Cosmetic Dentistry is a branch of Cosmetic Surgery, where the focus is on dental treatments and cosmetic enhancements of the region involving the teeth, gums, the jaw line and the lips.

This segment of medicine, is fully dedicated to the enhancement of appearance of the teeth, their alignment, shine, colour, overall look, smile etc, and also is dedicated to all sorts of dental treatments, where one or more missing tooth is replaced, reshaped, and implanted by prosthetic tooth and in some cases the real treated tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry has many sub branches. Whether your goal is to look beautiful or correcting some anomaly in the appearance in the dental and oral region, or to get your defective, oversensitive, de-shaped, out of the line, broken or missing tooth treated, you can get this done for a permanent solution and makeover through Cosmetic Dentistry.

In fact cosmetic dentistry is a saviour, and with its right application none would complain ever of a bad tooth, missing tooth, or a bad smile or ugly appearance.

To get the best solution in dental correction, treatment or appearance enhancement, you must get in touch with the best dentist who is an expert in the field, with proper certification and experience in orthodontics.

List of topics


  1. Prosthodontics
  2. Orthodontics
  3. Endodontics
  4. Periodontics


Prosthodontics is the science which combines dentistry with prosthetic fittings, and uses this for cosmetic enhancement as well as enhancement of functionality of the teeth.

Prosthetic teeth are make alike bio compatible teeth made from safe materials, to function similar to a normal tooth when implanted or fitted on the gum using cosmetic dental surgery.

If one or more tooth are missing in a patient, and he wants a reconstruction of them with prosthetic teeth, then this procedure is performed.

To implant an artificial tooth, the gum is checked for health. If there are problems with the jaw bone’s strength and health, or the maxillofacial tissues which will be supporting the implanted prosthetic tooth, then the dentist or prosthodontist performs appropriate surgeries to do necessary changes and corrections there, and then implants the prosthetic tooth.

Patients need to undergo checking periodically to ensure total health of the implanted teeth. With proper care, exact replacement teeth, matching with the colour and size of other teeth in mouth, can be planted in the oral cavity, and the patient can get back a normal appearance, smile and full dental functionality.

Prosthodontics is one of the most practiced branches of dentistry to reinstate a normal dental set.


Problems with the alignment of the teeth, resulting in crooked or improper shaped teeth, bad inclination, and faulty biting line, can all be corrected with the application of orthodontics.

This branch of dentistry deals with the correction of teeth alignment mainly. With the use of orthodontia, the science behind the right alignment of teeth, the appearance, biting anomalies, and bad teeth position can be made right permanently.

The dentists use Invisalign braces and normal dental braces or brasses for the treatment. The use of brasses on teeth, acts as a clip on the teeth, while positioning it perfectly over the gum.

The teeth bone as a result is moulded in shape to perfect alignment and the tooth is positioned right when the braces hold it in the same position for months or years.

Orthodontic treatment can be done from the childhood or in adult stage too, and depending on the early start and continued treatment, the results vary in perfection. Often an early commencement of treatment ensures great results and complete correction of teeth alignment and complete cure from improper bites.

For adults who are not comfortable with visible braces on the teeth during smiling or public appearances, the treatment is done with Invisalign braces which do the same work without being visible.


Endodontics is a branch of dental cosmetic treatment, where the dental pulp is the subject of focus, and it is treated when affected by disease or injury etc, so that the tooth surviving on it can be saved.

The dental pulp is found at the root of the tooth, and it contains vein and arteries, muscles fibres and nerves, and lymphatic tissues, which altogether forms the dental pulp to support, nourish, and strengthen the tooth.

The tooth standing on this platform can suffer from pain, high sensitivity to touch and temperatures, and from infections, gum swelling etc, when this pulp is affected due to impact, injury, damage, disease, infections etc. In these cases, the tooth may lose strength, get cracked, degenerate over time, or may be lost too.

The treatment that is done for saving the tooth, involves cleaning of the damaged tissues and nerves from this cavity and cementing the place with the real or prosthetic tooth in aseptic conditions.

This treatment is also called the root canal treatment, because the root canal of the tooth where there are the nerves is treated such that, the nerves are removed or cut down to avoid pain and oversensitivity, and the dead tissues are completely removed and cleaned.


Periodontal diseases and dental implants are handled by periodontics. This branch of dentistry which also involves cosmetic dentistry is called periodontics. The job of the periodontist is to diagnose, treat and cure dental problems where the gum gets infected, and the tooth can be affected due to an injured, infected, or degenerated gum.

Tooth implants can save a tooth and give back oral functionality while serving through life as a strong permanent tooth without any further problem.

A periodontist is a dentist with advanced training on the area of cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, and can practically solve all sorts of gum related problems, infections, jawbone problems etc, which comes in the way of dental health.

To do this, the periodontist does 3 extra years of training and study on this subject after passing normal dentistry. That is why, you can trust a periodontist for tooth implants.

The complex dental problems, where treating the gum tissues internally, and changing thickness or structure of a portion of the jawbone are involved, periodontics is the best answer.

Patients with complicated medical cases and serious gum infections can get treated with periodontics. Complex and combination dental surgeries are done under this branch of cosmetic dentistry.

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