What is Invisalign?

The new age of teeth alignment correction and treatment has started with the advent and use of Invisalign braces.

These are named so for being virtually invisible, which means they are barely visible for their transparent make.

If you don’t tell about them none would normally notice that you are wearing one. While you will be feeling their presence by the tough of the tongue at the back of the teeth, these braces will not show up on the front of the teeth which viewers can see.

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Dental Alignment aka Teeth Straightening

Hence your smile, talking, eating, or any other gesture will not reveal to the viewers that you are wearing braces for a dental alignment treatment.

Since wearing of braces does not look very appealing, and you get additional attention every time on your teeth set with visible braces as open mouth, these are the perfect alternatives to the embarrassing sight.

Anyone can avail Invisalign braces treatment if your dentist deems that you can get it done.

How are these Invisible Braces made?

The invisible braces are custom made for each patient in several sets, and each set of Invisalign braces are fitted onto the affected teeth or whole teeth set and made to stay for a few weeks.

The treatment duration is decided by the dentist on seeing the improvement in alignment and movement of teeth while talking, smiling, biting etc, and accordingly the sets of braces are changed from time to time as treatment progresses.

Depending on the severity of alignment, the treatment time will vary from patient to patient.

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What are the benefits of Clear Aligners?

The invisibility is the main benefit of these braces. But there are other benefits too.

  • Made of a transparent material, these braces fits into your teeth like a teeth whitening tray.
  • Fitting them in and out can be done manually, and you can also do this once you are trained by your dentist.
  • You can eat your favourite food and drinks by removing the braces, and also floss teeth and maintain daily oral hygiene.
  • Teens and students can take advantage of the system to plan a teeth alignment.
  • These braces can be used to treat any complex or simple alignment problem.
  • Irritation free and pain free way of treating alignment.
  • Does not hinder your normal life, eating, drinking and socialising.

When the course of treatment is over you can get a set of healthy normal teeth all correctly aligned, the smile will improve too.

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