choices are picked by the vast majority of the people who need to get hymen back to its untorn form for various different reasons. There will be no noticeable indications of surgical procedure and differentiating between a natural and untorn hymen versus a recreated one. 

  • Hymenoplasty

This is the most sought after treatment procedure that is utilised to reproduce a cracked hymen. Hymenoplasty, otherwise called hymen restoration surgical procedure, is a surgery that expects to remake the thin skin film, known as the hymen, situated in the lower half of the vaginal area. The reason behind individuals choosing to undergo a hymenoplasty is to fix and remake the ruptured hymen tissue, and get back to its pre-sexual. You can anticipate slight discomfort and pain after the surgical procedure, however you may mostly be able to get back to daily routine within 24 to 48 hours. It is vital that during these 48 hours that every patient should take proper care and rest. The sutures are generally dissolvable, so they do not need to be removed later. Complete recuperating requires as long as 90 days, in which time, engaging in sex ought to be stayed away from. Learn more about Hymenoplasty →

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