Gum depigmentation is also called gum bleaching. This technique is used to clean black or dark patches on the gum, or the overall dark shade of the gum.

After the treatment the gum colour lightens to a uniform pink colour and earlier darker patches or total tone is lightened noticeably. Gum depigmentation is done with laser treatment.

Pigmentation of the gum occurs due to heredity in most cases. Many races have darker skin tone in the Asian countries and in most African countries.

Due to an overall darker skin tone due to high concentration of melanin in the body, the gum tissues are naturally dark in these people.

Sometimes the dark colour is seen as a result of some illness, side effect of medications, excessive smoking or other addictions etc. normally dark patchy gum or an overall dark shaded gum does not indicate any problem or illness.

But to improve aesthetic appearance, many people having darker gums choose to get the laser bleaching done on the gums.

The laser gun subjects laser rays on the gingival tissue thus reducing the amount of melanin pigments which is the reason for the dark shade.

After the procedure, the gum takes time to heal, and the new tissues formed are much lighter in colour, thus giving the gum a fairer, pinker tone and uniformity in shade.

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