What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges and crowns are fitted on the teeth as permanent dental prosthetics, so that a defect, damage, or bad appearance of the teeth can be visually covered, and structurally strengthened.

Dental bridges are anchors which use two normal and strong teeth on two sides, and helps hang one or more tooth in between as required, while cementing the whole bridge on the two healthy tooth pillars on either side.

What are dental crowns?

The dental crown is just like a cap, and the cap is fitted on the affected tooth using dental cement.

The damaged tooth which is fully covered by the cap or crown gets additional strength to function, and its appearance is enhanced.

As porcelain or resin crowns can be matched with the exact tooth colour, therefore discoloured or de-shaped tooth can be made to look normal, whiter and full shaped again with a crown.
A well fitted crown lasts many years, and a well fitted dental bridge also lasts several years.

While a crown is made for one single tooth, and of you want to cap more teeth then you will have to get crowning done of each of them, the rule with the bridge is different.

The bridge only uses two teeth on either sides as posts to fill the gap on the gum caused by one or more missing teeth.

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