Bite reclamation is a surgical procedure, practiced under cosmetic dentistry, which works to correct the bite size and helps uplift the face and give it back its vertical dimension.

The bite pattern can be affected and also the structure of the teeth set, the appearance of the mouth when closed, the smile with open lips, and the skin on the face, can all be affected, when the teeth loses its shape and full length at places due to generation, friction etc.

Such degeneration or shortening or de-shaping of the teeth is caused by factors like teeth grinding, acid reflux, years of wear and tear.

Overall the vertical dimension of the face while mouth closed is lost. And the face looks short, and the skin may look wrinkly, while the smile looks bad.

Benefits of Bite Reclamation

There are many benefits of getting a bite reclamation surgery done. The face looks normal again as it regains its vertical dimension. Improper bites are adjusted and corrected.

The teeth shape and appearance is restored to normal, while realigning the teeth set. This improves the face appearance, open lip smile, and the comfort of biting and smiling.

Wrinkles on the face formed due to the distorted vertical dimension gets visibly reduced thus giving back youthful appearance.v

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