Lip Reshaping

Lip reshaping is a cosmetic procedure which is done to give a better shape to the lips in order to enhance results of the cosmetic dental procedure done on the teeth or jaws.

Lips need a proper shape to generate that perfect and beautiful smile. If your smile is not okay due to the bad shape of your lips, then the investment done on the jaw or teeth correction, shine, or polish may become void.

To maximise the effects of any cosmetic dental surgery or procedure your lips may need attention and appropriate reshaping.

If you want your teeth or jaw alignment or whitening or contouring to show up then you should get the lip shape checked.

Lip reshaping may be of mainly two types. One is the lifting of the lips and another is the drooping of lips. Both have their unique effects in shaping lips.

If the corners of the lips are drooping then they can be lifted with surgery. And if the lips are de-shaped or bent at one side then also they can be corrected.

Many major birth defects of the lips can be corrected with these surgeries. The lip reshaping helps correct lip anomalies due to injuries, ageing, illnesses or diseases etc.

Lip Lift (Surgical)

Lip lift is a surgical procedure which found immense application in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

A lip lift helps change lip definition and the smile with it. But that is not the main reason you may go for it.

The lip lift surgery also helps sagging lips to be corrected when the associated muscles are affected by ageing or injury or some illness etc.

Whether the reason is a medical condition or a aesthetic enhancement, you can get things corrected soon with the lip lift surgery.

If you are going to take this surgery for making the smile better then you can start by visiting a good dentist.

A good dentist will be able to tell you which procedures to apply on your lips. Sometimes the lips may simply need a lift and sometimes need to be changed in shape considerably or made flatter.

Sometimes making them fuller helps. For such procedures aimed at making the smile or dental alignment look appealing a team of cosmetic surgeon and orthodontist needs to work together.

However you must consult with your dentist if you are the right candidate for the surgery. After evaluating your medical history and requirements the dentist will proceed.

Lip Drop (Botox)

Lip drop or lip droop as popularly referred to, is a botox procedure done on the lips, specially the upper lip, to drop the lip from the accentuated position to a lower position, by relaxing the muscles associated with it in holding and shaping the lip.

This is not a major invasive procedure, and a simple injection makes this work.

The aim of the botox treatment on the lips is to lower the position such that the higher position which earlier affected the smile or exposed the gum while smiling, or made the face appear bad can be altered.

When the muscles relax, thus bringing down the lip, the effect can make the exposed gum parts disappear under the drooping lip, and the smile may get a better symmetry.

Often such procedures are combined with smile makeover or teeth alignment processes to improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile, the face, and the overall look of the face.

However the effect of botox does not last forever, and thus the injection has to be taken recurrently after each 5 to 6 months o keep the effect going on, and maintain the altered cosmetically enhanced looks.

A lip drop procedure can be performed by a cosmetic dentistry expert too.

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