Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a purely cosmetic procedure done on a tooth or more to conceal anomalies, discolouration, fractures, chipped corners etc.

A resin type material is mixed with a bonding gum, and then the mixture is applied on the affected tooth. This method works as an alternative to filling amalgams, and helps improve the appearance of the tooth.

The three types of choices in the material you get while opting dental bonding are, composite, resin, and porcelain.

The strongest is porcelain. With a well done dental bonding procedure the bonding may last for up to 10 years. There are several reasons for one to opt for tooth bonding. It helps improve the dull and discoloured appearance of the tooth.

It helps fill cracks and gaps, and if there is a crack or fracture in the tooth, or gap between the teeth due to structure or receded gum, then this can be filled using the bond.

Shorter teeth can be made longer, and some bite anomalies can be improved. Smile looks better after teeth appearance correction. With matching colour resin bond applied, the corners of broken or chipped teeth can be made full and normal looking again.

The shape of the tooth can be changed with this treatment too, and any exposed tooth root can be covered with it.

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Dental Veneers & Laminates

There are some great, low cost, and quick ways to improve the appearance of the teeth, and give you a nice smile and appearance, and one of them are dental veneers or laminates.

Veneers or laminates are thin shells, which looks like the front surface of tooth, and can be fixed to the outer teeth surface with a bonding material or tooth gum to improve the appearance instantly.

This method bypasses the requirement of other invading cosmetic procedures which involves scaling, polishing, whitening etc.

Using dental laminates, the colour, size, shine, and overall appearance of the teeth set or a few teeth can be instantly changed.

These veneers or shells are made of porcelain normally. De-shaped or a bad tooth, stained tooth, broken tooth, or badly aligned tooth can be camouflaged using dental veneers. Even the gaps between teeth can be closed or made to disappear using veneers.

The tooth where veneer is attached is made numb with anaesthesia as needed, and then a small portion of the enamel is removed from it’s front surface.

The impression of the tooth is taken and then the laminate is made on that dimension in a lab. Finally it’s attached to the teeth with a bonding material to cover the problem permanently.

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